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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Jones, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Jones

    Jones Guest

    I have a PC with 3 HDs and use RexEdit and I have a motherboard Asus
    P4C800. I have 3 HD "C" with Win XP, "D" with some sound music
    (container) and "E" with files for editing.
    I had finished a documentary after months of work and I now have a
    great problem.
    Now when make a click on a saved icon with RexEdit a page goes out and
    says: "no disk space." I have many saved icons and every icon has the
    same problem.
    When I make the reboot of my PC I see this writing: "No driver
    attached to fasttrak controller."
    In fact I see a "? " on HD "D" where there are some files but not
    connected with editing. I repeat, in this HD I have music. Every HDs
    are perfectly entire.
    I have put again the old driver but the problem it is the same. Why?
    I am very anxious.

    bye Jones
    Jones, Dec 7, 2003
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  2. Jones

    Paul Guest


    Maybe your temporary directory on the C drive has filled up the
    C drive ? When you go to "My Computer" and select the C drive,
    then select "Properties", is the disk full ? Try clicking the
    "Disk Cleanup" button, which will offer to remove any temporary
    files cluttering the disk.

    I place the following in my C:\autoexec.bat file (on a Win98se machine)


    and I make a directory called TEMP on the D: drive for it. Then, when
    my computer programs make temporary files, they are placed on my D drive
    which has more room. I do this because my C: drive is very full.

    As for your question about the Fasttrak controller, in this thread
    on Nov.28/03 you are given this advice by Fairman:

    "Please read my words. If you use the onboard Promise you can use it
    for raid or ATA. If you use it for raid, use raid driver. If not
    use ATA driver. No difference if you use Sata or Pata both are ATA.
    Sata are Serial ATA and Pata are Parallel ATA but they are both ata.
    So be calm. If you use Raid you have to use Raid driver, if not use
    ATA driver. Last driver for both are 37. The manual for P4C800 Deluxe
    are not so precise according to Promise onboard card so I can
    understand your confusion."

    So, it seems you have been fooling around (changing) the driver for
    the Fasttrak. Try putting the original driver back.

    And stick with one user name - on this newsgroup, you are Fogar - we can
    tell by your writing style :)

    Paul, Dec 8, 2003
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