Help! Did Gateway break my laptop?

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Anthony Giorgianni, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. Hello All

    I did some advice urgently. Sorry about the length of this, but I am
    desperate. This is in reference to my post a few days ago about a
    problem with the power pack on my 9300 laptop.

    REVIEW OF PROBLEM: The problem was this: Whenever I plugged my laptop
    into the power pack, the green light on the power pack dulled and
    began blinking quickly (if I unplugged the pack from the computer, the
    power pack light would resume bright steady green. A voltmeter
    indicated 19 V output, as rated). The laptop would not run on the
    power pack or charge the batteries on the power pack, but it ran FINE
    on batteries. So I was not sure if the problem was with the computer,
    which seemed to operate correctly, or the pack.

    NOW THE HORRIBLE UPDATE: I ordered a new power pack but stupidly
    decided also - at tech support's advice - to visit a Gateway Country
    store and try a power pack there while the new one was on the way (I
    was just wanted to verify it was the pack). I telephoned and was told
    they have a pack that has a rated output of 19 Volts and 4.+ amps
    (higher amps than mine)

    On my way into the store, I decided to stop at the service desk.

    The guy at the window says he can check my computer using an actual
    9300 power pack.

    He comes back out and says everything works fine. I ask him to to
    recheck with the laptop batteries out. While he is in the back room, I
    hear a crash (I assume this was not my laptop - but who knows).

    He comes back out and says the laptop will not power up on AC alone. I
    ask him if he used a 9300 power pack. He replies: "They are all the

    Worried by this remark, I decide to go into the Country Store and try
    it myself, using the 19 V 4+ amp pack. The computer now is acting very
    strange. It is very sluggish. The battery light goes on when no
    battery is in. It does not go on when when batteries are in. It
    displays the Gateway logo for Win98 SE, but will not start. Everything
    is erratic.

    I complain. After initial reluctance, a service manager shows me the
    power pack the guy supposedly used: an old 9100 pack with an output of
    2.64 amps, one amp less than mine. (I actually have one of those from
    an old 9100 and would not try it for fear that, being low current, it
    might damage the computer.) The head service guy tells me that that
    could not have caused my new problem because he has used this 9100
    power pack on 9300s plenty of times with no ill effect. He says this
    must be related to my original problem and it is just a coincidence
    the laptop broke down right then.

    All I know is, when it went in, the laptop was working (accept it
    would not run on the power pack alone). When it came out, it was
    pretty much dead.

    Any ideas whether using a lower rated power pack (amps not voltage)
    could have caused this? What do folks here suggest I do?

    I did ship out the laptop for repair while I was there - $300!

    Thanks for any input here. I am using a friend's computer now and will
    not be able to check back for replies until tomorrow.

    Anthony Giorgianni
    Anthony Giorgianni, Aug 6, 2003
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  2. I would think that if the power pack couldn't supply enough current for some
    operation, the computer would go to the battery pack for help, therefore not
    causing any problem. I would also think that the only time full current
    would be needed is if accessing the hard drive and CD drive at the same time
    as full processing. Just thoughts.

    Wayne Tiffany, Aug 6, 2003
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