Hardware damaged again.

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Hello,

    It seems the hardware of my pc is damaged again.

    Probably the motherboard.

    Sometimes the system crashes during a game.

    I cleaned the pc hoping that it would solve the problem but nope.

    There are some other symptoms:

    1. Memory corruption/crashes.

    2. The time runs a few seconds faster and then stops and then continues
    again in xp 64.

    3. The time skips a second in memtest.

    Possible causes for damaged hardware:

    1. Overheat in summer.

    2. Short-circuit because of plastic stickers patching wholes which came

    3. Lightning strikes.

    4. Maybe power surges because of stuck power button or switching on/off
    surround sound set.

    5. Maybe just bad hardware not ment for heavy use, who knows ;)

    Anyway another dead motherboard is scarey... it's not dead yet...

    But it's definetly time to eradicate possiblity number one.

    So today or tomorrow I will go or phone to local pc shop to see if they have
    any good 90 mm rearcase fans... to increase airflow in pc casing.

    I like the beautifull graphics in cod4... but I would like to have a
    quiet/cool system in the future.

    And the chances are pretty high that my future pc will be a cool pc and a
    noiseless pc.. which will hopefully last as long as the 386's and 486's pc
    did ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
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  2. 6. Maybe one last possibility... interference from gsm's...

    It does happen sometimes... who knows what effect it could have...

    Those gsm's pretty powerfull.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
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  3. 7. I also noticed how the heatsinks of the graphic cards were full with dust
    and fluffy stuff. Also the cpu had quite some fluffy stuff on it.

    Maybe all this fluffy stuff raised the temperature and could have
    accelerated the overheating process...

    So increasing airflow in cases could actually cause another problem:

    More dust and fluffy stuff onto heatsinks...

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  4. Skybuck Flying

    Augustus Guest

    Skybuck has long been in my killfile for numerous crimes against Usenet and
    humanity.....please don't quote his entire moronic rant if you feel the need
    to feed the troll.
    Augustus, Jul 17, 2008
  5. Getting a more powerfull rear exhaust fan might not help much since the
    intake fans are very weak.

    However there are some holes here and there in the case.

    So I was wondering if it would be better to simply replace the entire case.

    I looked at the antec 900 case which seems nice...

    Only thing which worries me is the bottom power supply.

    My seasonic s12 already has a fan in it and it's at the bottom.

    Maybe it's possible to turn the s12 upside down in this case ? ;)

    But then it would be sucking air down... which might be counter
    productive... since at the top there are fans as well.

    An alternative solution migh tbe to put the intake fans on 10 volt instead
    of 5 volts...

    But this would increase noise quite a lot... so that's probably out of the
    question ;)

    Water cooling seems pretty complex especially for gtx cards... with their
    big heatsinks...

    Also more cfm would probably mean more dust and fluffy inside and my place
    is dusty ;)

    So I guess I am pretty much fucked...

    I did leave my pc on during a thunder storm recently... maybe that has
    something to do with it.

    But every other eletronic component in my house is still working...

    So why is that my pc starts getting damaged and not the rest ?

    Refrigator still working.

    Television still working.

    Lamps still working.

    Clock still working.

    Pc still working... but it started to crash during games... which is very
    shitty and worrieing...

    I do have a backup motherboard... but I don't want to install it yet... and
    kill that too potentially.

    Also I wonder how much cfm is needed for a gaming pc... no mention anywhere.

    It guess it's just guessing work.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  6. Skybuck Flying

    Marty Guest

    Hello Skybuck,

    Semen in the motherboard will do that every time. I suggest you stop

    Marty, Jul 17, 2008
  7. Antec 900 little bit dangerous.

    When the power supply is upside down then there are a few risks:

    1. Little things could fall down into the power supply, maybe a loose screw
    or so :)

    2. Dust could fall down and settle inside the power supply... ?

    Maybe catch fire with hot power supplies ? ;)

    Sounds a bit dangerous, especially since this one seems to be a dust sucker

    I also do not understand why they do not supply dust filters ?

    Besides from that people seem enthousiastic about the cooling properties of
    this case and other stuff like rubber feet I think and such..

    I myself don't like the leds... and the see through glass... it becomes
    dirty fast and I do not like to be distracted while I am gaming... by lights
    or whatever.

    Also attaching the power cords becomes more difficult/impossible if it's too

    The dust/catching fire issue/property of this case is worrieing... but maybe
    it would require a new power supply anyway since maybe the s12 seasonic to

    Also some said little working space... others said good working space.

