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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Rhino, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Rhino

    Rhino Guest

    I'm suddenly having troubles with my mouse again today. I had some problems
    with it several days ago after having the computer off for an hour or so to
    install a new hard drive and DVD burner - see my Installation Problems
    thread if you want details - but it finally started working again and has
    been trouble free for several days. Then, a couple of hours ago, it stopped
    working again for no obvious reason.

    This is a desktop computer and it really slows me down to have to do all my
    navigation via the keyboard so any help anyone can render would be

    I'm not a hardware guy and I'm not sure what's relevant so I'm going to
    throw out all the information I can to help you figure out what's wrong. I'm
    sorry for any red herrings or irrelevancies that I may give you.....

    I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3 with the ASUS M3A motherboard and 2
    GB of memory. The mouse and keyboard are both Microsoft wireless models that
    share the same base station (or whatever you call the thing that is actually
    hardwired to the USB port and transmits mouse and keyboard signals to the
    computer). I've checked the mouse and battery is good. The keyboard works
    fine, as you can see by the fact that I'm typing this note ;-)

    The computer started acting a bit squirrelly a few hours ago as I was
    copying several large folders from one hard drive to another. (They were
    each 5 to 10 GB in size and, as you can imagine, it took a noticeable amount
    of time for each to be copied from one drive to the other.) As I was
    waiting, I played some solitaire computer games and periodically noticed
    that a mouse click would lead to a beep. It wasn't the standard Windows beep
    that you get when you click on something you shouldn't. This was a longer
    purer-toned beep. I've heard those periodically before on this computer and
    they typically meant the system was about to have a Blue Screen of Death:
    just a single one of those beeps was inevitably followed shortly by the
    BSOD. I haven't had one of those in several months - and they were always
    few and far between. But today, I heard that beep several times and it was
    NOT followed by a BSOD. I was happy about that but given that the computer
    always seems to work fine after a BSOD and is definitely not working fine
    now, I'm thinking that a BSOD might almost be good news now....

    I could go through the rigamarole of trying different mice in different USB
    or serial ports like I did last week after installing the drive and burner
    but that seemed completely ineffective - the original mouse just started
    working out of the blue that time - so I'm going to hold off until I get
    your advice.

    Last week when I had this problem, someone told me that they often lose
    their mouse when the capacitors in the computer discharge but that it comes
    back when they reboot. I've rebooted several times but the mouse still isn't
    back; it's just frozen dead center in the middle of the screen.

    What can I do to diagnose this? I'm guessing that there is some kind of
    hardware issue causing this but I'm not sure why it would have started now;
    the mouse worked without difficulty for over 2 years until last Monday, gave
    me trouble for a couple of hours, then started working again for another 10
    days. Now it's on the fritz again but I haven't done anything in the last
    few days that would affect the hardware.
    Rhino, Jan 26, 2012
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  2. Rhino

    Paul Guest

    If it was me, I'd switch over to wired mouse and wired keyboard and
    see if the situation works any better. I think a wired solution
    is better than a "BSOD" waiting for me :-(

    The beep could be some input buffer overflowing (meaning the OS isn't
    reading the data coming from the keyboard and mouse, and it's piling up).
    That's about all that comes to mind.

    Paul, Jan 26, 2012
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  3. Rhino

    Rhino Guest

    Well, that was spooky! I just came back in here to see if anyone had replied
    to my post and suddenly noticed that my mouse was back. Unfortunately, it
    was only back for a few seconds, then winked out again!

    For a few moments there, I thought the problem had vanished as suddenly as
    it had begun but then the cursor started jerking instead of moving smoothly
    and then it disappeared entirely after a few seconds. That's just what
    happened when it went away this afternoon.

    Apparently, if I stop using it altogether for a few hours, it will work
    again for a few seconds, then disappear again.

    Like I said, I'm not a hardware guy but this doesn't make a lot of sense to
    me. I hope it makes more sense to those of you who are more familiar with
    Rhino, Jan 26, 2012
  4. Rhino

    Rhino Guest

    Another update with more symptoms.

    I tried going to a website to try to post these same symptoms and had so
    much trouble trying to navigate to where I wanted to click, I got
    exasperated and decided to try plugging in another mouse. I didn't expect
    that to work since it was exactly what I tried unsuccessfully when I first
    had mouse problems last week.

    But this time, the alternate mouse, a wired Logitech USB mouse, worked
    immediately and I'm back in business! That's great of course since I'm much
    more productive with a working mouse than having to tab over dozens of
    points to get to the one that I want to click. But I'd really like to get my
    wireless mouse working so I'd still love to get some suggestions on
    diagnosing and resolving my problem with my wireless mouse.

    Given that the wireless mouse and keyboard were sharing the same "base
    station" (or whatever it is properly called) and the keyboard never stopped
    working, what would account for the wireless mouse freezing up on me? I have
    no idea whatsoever how to troubleshoot USB issues like this.
    Rhino, Jan 26, 2012
  5. Rhino

    Paul Guest

    So, it's like, "a bad mouse" ?

