Have USB keyboard, but startup expects bluetooth

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Phil Stripling, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Mac Pro 3 running 10.6.4

    Last night I was reprogramming my ham radio near my Mac, which was
    displaying the manual for the radio. I transmitted a few times to check
    some things. When I tried to quit Preview, I got no response from the
    keyboard or the mouse, so I held the power button in till the computer
    shut down. Then I restarted. On startup, the computer gave me a
    dialogue box that it couldn't find the bluetooth mouse; then it said it
    couldn't find the bluetooth keyboard.

    The mouse is plugged into the USB keyboard, which is plugged into a
    hub. I moved the mouse to the computer's front USB port, and it
    worked, so I moved the keyboard to the computer, plugged the mouse back
    into the keyboard, and typed in my username and password, and the
    computer started up. Then I plugged the keyboard back into the hub,
    and all works as it has for years.

    However, every time I start up, I need to have the keyboard plugged
    into the computer or I get the 'can't find bluetooth mouse/keyboard'
    dialogues. I've searched Apple's site, and the only relevant thread I
    find is someone who's always had bluetooth and now wants to try USB and
    can't make the switch. Apparently there's supposed to be a button on
    the System Preferences/Keyboard dialogue box that allows one to switch
    devices. There's no button on either keyboard or mouse window. Both
    have buttons for changing batteries and setting up the bluetooth
    device, which I've never had.

    How do I get back to the Mac seeing my USB keyboard from the hub
    instead of looking for my bluetooth devices?
    Phil Stripling, Oct 17, 2010
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  2. Phil Stripling

    Jackhosana Guest

    hi I know this sound stupid, but have tried repairing preferences with
    usb keyboard plugged in ..
    then repair again with usb keyboard plugged into hub. could be as
    simple as afaulty preference pane..
    Jackhosana, Oct 19, 2010
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  3. Sorry for the short answer to a long copy, but the "I can't find the bluetooth
    keyboard" (or mouse) is the MacOS way of saying I can't find a keyboard (or
    mouse) connected to the computer.

    If fit works without the hub, get a new hub, preferably a powered one. If it
    does not work without the hub, try a new keyboard (and try it without the

    You may have overloaded the USB port. It's limited to 500ma max total, and
    some Mac USB ports (ones for keyboards/mice) have lower limits.

    Or you got RF into the USB cable and burned something out. :-(


    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Oct 19, 2010
  4. It is a powered hub. Having the keyboard connected to the when on start
    up means the computer doesn't see it. Connecting it instead to the
    computer directly gives me back the keyboard and startup proceeds
    normally; then I can connect the keyboard back to the hub, and all
    works fine.
    There are two devices connected to the hub: a Brother laser printer and
    the keyboard/mouse. The printer still functions.
    I wish I knew.
    Phil Stripling, Oct 19, 2010
  5. Okay, I have two powered hubs connected to my computer. I switched the
    keyboard/mouse to the other powered hub, and the computer works fine.
    The devices attached to the other powered hub work fine, too, so I'll
    just leave the keyboard on the other hub.

    Thanks for the suggestion of a hub problem - that solved it.
    Phil Stripling, Oct 20, 2010
  6. Phil Stripling

    Suze Guest

    Sometimes when I reboot, my trackball connected to my keyboard does not
    get power. If I change the trackball to a powered hub, it works-- and
    then if I change it back to the keyboard and re-boot again, it usually
    works fine on the keyboard's USB port. It's an old PC Ally glitterball
    trackball, so my expectations are pretty low for it anyway, but I love
    using it...
    Suze, Oct 20, 2010
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