    Extra venting possibility to gpu's.

    So still some worrieing issue's with this case...

    However people mentioned solutions:

    1. Removing brackets...

    2. Cutting a dust filter yourself and adding it.

    3. Lenghting power supply cables... some said they cut it and soldered it...
    which sounds dangerous...

    4. Other mentioning power supply lengthing kit ? No idea how that works...
    does that involve soldering and stuff ?

    Maybe possible to replace glass window with something else...

    No side fan...

    Some said... 2 fans delivered... at least the website said... others said 4
    fans delivered.

    Bit confusing in that part...

    Oh well... more to it then meats the eye ;)

    I am just being negative... because of all the positive reactions... the
    negative always outweighs the positive ;)

    One little thingy is enough to be fucking shitty... like too short power
    cables... or catching fire lol.

    Time will tell if these people will have a burning pc or not ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for replieing to this, especially the link to the picture is very

    Let's compare pictures:

    Antec 900 (Your link/case):


    Chieftec case (Skybuck's Dream PC 2006):

    http://members.home.nl/hbthouppermans/Skybuck's Dream PC Website/

    Looking at the antec 900 case I notice some things immediatly:

    1. The see through red immediatly shows one problem: one bracket has to be

    2. It shows how tiny the antec case really is compared to my current case.

    The antec case has very little room for the extra cables which are visible
    on my picture.

    So this is another very worrieing point... those cables would get seriously
    in the way with the antec case me thinks.

    Back to point 1:

    The red shows a very big problem... the secondary brackets which are not
    displayed in the picture... but which would be required to mount
    something... would also not be possible.

    So end conclusion:

    No harddisk could be mounted.

    Which completely disqualifies this case as an sli rig.

    Now some clearifications:

    I have an x-fi elite pro soundblaster not an sb live.. big difference there
    lol :)


    I guess your gts is smaller than a gtx... assuming the red resembles gtx

    Googling for gtx 7900 and antec 900:

    Gives a forum were somebody else comes two this conclusion:

    "mounting two graphics cards impossible"


    Here is a picture of a big gtx card inside an antec case:


    It fits but it's very tight... this also means the room for the harddisks
    can't be used which sucks big time ofcourse.

    But it seems maybe 3 harddisk would fit... maybe only 2, maybe even only
    one... difficult to see based on that picture.

    I don't like it when I have case with lots of room but can't use it...
    because of this... it makes the 6 bays or whatever pointless...

    To bad really.

    Oh well.

    At least with my case I should be able to add extra harddisks easily...

    Alternative solution maybe for me is finding more quiet 10 volt fans which
    might be able to blow in more cool air over the harddisk and hopefully to
    the back of the case.

    But I think I already selected the most quiet fans... but maybe not... maybe
    they only quiet on 5 volt... hmm maybe newer fans available which are more

    My current case is very nice I have little to complain about except:

    1. Vibrations

    2. It could have been a little bit wider.

    3. The airflow sux. <- which is biting me in the ass.

    I am not sure what causes the bad airflow.. heat issue... but my guess is...
    the fans... they to weak.

    Also the information about this case is a bit misleading...

    They said dust filters available but I couldn't order it... and they
    couldn't deliver it...

    Also... the said 4 fans mountable... but in reality only two extra fans
    mounteable and shown in the picture...

    Extra fans not really possible anyway... only two 5 volt connectors...

    Otherwise 10 volt would have to be used which is very noisy... and the door
    doesn't have the necessary mounting places...

    Maybe there is a trick to mounting something in the door ?

    Another solution comes to mind:

    People have drilled holes in the top of their case...

    I could do that to this case... but I don't that equipment and the skill to
    do it...

    But maybe the top of the case can be replaced... ?

    Oh well this was a very interesting thread for me... I was considering the
    antec 900 but it would be bad for me I think...

    It might do for now... or maybe not at all... I would like to be able to add
    extra harddisks in time... when I run out of space... or so... A feature I
    am particularly keen on... if my old p3 dies I could add it's harddisk to my
    dream pc easily and transfer contents for example...

    Also bottom power supply does worry me... about the dust issue and falling
    into it issue.

    Painfull situation... Can't find a good sli case for me... must keep looking

    Power cable is is connecting the main power cable to motherboard I guess..
    antec is small though.. it will probably fit... but me not sure but ok..
    case pretty much dismissed anyway... unless I really cannot find a better
    case then maybe this one might do... I could keep on my old case when I
    really need to transfer stuff... but this less from ideal...

