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    Jul 15, 2006
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    Hi guys ....this is my first post in this forum...I'm new!

    i have a problem with my Audio drivers....is aw that there is a Thread with my same problem and i copied it:

    after re-installation of WinXP Pro, I've got some problems with my
    P4R800-VM audio drivers. I've downloaded the SoundMax drivers from
    asus.com but at the end of installation this error message appears :
    "Driver not found. Reboot and re-install." After rebooting and
    re-installing the driver, same problem. I've phoned to Asus technical
    support but I've been told nobody ever reported such a problem and they
    couldn't do anything for me !
    What shoud I do ? (I've lost the original CD of installation)

    thanks for help.


    I saw the reply who helped this guy, but it doesnt works or me!...i tried everything and i dont found nothing...please can you help me?!
    i visit Asus site and installed all necessary drivers but the only one who don't work is it "Audio"!
    mdgn, Jul 15, 2006
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