HELP: Clean Installing 10.3 AFTER installing 10.3.2 - CD WON"T let me!

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Dokker, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Dokker

    Dokker Guest

    The blasted CD won't let me...

    I want to do a clean install of 10.3, but the CD complains that
    there's already a later version (10.3.2) in the hard disk.

    How can I do a clean install of 10.3???

    Dokker, Dec 20, 2003
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  2. Dokker

    M-M Guest

    It will. Click the hard drive icon with the exclamation mark, then click
    options, then you'll see...

    M-M, Dec 20, 2003
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  3. Dokker

    Dokker Guest

    This didn't appear to do anything... if holding down 'c' is to
    boot from the CD, installing 10.3 requires booting from the
    CD already.

    My guess is that I have to restore 10.1 or something.

    Any other suggestions anyone?
    Dokker, Dec 20, 2003
  4. Dokker

    Dokker Guest

    Sounds good, but it doesn't work. If the selected disk has an
    exclamation the options buttons stays disabled.
    Dokker, Dec 20, 2003
  5. Dokker

    Dokker Guest

    Wish I could but options is disabled.
    Still, thanks for the quick responses you guys...

    Any more ideas?
    Dokker, Dec 20, 2003
  6. Dokker

    Chris Moore Guest

    I just tested it on my system (although didn't complete the install)
    and the previous suggestions were correct. Click on the disk with the
    exlamation point, the information will display about a newer version is
    installed and suggest you click options. Clicking options brings up
    archive and install by default, clicking ok brings you to the original
    box and the exclamation point is gone.

    If it's not working for you then you have other issues. Faulty CD
    Chris Moore, Dec 20, 2003
  7. Dokker

    clw Guest

    He really needs to have partitioned his HD and installed a new OS on a
    partition. Then, he can slowly move everything over to the partition
    with the new OS or erase a malfunctioning OS without messing up an OS
    that had been functioning satisfactorily.
    clw, Dec 21, 2003
  8. Dokker

    Dokker Guest

    First, thanks for trying it out.

    I don't see what you see. It says that it cannot install on the disk, and
    says _nothing_ about clicking options. Your situation must be
    different than mine somehow. Perhaps mine are upgrade-only disks,
    because it would not install on either of my other two drives,
    claiming that they didn't have an OS on them.

    My CD has the #2Z691-4585-A (Disc 1).

    Still, it _should_ allow a clean install as it did when I first
    updated the system. But I doubt I can change that situation now.
    Dokker, Dec 21, 2003
  9. Dokker

    Dan Birchall Guest

    You'd need a system CD or DVD for your machine, containing 10.3.
    Generic non-machine-specific Panther CD's you didn't get with your
    machine won't do that.

    Use the system disc to install whatever OS the system originally
    came with. This gives you an "earlier version" that the Panther
    CD's will look for. (If you just repartitioned the drive or whatever
    through the Panther CD's, you wouldn't be able to install, either.
    I learned this the hard way. ;)

    THEN, use the Panther CD's to do an "erase and install" getting rid
    of the older OS and putting on sparkly fresh Panther.

    If you want to be really clever and avoid this, set aside a few
    gig volume - it could be on your hard drive, or an external, whatever.
    Install Panther on it and install Carbon Copy Cloner. Set your main
    volume with Panther and get it to a nice stable state, then boot to
    the small partition and use Disk Utility to make an image (.dmg) of
    the main volume there. (If you don't install every language in the
    world, this is only about 1.8 GB for Panther, I think.) Then if you
    want to make a nice clean start on your main volume, just boot to
    the little volume and use Carbon Copy Cloner to re-image your main
    volume using that disk image. *POOF* you're back to that moment in
    time - and you didn't have to use _any_ CD's to get there. MUCH

    (I've started doing this after spending literally days doing installs
    over and over trying to get things right... ;)
    Dan Birchall, Dec 21, 2003
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