    I would be stuck to few harddisks... I am not even sure if antec 900 can
    mount two harddisks with two big graphics cards... so..

    I need to see picture of sli-rig with antec 900 with two harddisks in it at
    least ;)

    3 or 4 harddisk would be even more interesting ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  9. Here is a nice link with lots of galleries/images of cases full with


    Maybe I can find something nice in there the coming days...

    Looking at all this stuff takes lots of time.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  10. Skybuck Flying

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Prove it
    So what what does eventviewer say? was the cauase of the crash?
    Craig Sutton, Jul 17, 2008
  11. Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  12. Hmmm surprisingly the antec 900, with it's tiny space-issue's is dual sli

    Even nvidia's sli-zone can't be trusted ;)

    Buyer beware ;) that's me ! OH MY GOD.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  13. Memtest first try hang at 9:52 a very simply program on a boot disk.

    Memtest second try proceeded by weird seconds ticking by.

    I guess because the pc was warmed up that it functioned better... so I
    decided to boot into windows and continue without playing games etc... so
    far I have been running multiple hours and no crash so far.

    Even boots failed multiple times already, usb controller not detecting

    pci.sys errors...

    memory corruption error.

    pfn_list corrupt errors..

    time seconds ticking away weird...

    Sound oddness during crash.

    These are signs of hardware failure me thinks.

    The following happened as well:

    Suddenly slow frame rate in call of duty for a minute, followed by a
    All kinds of bullshit.

    Forget about event viewer it won't tell you much... it's just bullshit.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  14. Skybuck Flying

    SteveH Guest

    Wouldn't do any good, this twat could wreck an abacus.
    SteveH, Jul 17, 2008
  15. Skybuck Flying

    SteveH Guest

    But most likely the idiot user.
    SteveH, Jul 17, 2008
  16. Skybuck Flying

    Craig Sutton Guest

    So did you do the obvious and replace the ram?

    oh and isn't it time for Moronbucks2009 dream pc?
    Craig Sutton, Jul 17, 2008
  17. No because on the second run the ram was fine.

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  18. Or a sign of things to come.

    The heat problem is getting pretty real =D

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
  19. Measure all the voltages with a digital multimeter, including the CPU,
    PCI-E, AGP, and memory bus voltages. Don't rely on software
    readings. Those last four readings require finding where they can be
    taken, but the CPU voltage is on some of the pins of the transistors
    near the CPU, while the other voltages are near their respective
    sockets. Also look for electrolytic capacitors (plastic-wrapped
    cylinders) that are bulging, which can cause the ripple voltage (AC)
    to go way up and lead to instability.

    Run several different memory diagnostics, each overnight: MemTest86,
    MemTest+, and Gold Memory. Unless your memory modules Stop any
    overclocking until you fix the problem.
    Fat chance, unless a fan in the PSU or on the graphics card or CPU
    slowed way down. Otherwise run the computer with its side cover
    removed, which will virtually eliminate overheating form other causes.
    Whole what? What kind of plastic? If you're referring to insulating
    washers that go around the mobo mounting holes, you want them to be
    either cardboard (fiber), Mylar, or nylon because other materials are
    too easily pierced by screws. And be sure that the mobo is supported
    at every one of its holes, even if you have to insert nylon standoffs
    that don't attach to anything in the case (you may have to cut the
    bottoms of the standoffs). Corners should also be supported within
    about 1", but if they're not, stick press-on rubber bumpers to the
    case to prevent the mobo from touching.
    The front power button has nothing to do with surges because all it
    does is send a low-voltage, low-current signal to the mobo, which in
    turn sends a similar signal to the PSU. Any rear switch on the PSU
    won't cause damage, either, and your audio system shouldn't bother the
    computer unless the computer's PSU is awful and doesn't contain an EMI
    filter, which blocks lower voltage surges that MOVs ignore.
    It's all meant for continuous use, but some PSUs and mobos are made
    with low quality brand electrolytic capacitors -- see www.badcaps.net
    for FAQs and forums.
    larry moe 'n curly, Jul 17, 2008
  20. Actually good thing you started this thread.

    There is something else going on with my pc which is kinda weird:

    When I start the nvidia gpu monitoring program the temperatures are
    reported... but not the voltages and such.

    All those say: "not reported".

    I am not sure if that's normal ?

    I didn't feel like mentioning this... but maybe it's not normal.. and maybe
    this is an indication that something is already broken or so ?

    Skybuck Flying, Jul 17, 2008
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