HD on a7n8x-x nf2 break down...it was a maxtor 5400 fire ball 3 40gigs ---

Discussion in 'Asus' started by fx, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. fx

    fx Guest

    that drive was on a old computer and had the particularty to be a
    ata133 so i switch it with the ha that i had and now after one mount
    it break...

    why is that?

    a got a xp1900
    winxp pro sp1 +
    an a7n8x-x nf2
    with the 3.13 driver nforce 2
    a fx5200td 51.16 driver
    512megs of ddr kingston 333

    i was playing at halo just before it break.

    should i blame the I/o on the disk...?
    fx, Nov 23, 2003
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  2. fx

    Bitsbucket Guest

    WHAT are you talking about?!?!

    Bitsbucket, Nov 23, 2003
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  3. fx

    fx Guest

    i think this is ovious i'm expériencing Hard Drive failure with the
    alocation table been screw up. In result i cant format the drive
    because my computer does'nt reconise it. Plus in the bois it's say
    ares c64k and it flashing on and off...

    my specification...are
    fx, Nov 23, 2003
  4. fx

    Bitsbucket Guest

    How is the HD formatted? with NTFS or with Fat 32? If it is Fat 32 you can
    run spinrite on it and that MIGHT clear up your problems, it's a great
    utility. (however it is not free, it's shareware), take a look at
    http://www.grc.com/intro.htm he is a good guy and knows allot about drives,
    he has some of the best utilities around.

    Do you have critical data on the drive? or are you trying to format it so
    you can do a clean install? If you are tryiong to format it, have you
    deleted the partition, and created a new one using the old Fdisk command?
    Fdisk will destroy the data on the drive, but if it will not sucessufully
    complete an Fdisk command the drive is toast anyway.....it might complete
    the fdisk command and still not format though if there are too many bad
    sectors on the drive.
    If you could give more particulars on what is going on I will try to help
    Hope this helps,
    Bitsbucket, Nov 23, 2003
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