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Having display problems and not sure whats wrong, pls advise (kinda lengthy)

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Bratboy, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Bratboy

    Bratboy Guest

    Okay approx 3 wks ago My monitor started doing some freaky things with no
    known changes having been made to the system & no new drivers or anything.
    Nothing new hardware wise, no magnetics in the area etc. Powering off the
    monitor for a min or 2 and pwring back up image is perfect...for a few
    minutes then starts flaking out again.

    Things my system is doing:
    a) Developed a bow in the image on the right hand side tht sometimes
    increases in pitch then eases back (window edges are curved not straight)
    b) Actually entire Desktop has a bow now, the black edge on the left is even
    c) Desktop image would slowly shift left about 1/4-1/2 " then do the same to
    the right
    e) Occationally the image actually squezes in a bit so that you have 1/4-1/2
    " black edge to one side while the image is still alligned on the other.
    f) certain of the OSD settings like Pin Ballence and such only seem to work
    g) Then it decided a few times yesterday that after it got too bowed the
    monitor went into standby mode and would only come back by repushing the
    pwr button.

    At the same time this all started I noticed the fan for my GF3 was
    apparently dieing, removed it and replaced with another fan in case that was
    the issue. I sent the monitor in to be checked as it was still under
    warrenty and they ran it for 4 days and only prob they saw was the pin
    ballence thing not working which a reset of the monitors memory seemed to
    fix for them . While it was gone I used the Tvout on my card and never had
    any image problems at all so since they couldn't get it to act up they sent
    it back to me. Almost as soon as I hooked it up some of the very same things
    came back to plauge me, including the issue of some of the OSD options
    working intermittantly.

    Things I've tried:
    I've tried 2 other outlets for the monitors pwr in case it was a buggy
    outlet but didnt seem to help.
    I rechecked that there was nothing near the monitor that could cause mag
    I have tried other pwr cables as well as using the same ones that worked at
    I made sure no other cables or wires are near the monitors cables
    I have also pulled out fists full of hair trying to figure out whats wrong.
    Ive removed and reseated the GRaphics card several times and its set a
    factory default for mem and core clocks as it is an OCZ tweaked card I never
    did oc it as its default is 215/515 to start with

    Is it possible that BOTH have a problem that combined is makeing things
    worse. Its odd that Hitachi said it never once did the image thing, that he
    saw anyway, but the fact that the OSD's features are only working
    intermittantly, which he did see once, and a reset of mem causes em to work
    again for a bit would seem to me to imply that there is something wrong with
    the monitor. As far as I understand things the OSD features are in the mon
    hardware and wouldnt be affected by graphics card or drivers. Since hitachi
    didnt seem to see the drift/image prob running at exact same Refersh rate
    and Rez Im wondering if that is being caused by the graphics card and its a
    combo problem.

    Good news is that Hitachi will replace the monitor with a very similar
    refurb since they discontinued my model if I wish and the ppl that supplied
    my card seem willing to send a replacement to see if that helps but would
    really appreciate some advise from a few Guru's especially if any of this
    sounds familiar.

    Any help or advise will be appreciated as Ive done a bunch of web searches
    and I did find one fairly good mon troubleshooting page that described some
    of the probs I have as being monitor low pwr supply issues but since Hitachi
    didn't see it Im at a loss. I couldnt find any good descritions of graphic
    card failure issues to compare mine to tho to see if it is just the card.

    Should I bite the bullet and replace em both or does this problem sound
    familar to someone out there.

    Sincer Thanks
    Just Jess
    Bratboy, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. Bratboy

    Bratboy Guest

    did swap pwr cable already. Vid card cable is hardwired to the monitor so
    cant switch it but its the same one that supposedly worked at the Hitachi
    place. Like I said they already said would replace with a diff model 19"
    only real diff tween this one and the one they will send as replacement is
    that it uses a samsung tube instead of a Hitachi tube otherwise almost
    exactly same specs, think its an inch deeper front to back than my current
    one but same VA, dot pitch and features. I just thought I'd ask here before
    makeing them do it if someone else recognized the prob as being something
    Just Jess
    Bratboy, Jul 3, 2003
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  3. Bratboy

    Ron Merts Guest

    If both manufacturers are willing to send replacements under warranty, get
    them both. It sounds like it's the monitor fixing to cause some major
    headaches for you; but a replacement video card won't hurt. A Samsung tube
    in a monitor is not a bad thing at all, they make a great tube/monitor.

    Ron Merts, Jul 4, 2003
  4. Bratboy

    Strontium Guest

    Hear! Hear!

    Samsung is quality, in the CRT field. MHO.

    Ron Merts stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:
    Strontium, Jul 4, 2003
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