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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Peter James, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Peter James

    Peter James Guest

    I am hoping someone on this NG can help me with two small problems

    1. I downloaded and ran Thunderbird, the email package. It's all working
    and I've been able to import my address book from Windows XP. But where is
    the folder for this program? In applications there is no folder, but in the
    Macintosh HD there is an icon, which, when clicked runs the program. I want
    to try and install the mailboxes and settings but can't find the folder to
    copy them to.

    2. Why does Hogwasher display the downloaded messages in such an arbitrary
    way. The messages are listed in a mixture of yesterday and todays date with
    no apparent order of precedence. I've fiddled with the date column and tried
    altering the preferences but to no avail.

    Many thanks.
    Peter James, Sep 6, 2005
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  2. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    In spotlight, type in "Thunderbird" without the quotes. I get several
    folders that way. I have no idea if this will ultimately help you,

    I'm using Thunderbird because I broke the Mail application. I've done
    it three times now. It seems all you have to do is delete the dot-Mac
    account and it breaks. Since I don't want the .Mac account and I don't
    want it in the way then I can't have Mail. So I use Thunderbird
    I've tried very hard and failed to like Hogwasher. Unison from Panic
    is my news client of choice after trying all I could find available for
    the Mac. If someone badmouths Unison, make sure they have tried the
    current version first.
    Daddio, Sep 6, 2005
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  3. Peter James

    Jon Aalborg Guest

    Just to state that there must be something with your setup or similar. I
    use for several non-.Mac accounts and no .Mac accounts, and it
    does not break.
    Jon Aalborg, Sep 6, 2005
  4. Peter James

    Jon Aalborg Guest

    Some of us find MacSOUP indispensable, despite a somewhat antiquated UI.
    Jon Aalborg, Sep 6, 2005
  5. Peter James

    Adrian Guest

    Indeed ... perfect for following the various sub threads of text posts
    without losing track ... can't fault it.
    Adrian, Sep 6, 2005
  6. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    I'm not terribly anxious to pursue this, since Thunderbird does what I
    need. Still I'm curious, did you actually delete the default .Mac
    account? It seems to be after this deletion that Mail does not work.
    Daddio, Sep 6, 2005
  7. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    I've not tried MacSOUP. I do require binary capabilities since I
    collect e-books, comic books in .jpeg format and movies and tv shows
    for the pda screen.

    Still, next go-round I will check out MacSOUP.
    Daddio, Sep 6, 2005
  8. Peter James

    TaliesinSoft Guest

    Have you checked whether the incoming messages are grouped or not and have
    you checked the sort order? I use Hogwasher and as far as I can see the
    incoming messages in my case are arranged logically.
    TaliesinSoft, Sep 6, 2005
  9. I'm not terribly anxious to pursue this, since Thunderbird does what
    I need. Still I'm curious, did you actually delete the default .Mac
    account? It seems to be after this deletion that Mail does not work.[/QUOTE]

    I never had a default .mac account.

    The first time I ran it after installation, it wanted to create a .mac
    account, but I simply changed the type of account in the popup menu to
    POP3, and continued creating my POP3 account.
    Michelle Steiner, Sep 6, 2005
  10. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    So maybe something goes haywire when the only and original account is
    deleted? If I couldn't get any e-mail client to work I'd pursue this
    further. As it is, I'm not trashing and rebuilding my entire system
    just to see what is behind this one issue.
    Daddio, Sep 7, 2005
  11. Does the current version do regexp-based filtering yet? Does it do
    additive (scored) filtering yet?
    Howard S Shubs, Sep 7, 2005
  12. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    Speaking of Unison . . .

    Filtering-wise, there is a search window for either subject or author.
    In this search field you can type non-contiguous words and all subject
    lines that have all those words will filter through. Would that be
    additive filtering? If so, then yes.

    I have no idea what regexp filtering is and I bet it doesn't do it. I
    tried to look.

    Unison can collapse (group) multiple files with common subject headers
    and I find this invaluable as a kind of filter. I go to a lot of
    groups like for comic books where there are 40+ jpegs that all belong
    to a single comic book. Unison will group these under a single heading
    the same way many news clients will collapse a discussion thread. This
    is incredibly useful to me as I can frequently dismiss hundreds of
    binaries with a single click and minimum effort. That is a sort of
    filtering where it minimizes what I have to look at while I don't risk
    missing anything I might want that did not fit my filtering criteria.
    Daddio, Sep 7, 2005
  13. Nope. Not even close.

