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HDTV works but no Analog tuning with ATI HDTV Wonder

Discussion in 'ATI' started by ghadley_00, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. ghadley_00

    ghadley_00 Guest


    I have an P4 3.2 GHz win xp pro sp2 on ASUS p5ad2-e premium [bios v
    1004] with Sapphire Radeon x850 XT and
    300 GB SATA HD, as well as 4 IDE devices [2 DVD burners running at UDMa
    4 & 2, and 2 IDE HD running at UDMA 5]. The machine is an ASUS P5AD2-e
    premium, and the 4 ide devices are connected to the ide raid connector
    [this board's default for this connector is standard IDE, and this is
    the only connector to support 133 mode transfers]. I have all the
    latest radeon drivers, as well as all of the latest hdtv drivers [as of
    4/10/05] installed. HDTV works, tv fails to initialize. Running pc
    check shows everything being ok, except questions marks about the 4 IDE
    devices having DMA enable [all of whice show up as udma during boot
    post]. In looking at windows device manager, the primary and secondary
    ide's are set to dma as possible. Any suggestions on ways to correct

    I have the following drivers installed:

    For Radeon: wxp-w2k-catalyst-8-121-050322a-022141c.exe

    For HDTV Wonder:
    atiCDwiz.exe [for dtv decoder]

    and I have installed directx 9c (dxwebsetup.exe) as well as
    remote-wonder-3-01-0-0-english.exe [which by the way, no longer seems
    to load after having uninstalled and installed it a number of times.]

    I have windows media player 10 installed as well as windows media
    encoder 9.

    Is quite frustrating - I would really like to get this to work. Could
    this possibly be bad hardware? [I noticed on the physical unit the
    silver box on the card had some light white substance across the metal]

    I guess I shouldn't be suprised, I've had 3 machines with 3 different
    ati tv products and with every single one, getting the tv part to work
    has been the biggest hassle. If anyone can recommend a different tv
    tuner card [even if by ati] I'm all ears as well.


    ghadley_00, Apr 12, 2005
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  2. ghadley_00

    Todd Guest

    copy these 4 files from the
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers subdirectory to

    vfwwdm32.dll (Video for Windows)

    worked for me

    ati recomends this fix

    ATI.com Info-base 4744 setup which is:


    added to the System PATH Environment Variable.
    Then reboot. See www.ati.com/support/infobase/4744.html
    Todd, Apr 12, 2005
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  3. ghadley_00

    ghadley_00 Guest

    Thanks - that did the trick.

    I had seen references to www.ati.com/support/infobase/4744.html
    elsewhere, but the link always forwarded me to :

    Thanks for providing the info.

    - GH

    ghadley_00, Apr 12, 2005
  4. ghadley_00

    Todd Guest

    no problem it seems that when ati changed there web site they changed where
    everything is

    Todd, Apr 12, 2005
  5. Todd, I have a setup very similar to the original poster -- ATI
    All-in-Wonder 9600XT and an HDTV Wonder. I had both cards installed and
    they seemingly were co-existing fine. Then for reasons related to
    Norton I decided to fresh-install everything from WinXP on up, and I
    haven't been able to get things working right since.

    I spent all day Saturday on this and pretty much all day Sunday,
    becoming completely frustrated. In desperation, I removed the HDTV
    Wonder card from my computer and then I met with success. I have a
    really fine installation of the 9600 and the Remote Wonder II. Easylook
    MMC works fine, DVD works fine, the FM radio works fine. I'm happy with
    things as they are, but now I want to install the HDTV Wonder.

    Here's how I reached my current state:

    I installed WinXP and all my applications except the ATI drivers and
    Norton Internet Security. I upgraded WinXP from the MS website until it
    had all service packs and security upgrades. Then I backed up
    everything on a DVD using Ghost.

    Then I installed all this in the following order:

    1) The latest Catalyst drivers from the ATI website. (022141c etc.)

    2) 9-1-0-0-dao-mdac.exe from the website.

    3) The DVD software from the website.

    4) mmc-9-6-01 from the website

    5) remote wonder 3-01-0-0 from the website

    6) Guide Plus from the installation disk

    And the system really works slick. I pick up that Remote Wonder II and
    press TV and the Easylook Multi-Media Center kicks in and TV works
    great. I can use the Catalyst panel to send everything to a 42" plasma
    screen HDTV/computer monitor hanging on the wall, so I can watch Region
    II DVDs on the big screen. Really, things are working just great.

    But having been through all this a few times over the weekend, I think I
    know what's going to happen when I try to install the HDTV Wonder.

    I'll put the card back in the computer, boot, install the HDTV drivers
    from the website (5-01_2026v2) and everything will stop working. Oh,
    the Remote Wonder might still move the cursor, but TV won't work, HDTV
    won't work, DVD won't work, etc. etc.

    Now your suggestion might do the trick, and I was tempted to try it
    tonight. If things go all wrong, it's not difficult to restore back to
    the point where I am now -- I have it all backed up on a Ghost DVD --
    but it is time-consuming.

    So after typing all that, I have a question. Is it possible that my
    trouble involves the Remote Wonder II? Is it possible that when I
    install the HDTV Wonder, the remote tries to control both the HDTV
    Wonder and the All in Wonder at the same time and that's what's breaking
    the system?

    Or maybe I should follow your instructions exactly.

    Or how about the earlier suggestion in this thread. If I uninstall MMC
    and then install the HDTV drivers and then simply reinstall MMC, do you
    think that will work? And which version of MMC should I install -- the
    version that I find in the All in Wonder section or the version that I
    find in the HDTV section? Will either one detect the HDTV Wonder and
    supply an icon for it?

    Sorry for such a long post. But typing this took a lot less time than
    screwing up my system again and then having to re-install from the Ghost

    So if you have some advice, or even if I've lost you with all this,
    thanks for reading.

    Bill Anderson

    I am the Mighty Favog

    Bill Anderson, Apr 26, 2005
  6. ghadley_00

    Todd Guest

    no expert here on the hdtv wonder i gave up on mmc i was getting skiping and
    pauses. went out and bought media center 2005 which in my opion is 1000X
    better than ati's software but i belive what your planning should work from
    what i've read from other posts.

    uninstall mmc first
    then follow the instructions on ati's site for the installation but make
    sure that you install the drivers for the hdtv wonder before you install the
    if after your done and the anlog tuner doesn't work than use the fix

    hope this helps

    Todd, Apr 26, 2005
  7. It did help, Todd. Everything's working now. Thanks!

    Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson, Apr 28, 2005
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