heat sink paste injector on processor lga 775 with mainboard p5ad2 premium

Discussion in 'Asus' started by francoi, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. francoi

    francoi Guest


    i have buy this mainboard , p5ad2 premium with processor intel 540 lga
    775 with cooler gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler GH-PCU22-SE

    i would like to know if it really necessary to use Heat sink paste
    Injector on intel processor with socket 775
    In this url u say not , use it only with socket 478 !
    page 10 # page 11

    thx for help me and excuses for my very bad english
    francoi, Nov 29, 2004
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  2. francoi

    Paul Guest

    It could be the danger of contaminating the pins with the
    paste. You are not even supposed to get the grease
    from your fingers on the pins, so thermal grease/paste
    would also be ruled out.

    Thermal grease/paste are not mentioned here. This is a
    10MB download! I believe this document was created by

    http://www.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/mb/775CPU Installation.pdf

    The manual for the Zalman 7700 does mention using thermal grease.


    This Swiftech installation guide also uses thermal grease.
    They use Arctic Ceramique.


    I guess you will have to use your own judgement, as to whether
    there is a chance the grease will fall down onto the pins.
    Maybe if you apply a dot of grease to the very center of the
    processor, it won't spread all the way to the edges ? Don't
    spread it with a credit card, but let the compressive force
    of the heatsink to spread it out. If you don't let the grease
    get near the edge of the processor, maybe you can prevent it
    from getting on the pins ? Most of the heat will be in the
    very center of the heat spreader.

    Paul, Nov 30, 2004
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  3. francoi

    francois Guest

    francois, Nov 30, 2004
  4. francoi

    Paul Guest

    Don't waste download time on this one. The same information
    is stored in the file twice, meaning 5MB of this download
    is totally unnecessary!

    http://www.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/mb/775CPU Installation.pdf

    The file is the same one as provided by Intel, and should have
    been shortened by Asus a bit.

    Do you mean comp.sys.intel ?

    Paul, Nov 30, 2004
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