Help! HDs are recognized by bios but not by XP

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Jonathan Ganz, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. I have two 200 gig IDE drives running with the Serillel2 connectors
    attached to SATA 1/2. They're seen in the bios, but XP doesn't
    see them. Suggestions?

    IC7-Max3 bios v13
    2 - WD 200 gig SATA drives (SATA 3/4)
    2 - WD 200 gig IDE drives (using the Serillel v2 connector, SATA 1/2)
    P4, 3.06 gig cpu
    XP Pro SP1
    IDE No-name DVD reader - master on IDE 1
    IDE Sony DU500 DVD slave on IDE 1
    IDE zip drive - on IDE 2
    SCSI Jazz (on it's own adaptec - for legacy files :)
    Jonathan Ganz, Dec 17, 2003
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  2. Jonathan Ganz

    TomG Guest

    you have loaded the appropriate SATA drivers for the SATA channel in use?
    no issues showing in device manager? assuming that the answers to the
    previous questions are yes and no respectively, can you see the drive in the
    XP Disk Manager under Computer Management? if so, partition and format them
    from there...


    Thomas Geery
    Network+ certified Abit Mirror <----- Cable modem IP
    This IP is dynamic so it *could* change!...
    over 120,000 FTP users served!
    TomG, Dec 17, 2003
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  3. Jonathan Ganz

    - HAL9000 Guest

    Ummm... Is it possible that your problem stems from running out of
    hard disc space? Good lord man, isn't that .8 terabytes?


    Motherboard Help By HAL web site:
    - HAL9000, Dec 17, 2003
  4. Jonathan Ganz

    Doughnut Guest

    800 gig or 0.8 terrabytes 1 terrabytes = 1000 gigabytes.

    Doughnut, Dec 17, 2003
  5. Jonathan Ganz

    Visine Guest

    If they are new hard disks make sure they are initialised and formatted.

    If they are not new but it is a new xp install do a repair install of xp and
    install SATAN drivers at the 3rd party drivers prompt right at the start
    (have SATA drivers on floppy)

    Go to the manufacturer of your hard disks and make sure you have the Master/
    slave jumpers in the correct position to work with a SATA adapter.
    Visine, Dec 18, 2003
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