Help! Flashed Bios - machine now inert (GA-6BXC)

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Philip Herlihy, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. I used @Bios to update the BIOS on my friend's machine (well, he's currently
    a friend), hoping to fix power-down problems - I'd tried everything else. I
    was careful to choose the right version F3 (avoiding the Beta) at:
    assuming that it was a couple of years old so must be stable. The process
    went without a hitch apparently, but on reboot, no POST, some CD activity
    (but won't boot from it) and no floppy activity.

    Are there things I can try, or must I replace the board?
    Philip Herlihy, Jul 18, 2004
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  2. Philip Herlihy, Jul 18, 2004
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  3. Philip Herlihy

    sig666 Guest

    sig666, Jul 18, 2004
  4. Philip Herlihy, Jul 18, 2004
  5. Does this model not have DualBIOS? The same thing happened to me with a
    7VRXP, fortunately the DualBIOS kicked in and saved the day.
    Mike Tomlinson, Jul 19, 2004
  6. No dual BIOS, alas, or I'd have had a working machine. I've found that
    these people:
    can supply a replacement BIOS chip inexpensively, so that's the solution for

    I prefer top-posting, and vote with my posts. I believe it'll eventually
    become the norm. Tolerance of diversity is a sign of a mature mind :)
    Philip Herlihy, Jul 19, 2004
  7. Insistence upon top posting is a sign of someone who refuses to accept the
    norm. This issue got started years ago when the Internet became public.
    When it was mostly government and college lab work, top-posting was never
    encountered. Everyone used bottom posting because it retained the sequence
    of the exchange. It was a simple single keystroke to jump to the bottom to
    read the most recent entry. Or, if one was entering into a topic that had
    been ongoing for a while, it was easy to read from top to bottom.
    Everything was in sequence, so it was always easy to follow. When people
    began to use top-posting, threads became a hodgepodge of entries. Now it is
    nearly impossible to follow some threads which contain both top and bottom
    posting. Thank goodness the practice isn't very common.

    I might also suggest that the person who does this is less likely to receive
    help from others if his posting habits are a nuisance for others to deal

    The attempt to manipulate others by implying that they aren't mature if they
    don't agree with you is surely one of the most childish manipulative stunts
    I've encountered in some time. That said, I feel free to say that:
    Those who insist upon using top posting are a small minority and always
    have been. "tis a bit like the 4-year old who, standing there in his shorts
    and beanie cap with his arms defiantly folded across his chest; stomps his
    foot while issuing the emphatic declaration that he'll do it his way. No
    matter that he's the only one on the block who does it that way and that
    everyone else considers him to be a bit of a nutcase who is throwing a
    childish tantrum.
    German News Server, Jul 26, 2004
  8. Philip Herlihy

    Wally Guest

    Top post or bottom post?? These two great minds disagreeing over what
    has been argued over since the dawn of the internet(insert Space
    Odyssey type music here), top or bottom posting????
    I know guys, why just don't both have long boring self indulgent
    conversations by email directly to each other over this subject and
    post interesting stuff here to amaze us by how we a lucky we are to
    share the words of two such great literati.
    Or in other words as neither of you are going to change your mind, and
    the rest of us will post as we see fit, why don't you just shake hands
    and wander off to find another 'over argued' subject to occupy your
    minds and allow us get back to helping each other.

    PS Posted top and bottom so neither of you can complain.

    To save bandwith see above.
    Fooled ya, I'm a top poster. The shame is hard to bare but bravely I
    will. Or maybe I'm a suppressed bottom poster trying to win favour
    with both of you? Then maybe not.
    As for norm on the internet, Jesus H Christ that is good, normal here
    HAHA.!??? Ain't no such bird and surely won't be either I hope, I want
    diversity in every one of its wonderful ways not uniformity, man that
    is a boring thought.
    Rememeber I mean no hard words to either of you, God loves you which
    shows he also loves diversity and not uniformity, So go with the love
    of God, but please go for the love of God,
    Wally, Jul 27, 2004
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