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Hard Drive Hang-Ups - Can anyone help me figure this one out?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tungarbulb, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. tungarbulb

    tungarbulb Guest

    Two weeks ago I rebuilt an old 350 Mhz Celeron system for a friend who
    had previously been using a 486 (!!!) to surf the web. The system is
    based upon a PC Chips mobo (no laughing, please), and came with a
    Seagate 3 GB hard drive and 32 megs of PC66 or EDO RAM (DIMM's). I
    replaced the RAM with 192 MB of Kingston PC100 SDRAM and added a
    factory-reconditioned Seagate 10 GB hard drive (it's a UDMA 100 model
    as I recall). I'm a firm believer in dual-hard drive systems, the
    smaller one being the boot drive and the bigger one for data storage.

    I installed WIN 98 and other drivers and apps without a hitch. What I
    cannot for the life of me figure out is why data transfers between the
    boot drive and the data drive is so damn SLOW. My old machine was a 233
    Mhz AMD K6 based upon a Gigabyte mobo, with 128 MB of RAM with a 4 gig
    boot drive and a 15 gig storage drive, and even it sloshed data between
    drives faster than what I see with my friend's machine, which is
    supposed to be faster. The most conspicuous symptom of sluggishness is
    that audio files played from Drive D (the data HD) tended to skip while
    being played. Also, CD's burned from files on that drive got burned at
    4X or so, rather than the 8-16X I usually see with machines of that
    vintage (the burner is rated at 48X). I defragged. No change. I ran a
    spyware cleaner. Nothing found.

    I swapped the Drive D that I installed for one from my old computer,
    and it seemed to remedy the skipping-while-playing-audio-files problem,
    though I noticed that file transfers fron the D to C drive were still
    kind of sluggish. And while the machine seems to operate normally in
    other respects, I also noticed that one of the sound apps on the boot
    drive had gone flaky; if you clicked "FILE" to open a file, you get no
    response, but if you clicked on the open-folder symbol to do the same
    thing, no problem.

    The bottom line is this - Should I suspect the extra,
    factory-reconditioned hard drive I installed to hold data (as I'm
    inclined to do), or is the boot drive, already 6 years old and
    moderately used, on its last legs? Windows 98's IDE drivers have proven
    adequate for my other systems. Do I need an IDE driver for this
    machine, and if so where can I find one (PC Chips' web site and
    Driverguide.com have both come up empty)? What is a good source for
    20-gig-and-under hard drives fgor this type of machine (I used
    compgeeks.com last time)?

    Thank you in advance.
    tungarbulb, Feb 23, 2005
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