Help! Can't erase external drive

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Richard Burke, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. OK. I have a SmartDisk external Firewire drive (80 Gb). For some reason,
    it is preventing the Utilities in Panther 10.3.5 from working properly
    on two separate machines - a G4 Cube and a G4 iBook.

    2 possible reasons:

    1) I backed up my prefs file to the SmartDisk, and shifted some apps
    over to it. I then ran some apps from the Smartdisk. Although most
    software still runs OK, regardless of whether it's ont he Cube or
    Smartdisk, a file search for "Preferences" now won't reveal my
    HD\user\library\preferences file - at all... I have deleted the prefs
    backup from the Smartdisk. The problem persists.

    2) I have generally left the Smartdisk running constantly, and started
    and shut down the Cube it's attached to. Should I put away the SmartDisk
    every time before shut down?

    Even if the answer to 2 is 'yes' - number 1 is still weird, no?

    I have tried:

    - Running disk repair. No joy. Disk Utility won't start up while the
    SmartDisk is connected, and it crashes if you connect the Smartdisk
    while it is running. Disk Utility starts fine if the Smartdisk is

    - Running DiskWarrior on both the main Cube and the SmartDisk. No change.

    - Removing all data from the Smartdisk. The Cube and iBook still won't
    run utilities if the SmartDisk is connected.

    - Running the OS9 Disk Utility under Classic. Not supported by Classic,

    - Booting from my Cube's old OS9 CD. CD rejected if SmartDisk is running.

    - Booting from DiskWarrior CDs version 2 (Os 9 native) and 3 (OSX). Both
    CDs rejected if SmartDisk is running.

    The only thing I can think of left to do is to reformat the SmartDisk.
    But I can't, because I can't run any utility to do it while the
    SmartDisk is connected...

    My poor brain is hurting... Any suggestions?


    Richard Burke, Sep 15, 2004
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