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Hard drive size not recognised by win98SE

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Steve, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Hi Guys.
    My poor little laptop has just had a clean install of win98SE and all
    is well apart from the problem that the 12 gig hard drive isn't
    recognised. The properties of the C drive say it is a 2.1 gig.
    Is there a way for a simple, non-techie type like me to get the drive
    to show as the true size?
    Steve, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. You have the drive formatted as FAT rather than FAT32. You have 3 choices:

    -Live with it (you can create additional partitions in the unused 10
    gigs, and they can be FAT32)

    -Start over, reformat the drive, reinstall Windows, this time do it right

    -Partition Magic can convert a FAT partition to a FAT32 partition. It
    usually works, but occasionally there is data loss and you have to start
    over. Be certain to back up anything important first, in case the
    partition is lost completely (doesn't happen often, but can happen
    Barry Watzman, Mar 8, 2006
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  3. Steve

    John Doue Guest

    Barry Watzman wrote:


    The advice to back-up is not to be overlooked but I have yet to see
    conversion with PM from Fat to Fat32 fail. The other way round, yes,
    indeed, and even frequently but this way ... Cleaning-up the partition
    to be converted of unnecessary trash, temp files, would be a good
    precaution too.

    One way to make the conversion process easier and safer would be:

    Above all, create the rescue diskette suggested by PM, then

    1/ with PM, first make a copy of the partition to be converted and make
    sure to store it and the furthermost end of the disk. This way, if
    something happens, booting from a PM diskette will allow you to copy
    back the initial boot partition.
    2/ Convert the boot partition and then make sure that it boots.
    3/ Once you are confident the conversion process worked fine, you can
    expand the Fat32 partition to the desired size, if necessary after
    deleting the backed-up partition to make th whole drive available.

    John Doue, Mar 8, 2006
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Thanks for the advice, guys.
    It's a pretty tricky situation though so I may just leave it as it is.
    The main problem is that the laptop, a Libretto 100CT, doesn't have a
    CD drive except for a PCMCIA one. If the Fdisk thing goes belly up and
    formats the drive, I can't reload windows.
    Steve, Mar 9, 2006
  5. Steve

    John Doue Guest


    No one here advised you to use Fdisk. Using Partition Magic will solve
    your problem, with almost no risk if you follow the advice you were given.

    John Doue, Mar 9, 2006
  6. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Hi guys,
    I realise this post will probably never be seen but I thought it only
    polite to let you know what happened.
    I got hold of Partition Magic and loaded it on the laptop.
    The hard drive showed up as having a C drive and a D drive + something
    where the drive letter was replaced by (*).
    I managed to figure out how to change the C drive from FAT to FAT32
    without deleting any files and then I made the C drive take most of the
    space from the D drive.
    I now have an 8+ gig drive and that's good enough for me.
    Thanks for your help.
    Steve, Mar 15, 2006
  7. The * "drive" is unallocated space.
    Barry Watzman, Mar 15, 2006
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