Have I got a BIOS level virus?

Discussion in 'IBM' started by Malcolm Robbins, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I have encountered a wierd problem following installation of a Scanmate
    color/pro scanner driver from driverguide.com and it makes me wonder if it
    has a low level (BIOS?) virus or something. My problem *may* be unrelated
    but it happened within days of installing the driver (and the driver didn't
    entirely work either).

    The problem is as follows:

    For the first few reboots it would boot up to the login screen of Win98
    fine, but when I logged in it would spontaneously reboot within a few
    seconds. After doing this a few times I gor windoes protection faults, now I
    get constant beeping and a blank screen but the cursor moving across the
    time line of the display one character space at a time. One time it even
    started flashing multicolour character "backgrounds" at random character
    locations on the screen.

    Worse still when I boot from the original Win98 CDROM it hangs as it tries
    to load the ASPI CDROM drivers so I can't even do a clean OS install.

    I wondered if I had a memory malfunction but I've swapped it out with no
    luck (I've swapped out the scanner interface hardware of course).

    Any ideas?

    Note that I can boot to a DOS only prompt but I don't really want to blow
    away the partitions unless I really have to.


    Malcolm Robbins, Aug 27, 2003
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