Have Problem when restoring from SystemCD+3 Recovery CDs for RM290...Please advise

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Henry Kam, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Henry Kam

    Henry Kam Guest

    After recovering from System CD + 2 recovery CDs (the process took about 25
    minutes...I tried
    at least 5 times), the notebook boots up but hangs after selecting
    "Next" on the "Computer Name"+ "Computer Description" screen (the harddisk
    was accessed
    for about 15 seconds)....
    Since XP did not complet configuration, the notebook was not able to boot
    into other options
    when depress F8.....

    I did
    0. Download Freewares to check MEMORY ...OK...
    1. install W98 on TM290 but USB ports and onboard sound card were not
    detected/no drivers...
    2. compare 3CDs' files with those in the folder IMAGES in the 2nd
    partition...They are the same..
    I have PowerQuest "Drive Image 2002" and try to open the image file
    (after renaming the first one
    with .pqi instead of .acr) with password "000000" but fails (according
    ACER website the
    default password is "000000", anybody knows the password?)
    3. try to install Red Hat 7.2/8.0/9.0/even the latest download of RH...the
    notebook hangs after
    selecting mouse or after changen the partition from "vfat" to
    "83/linux" .....Do not know why!!!

    Please Advise.....

    Henry Kam, Mar 16, 2006
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