Has anyone restored an ACER ASPIRE 5735 with their restore discs ?

Discussion in 'Acer' started by ACER 5735, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. ACER 5735

    ACER 5735 Guest

    Mine appears to restore ok from the discs but then when windows is
    starting for the first time it goes into what seems like a never
    ending "Configuring updates Stage 3 of 3 " closing down and starting
    up to do what seems the same thing over and over and over...
    Has anyone had this problem ...?

    ACER 5735, Mar 28, 2010
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  2. ACER 5735

    ACER 5735 Guest

    For anyone having the same problems:

    I solved the problem by going out and buying a copy of Windows 7 Home
    Premium - It loaded in great has ALL the necessary drivers and the
    laptop is now better than ever before with non of the ACER system crap
    bunging up the system....

    Job Done!

    ACER 5735, Mar 28, 2010
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  3. ACER 5735

    yp Guest

    For now, soon the hardware will fail.
    yp, Mar 29, 2010
  4. ACER 5735

    NotMe Guest

    BTDT no response from Acer. I do pro bono support (in the land of the blind
    the one eyed man etc) for a number of NPs. I've told my 'clents' any Acer
    equipment they buy or is donated if it's not a quick fix I won't touch it
    and further whatever the out come of even the quick fix I'm not taking any
    NotMe, Mar 29, 2010
  5. ACER 5735

    Uncle Vince Guest

    I purchased a 5735-4774 last year. I created the recovery disks but I
    wanted to test them before ridding my computer of Windows Vista. I was
    never able to get the recovery disks to initiate the recovery process.
    Uncle Vince, Apr 12, 2010
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