Help...How to Clone a "single drive" in RAID 0 setup?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by TRON, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. TRON

    TRON Guest

    my system setting is:
    P4P800 Deluxe
    Seagate 320GB sata HDD x 2 @ ICH5R @ RAID 0 (HDD A and HDD B)
    windows xp

    my system is fine, and now i get a new 320GB sata HDD ( HDD C) and now i
    want to "Replace" the new HDD C with the old HDD B . and i don't want to
    loss any data in the old setup. also i don't have extra 500GB HDD to backup
    all data and recreate the Raid 0 setup.
    so my question is is it posible i just "clone" the HDD B to HDD C and
    continue using the Raid setup ?

    because i try use Ghost 11 to clone the HDD B to HDD C, but in ghost only
    show 20+GB in HDD B, after i "clone" the HDD B to HDD C, restart , the intel
    ICH5R show the raid 0 is broken. is it the Raid controller can "remember"
    the hdd serial number and firmware? even if i sucess to "clone" the B to C
    but the serial number and firmware still can't match also can't use?
    can some one confirm it?
    and is it posible to do this?

    thanks. and sorry for my poor english...
    and the reson i want to "replace" is because the HDD B got a "bad" firmware,
    the peformance is "suck" firmware 3.AAK made in china, and i get a new same
    model but 3.AAG made in thailand. even the pbc design also difference....

    TRON, Feb 14, 2008
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  2. TRON

    old man Guest

    Which is currently your boot drive, are you booting on the array?
    Do I understand correctly the current array drives are 500gb each? and these
    are the only drives currently installed?

    Raid 0 is a stripe set you cannot brake / copy a stripe set without a third
    hd with sufficient capacity to contain the data
    Any copy / clone utility should only see a single drive for the array

    If your new 320gb is sufficient capacity you can use the hd manufacturers
    copy/clone utility to clone your stripe set to this. Shutdown on completion,
    do NOT reboot, Disconnect your array drives, configure the 320gb as boot
    drive & reboot

    If its all ok, you can do as you please with the other two drives
    old man, Feb 14, 2008
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  3. TRON

    Arno Wagner Guest

    It is possible to do this, if your new HDD has exactly the same
    number of sectors than the old one or more. However there are
    several problems. One is that the RAID controller may actually store
    the disk IDs (which cannot easily be changed) and will reject the
    new disk. An other is that you may make any number of mistakes and
    loose the whole array. Unless you have significant experience
    with this, you chances of getting it right on the first try are

    I would strongly advise you to get the required backup space, make
    a full backup and then create a new array.

    And, of course, you should make regular backups anyways, especially
    with a risky RAID 1 setup.


    Arno Wagner, Feb 15, 2008
  4. TRON

    TRON Guest

    thanks ..
    no, 320GBx2=640GB, and yes this is the only drives currently install (
    mainboard only got 2 sata port.)
    yes. i disable the raid in bios, and take the hdd A (Raid 0 = A+B) and
    replace with new HDD C (320GB also) and try use ghost or acronis to "clone"
    the disk, but all program also show the drive B = 20GB(partition 1+300GB

    is that anyway can only "clone" the HDD B ( A+B=Raid 0) to a new HDD C?
    TRON, Feb 15, 2008
  5. TRON

    TRON Guest

    Thanks... so, what program can do this? or where can i find some "guide"??
    i also know this is the best way.. but now i don't have time to get a 500GB
    ide drive to do the backup...
    Raid 0 .... ^_^...
    TRON, Feb 15, 2008
  6. TRON

    milleron Guest

    I'm pretty sure he meant to type "RAID 0," but, as I'm sure you're
    aware, RAID O is much riskier than RAID 1. RAID 0 DOUBLES the chance
    of data loss from HD failure, compared to a single drive. RAID 1
    almost eliminates the risk of data loss. So, it's pure folly to to
    ever run RAID 0 without full backups.

    Some of what follows is written in CAPS. I'm not being impolite, I'm
    trying to make a vital point, because, Tron, you are down on your
    knees begging for trouble with your current setup.

    You say you don't have the "time to get a 500GB ide drive to do the
    backup." The HUGE question facing you is DO YOU HAVE THE TIME TO
    THE DRIVES IN YOUR RAID 0 GOES OUT? If you do not take the few hours
    it might take to back up now, you will, almost certainly, eventually
    lose every damned thing on that computer and end up spending days,
    months, or years trying to get it all back. HDs do NOT last forever.
    Every HD will fail eventually. I, personally, have had three go bad
    in the last three years. If you're like many of us, most of that data
    can NEVER be recreated.
    milleron, Feb 15, 2008
  7. TRON

    old man Guest

    If you disabled the raid and are able to boot and, and as you state the two
    drives are the only ones installed then you must have been using Raid 1
    (mirror) and not raid 0 (stripe)
    old man, Feb 17, 2008
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