hang and lockup on Shuttle Sk43G system WinXP and Athlon 2000+

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by lchiu7, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. lchiu7

    lchiu7 Guest

    I have been running a PVR on a Shuttle SK43G system with WinXP SP2 and
    an Athlon 2000+ for a while. It has worked fine all this time. I then
    tried to replace the CPU with an Athlon 2600+ and while it booted
    okay, after about a few hours, it would lock the system up completely.

    Put the old CPU back and alas the lockups are still occurring.
    Basically the system with normal Windows services running and my PVR
    software (www.gbpvr.com) runs all the time to record shows on demand
    but now after a few hours when I go to the machine to use it, it has
    frozen and needs to be rebooted.

    I have tried the following to fix it

    1. Repaired Windows - no dice
    2. Run the system in Safe Mode to see if it will stay up - after a few
    hours it hangs (when not doing anything)
    3. Replaced the 2 512Mb DIMMS with a brand new 1G DIMM - no change
    4. Left the machine in the BIOS model with the fan speed monitor.
    Stayed up all the time and the temperature of the CPU didn't get above
    5. Used the BIOS to set fail safe defaults (so the Athlon 2000+ was
    recognized as a Athlon 1250 and the FSB is 266 instead of 333. Seemed
    to stay up a bit longer but eventually it locked up.

    The only last resort I can think of is to put in a different drive and
    a brand new Windows installation. If that fails then I plan to ditch
    the machine and get a new one since if it is a MB problem, it's not
    really worth repairing

    But other options or comments would be appreciated


    lchiu7, Jul 9, 2007
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  2. lchiu7

    joesmith Guest

    looks pretty thorough...
    the only thing I might suggest is downloading speedfan and monitoring
    the temperature/voltages while windows is running. after all in bios
    mode the cpu is really not doing much and you could still have a heat issue

    Also just because these power supplies are notoriously bad...
    do you have an ATX ps you could pop in there for a few days?
    have you checked the CAPS in the ps or for that matter on the mobo for

    Oh and how is the air flow around the video card...maybe that is what is
    locking up

    I know what you mean about upgrading..my sn41g2/pvr is still running
    after all these years..I just juiced up the HD to a 500gb ( video is big)
    hope this helps
    joesmith, Jul 10, 2007
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