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Discussion in 'Motherboard Purchase Recommendations' started by kokokazem, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Apr 12, 2018
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    hello guys recently i bought this cpu i7 7700k and now i wanna buy one of these motherboard cz the price is really good [​IMG] .
    i wanna to overclock to 4.5 or to 5 ghz it and to use 16 gb ddr4 of rams that i already have but in the future im going to upgrade it to 32 and maybe to 64 how knows ??
    i do live in Germany so the prices that you may have in other parts of the world we might have it much higher (thanks our VAT) XD.
    so i searched a bit in internet and found this couple motherboards:
    those are really in ma budget [​IMG] so pls list which one do you prrefer the most from the technical view and the material efficiency
    1) Gigabyte GA z270 DHP3
    2) Gigabyte GA z270p D3
    3) MSI z270A pro
    4) MSI z270 gaming plus.

    5) MSI z270 pc mate

    6) MSI z270 sli plus.
    5) ASROCK z270 pro 4

    6) ASROCK z270 killer sli

    7) ASUS z270 -p or -k (dont know the difference )
    so pls let me know which one do you prefer the most and 2nd that you would buy.
    pls feel free to suggest any other motherboards but i do really prefer to choose from these in order not to brake my budget.
    thanks in advance.
    kokokazem, Apr 12, 2018
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