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Hardware Interrupts

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by David, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. David

    David Guest

    Hi, can anyone offer me some advice on a problem I have
    recently developed?

    I have an Athlon 800, 256Mb Ram, Windows XP (recently
    upgraded from ME because Broadband software clashed with
    ME, since I upgraded the problem began).

    My problem is that sometimes I turn on my computer and it
    runs at about 30% CPU usage (with nothing open), other
    times it is running at 80-90% usage (again nothing open),
    on rare occasions it runs at 0-10% usage (this is great,
    just how I would like it to be all of the time). When I
    get a slow start-up, I have to keep re-starting till I
    get 'a good one'!

    I downloaded Process Explorer and this tells me that what
    is using the power
    is the "Hardware Interrupts". I have the basics, graphics
    card, monitor and a broadband USB modem (even if I unplug
    the modem the problem isn't solved.)

    What is doing the interrupting and more importantly, why
    is it such a game of chance as to whether I'll get this
    problem when I turn the computer on?

    At 30% the computer runs well enough to do what I want,
    at 80% I can barely have one explorer window open. But
    why won't it be 0-10% everytime I switch on (with the
    Hardware Interrupt using the odd 2 or 3%, isn't this

    I keep thinking maybe I should buy a faster computer, but
    surely if it works fine sometimes I should expect it to
    work all of the time?

    Big thanks to anyone who can over some advice.
    David, Nov 17, 2003
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