    Correct, it doesn't do it.

    Until it has required filtering elements I, and others like me, will
    remain with the news clients we've already got, since they DO have such
    features. Unison isn't "there" yet. I'm *waiting* for it to be there,
    and I have no illusions of how much I'm asking, but I *do* want a nice,
    supported, commercial app. Unison will probably "do".... eventually.
    Howard S Shubs, Sep 7, 2005
  14. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    That's why there are so many different applications out there.
    Different people have different needs. You don't use Unison because it
    doesn't do certain things, and I do use Unison because it does things
    that no other news client will do.

    Unison is a strange little animal that you will either love or hate as
    is. I am curious as to where they are going with it. I've
    specifically requested two simple features which they at least claim
    they'll look into:

    1. Marking headers as read by tapping the delete key.

    2. Marking threads/messages to "watch," making them immune from being
    invisible if they have been read.

    These two items, while nothing fancy, are core to the way I was used to
    using a news client on a PC. Still, Unison is a major boon for me
    because of what it can do and in spite of what it cannot.

    To each his own.
    Daddio, Sep 7, 2005
  15. Peter James

    Peter James Guest

    I tried to install and run Macsoup and crashed the machine. Well rather
    Macsoup crashed and I had to force quit it. It seemed to me to be a very
    complicated installation. I might try again tonight, and see if it's as good
    as you say. The one thing I miss about leaving Windows is Agent Newsreader.

    I tried and didn't like Unison. I'll just keep looking around for a
    newsreader I like. Anyone use Pan?
    Peter James, Sep 7, 2005
  16. Peter James

    Peter James Guest

    I've checked the preferences and I can find no way of altering the sort
    order. And I can find no mention of "grouping".
    Peter James, Sep 7, 2005
  17. Peter James

    TaliesinSoft Guest

    [responding to my comments regarding Hogwasher's display]

    Hopefully trying to clarify.....

    The Subscription window has a series of named columns, Author, Subject,
    Date,and Lines. The three leftmost columns indicate whether a thread is
    expanded, whether a posting has been considered read, and whether a posting
    has been downloaded. Clicking in any of the column names will cause the
    information in the Subscription window to be sorted according to that column,
    either ascending or descending depending on the direction of the wedge. In
    the icon panel of the Subscription window on the left hand side are three
    icons, one of which is active. The icons, in order, stand for Group Threads,
    Ungroup, and Group Files. I normally work with the leftmost of the three,
    Group Threads, being active. I also normally work with the Date being sorted
    in descending order. That way the structure of each thread is visible and the
    threads are ordered from top to bottom with the threads ordered by the one
    with the most recent posting being first, and so on.

    Let me know if this helps.

    TaliesinSoft, Sep 7, 2005
  18. Peter James

    Peter James Guest

    I still can't sort the date of posting in anything like ascending or
    descending order. Clicking on the column date just jumbles up the list of
    postings. So for instance with the wedge up the dates of posting are shown
    for instance Monday, yesterday, Monday and today. With the wedge down they
    are shown as Today, yesterday, Monday, today, yesterday.
    It's irritating and makes it difficult to keep track of postings.
    Still, I'll persevere. Many thanks
    Peter James, Sep 7, 2005
  19. Don't bother. MacSOUP is wonderful for text, but not for binaries, for
    which Unison, MT-NewsWatcher, and Thoth are all better choices.
    Neill Massello, Sep 8, 2005
  20. Peter James

    Daddio Guest

    PAN is very Agent like. It is actually called an Agent clone. Except
    you can view graphic attachments from within PAN unlike Agent. I've
    not tried it on the Mac but it was workable on the PC.

    The installation was too much for me. I'm too new on the Mac.
    Something about FINK or something. On the PC you needed to install
    certain GTK -- graphic toolkit -- libraries. I suppose the same will
    be true on the Mac. I'd like feedback on how this works out.
    Daddio, Sep 8, 2005
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