Help, Locked Out of Bios Setup After BIOS Upgrade!

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Steven O., Sep 13, 2003.

  1. Steven O.

    Steven O. Guest

    I have an MSI K7266 Pro Motherboard (also called the MS-6380 ATX
    Mainboard) with an AMD Athlon Processor and an AMI BIOS. While trying
    to address other problems, I went to the MSI site and obtained a BIOS
    upgrade, going from Version 1.4 to Version 1.9 of the BIOS.

    My other problem (mentioned briefly below) is still not fixed, but a
    new problem arose. While the computer boots fine, and Windows 2K
    seems to be working fine, when I boot the computer I cannot get into
    the BIOS setup routine. The key to access the BIOS used to be the
    Delete key on the numeric keyboard, but now pressing Delete has no

    Does the new BIOS version use a different key?! Can anyone tell me
    what it is? (I tried F2, which works on some computers, but that
    didn't do it either.)

    While I'm here... I installed a SONY DRU-510A Internal DVD ROM
    Read/Write drive. I carefully checked the jumper settings and all,
    but the computer denies that it is a CD drive. The computer auto-sets
    it to be an ARMD (I think that's the acronym), which stands for
    something like ATAPI Removable Media Device. When Windows 2K boots,
    Windows insists the device is a Zip drive, which it is not. (I
    upgraded the BIOS precisely in the hopes that the more recent BIOS
    would correctly recognize the device.) Anyone have a suggestion how
    to fix this problem!?

    Thanks in advance for all replies.

    Steve O.

    Standard Antiflame Disclaimer: Please don't flame me. I may actually *be* an idiot, but even idiots have feelings.
    Steven O., Sep 13, 2003
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  2. Steven O.

    Paul Maxson Guest

    Clear the CMOS by moving the jumper on the mb.

    Make sure you disconnect the 110 first.
    Paul Maxson, Sep 13, 2003
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