Has there ever been a translation of mac Toolbox towards unix/linux ??

Discussion in 'Apple' started by switcher, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. switcher

    switcher Guest

    Short answer: yes, but is there a version available ??


    An example of this approach to emulation is the Equal Application
    Adapter from Quorum Software Systems (Menlo Park, CA). Equal allows you
    to run the Macintosh versions of Microsoft Word and Excel on a Unix
    workstation under Motif or Open Look. Quorum spent three years
    laboriously translating more than 4000 Toolbox routines into their
    Motif, Open Look, and X equivalents. A 680x0 emulation engine handles
    non-Toolbox code. Equal makes no attempt to emulate the entire Mac OS.
    Instead, you launch the Mac applications directly from the Unix desktop.
    "People don't want to buy system software, middleware, because it
    doesn't do anything," says Nick Sturiale, Quorum's marketing director.
    "What they really want is an application that works." For this reason,
    Quorum has taken an application-based approach.

    (at the bottom of
    you see the same kind of story..)

    I know that WINE also has done an effort in replacing the windows API,
    but I would like to find the same kind of stuff for Apple's API, called

    (the reason is that I would like to convert Think Pascal sources from
    1989-1992 to Unix/linux/OS X, and that an X11 approach will be the best,
    as it will work on more architectures ...)

    Is there a translation of the mac toolbox to an environment like
    wxWidgets ?? (that will work in X11 etc).

    The programs I'm talking about have been used to eg make picts of the
    pub I put on (some pictures are missing, because I'm trying to convert
    Appledict Postscript files to a standard PS file ..)

    (research on fractals ...)
    switcher, Dec 31, 2005
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