    What is you switch to wired keyboard, keep wireless base station and
    use wireless mouse ? What are the symptoms then ? Is wireless mouse
    still flaky ?

    Paul, Jan 26, 2012
  6. Rhino

    Paul Guest

    Also, what kind of batteries does the mouse use ?

    Paul, Jan 26, 2012
  7. Rhino

    Rob Guest

    Does the wireless mouse use batteries, or is it the rechargeable kind?
    If rechargeable, it's worth noting that they can only be recharged a
    limited number of times (~1000), so may have reached the end of their
    useful life.
    Rob, Jan 26, 2012
  8. I have Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan devices on two different
    computers, one running Win7Pro and one running "the OS for which Windows
    was intended to be merely a placeholder" (namely. IBM's OS/2, in its
    current OEM incarnation, eComStation, for which no viruses are known to
    have ever existed outside a laboratory). On both machines the "mouse" --
    actually a trackball -- will cease working from time to time, and
    usually the only solution is to unplug the receiver from the computer
    and reconnect it. On the Win7 machine, it's especially when the machine
    has rebooted after an update that it loses contact with the trackball.

    I wonder whether it's significant that both my machines use Asus
    motherboards, just as yours does. One is an M2N-SLI Deluxe, the other an
    M4A88TD-V EVO.

    Percival P. Cassidy, Jan 26, 2012
  9. Rhino

    Rhino Guest

    The wireless mouse uses two AAA batteries. I alternate between two pairs of
    rechargeable batteries. I don't keep track of each recharge but I doubt
    they've had more than a few dozen recharges, certainly nowhere near 1000.

    Mind you, these are Duracell rechargeables and I read an article some time
    after I bought them that said the Duracell rechargeables are among the worst
    of the rechargeable batteries for durability. I wish I'd thought to research
    that before buying them! So maybe that IS the issue. I'll swap out the
    batteries and watch that. Maybe it's time to replace those rechargeables
    with one of the better brands....

    Just for the heck of it, I disconnected my backup mouse just now and tried
    the wireless mouse and it was working again. However, a low battery warning
    popped up very quickly and I swapped out the batteries. This gave me a
    strong battery level but the mouse immediately froze again despite that! I'm
    back on the wired mouse for now....

    This really isn't making a lot of sense. Why would the mouse freeze after
    changing to batteries that it admits are good?
    Rhino, Jan 26, 2012
  10. Rhino

    Paul Guest

    You're thinking it's one of those settings like the "Legacy USB support"
    or the like ? There are usually a few settings in the USB section
    you can play with.

    Things like "USB legacy support" can be found on this page. Although
    in this case, they didn't provide any details.

    This is a little bit more helpful, but not by much.

    The way some of this works, is the BIOS "pulls" something out of
    the USB device and "pushed" it into the PS/2 block on the SuperI/O.
    Older OSes are likely to be equipped to read PS/2 properly, so if
    the BIOS works behind the scenes, the old OS can use the USB
    keyboard and mouse, when strictly speaking, they shouldn't
    be able to do.

    Paul, Jan 26, 2012
  11. Rhino

    rb Guest

    This might be of some help-->
    rb, Jan 26, 2012
  12. Rhino

    Rhino Guest

    Thank you both, Paul and Percival, for the suggestions. For now, the
    wireless mouse is working fine. It may just have been the batteries after
    all. If the problem recurs, I'll start looking for a better rechargeable
    battery and charger system than the Duracell one and see if that helps.

    I'm just glad the backup mouse works fine. I thought this was a recurrence
    of the problem I had last week where none of my mice worked in any USB or
    PS/2 port on my computer no matter how many times I tried it. I should have
    just tried the spare batteries, then the backup mouse before assuming it was
    the same problem and asking for help.....
    Rhino, Jan 26, 2012
  13. Rhino

    yukonron Guest

    Hey Rhino saw that you already had 4 post's so I figured you had thing
    worked out. But all of the posts were from you. You didn't mention wha
    kind of mouse you had. Is it a wireless. If it is could the batteries b
    low? Is the receiver for the mouse in a good spot? Do you have an ol
    mouse that you can use until you have the problem fixed. It sure woul
    be alot easier to navigate to find you problem. If you don't, see if yo
    can borrow one for a few hours. Ok here are a few things that you ca
    check. First go to your device manager and check to see if there's
    problem with your mouse driver. If it's a logitech you can go to . If it's any othe
    brand google it. Usually windows 7 has all of the drivers you woul
    need. You can also unistall the driver then reinstall it just downloa
    the driver before you uninstall it. Windows should detect it when yo
    plug it in though. You also could be having a conflict with anothe
    device like your wireless gaming stuff. Windows 7 also has some goo
    diagnostics you could try going to *Start>All Programs> PC Help an
    tools>Hardware Diagnostics*. Let me know if the helps or if we have t
    call in the "Big Guns" I'll be sure to check back this time.:D
    Just went back to read your other posts a little more carefully. Guess
    should have read them before replying. Looks like you did say what mous
    you had. It really sounds like a conflict with your gaming stuff. Tr
    the suggestions I gave you and it should work.:
    yukonron, Jan 27, 2012
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