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Help Need To Switch S-video Out To Composite Video Out - RADEON 9200

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sonnie, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. sonnie

    sonnie Guest

    hi, hope someone can help me with this one...

    i have a radeon 9200 with tv out.. i'm using a s-video lead with
    scart at the end to view my pc on my tv, IT'S ONLY BLACK AND WHITE !!!

    so i tried the same lead on my girlfriends pc who has an nvidia gforce
    card and it gave me the option to use s-video out or composite video
    out in the settings. as soon as i changed from s-video out to
    composite out there was colour..so that was my problem my ATI CARD!
    apart from swapping cards with my girlfriend is there a way to tell my
    radeon to use composite out instead of s-video out ????
    sonnie, Jun 5, 2004
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  2. sonnie

    Aaron Guest

    What is scart? TV Out is S-Video? TV has S-Video In?
    GeForce has S-Video and Composite Out, or adapter?
    Correct, S-Video is only black and white. Just Kidding. You switched
    from S-Video plug to Composite plug? Or switched software setting?
    Swapping cards will not tell your Radeon anything. :)
    Did you use the same TV for yours and your girlfriend's?
    Please fill in the details above for a clearer picture... (pun)

    Aaron, Jun 5, 2004
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  3. sonnie

    sonnie Guest

    Scart must be a European thing...

    We live in the UK. On the back of our TV's we have usually two
    sockets, rectangular in shape with lots of holes, we use a scart lead
    to link VCR's DVD players etc to the TV, the scart lead carries all
    the info in just one lead, audio and video. We also have S-Video
    sockets too; however some modern TV's have S-Video also built in to
    the scart socket for even less wires.

    Ok, I have a Radeon 9200se 128meg graphics card with S-Video (TV out)
    My girlfriend has NVIDIA Gforce 4 64 Meg with S-Video (TV out)

    When I plug my S-Video lead into my Radeon graphics card's S-Video
    socket and the Scart at the other end into my TV I get Windows XP on
    the TV but in black and white.

    When I plug my S-Video lead into my girlfriends NVIDIA graphics card's
    S-Video socket, and the Scart at the other end into my TV, I get
    Windows XP on the TV also in black and white.

    However, my girlfriends NVIDIA graphics card has an option that I can
    select in the display settings to choose if I want to send out an
    S-Video out signal or a Composite Video Out signal, if I select
    S-Video Out its still black and white but If I select Composite Video
    Out I get colour.

    so my problem is, there is no option with my Radeon in any of my
    display settings to select Composite Video Out, if there was I would
    have colour... so it looks like unless I can find a way to change the
    Video Out settings on the Radeon I will only be able to see black and
    white, or, talk my girlfriend into giving up her precious gforce 4
    that she has come to love!
    sonnie, Jun 6, 2004
  4. sonnie

    Aaron Guest

    So it seems that when your cable gets f an s-video signal on an
    s-video plug, and then converts it to scart, you get black and white.
    But then, when you send a composite signal through a s-video plug into
    scart, you get color. Is that correct?

    If so, a possible workaround would be to get an s-video/composite
    converter (little plug with s-video on one end, composite on the
    other, I don't even know if they make those), plug the s-video end
    into your radeon, and then use a composite to scart cable. However,
    this requires you to buy an adapter ($20?) and a cable ($30?). For a
    little more money, you could buy a decent graphics card with the
    features you want. And you would know it would work (I'm not sure
    about the adapter thing; it might not work).

    One other thing: have you updated drivers (Catalyst, I believe)?

    Aaron, Jun 7, 2004
  5. sonnie

    sonnie Guest

    I have sorted it out now, ATI give you svideo to composite lead with
    the card, I found it in the box, so you were right. The signal has to
    be converted to composite to get colour. S-video to S-video will just
    create black and white, because ATI dont have software capabilities to
    switch between output formats like NVIDEA have, they have had to
    include a lead.

    It just means more cables for me to use eg, ATI's S-video to composite
    out lead going into a scart adapter, plus seperate left and right
    audio leads, whereas my girlfriend has 1 s-video to scart lead with
    built in left and right audio, but what the heck, if it works it

    Thanks for all your help
    sonnie, Jun 9, 2004
  6. sonnie

    Aaron Guest

    Glad I could.

    Aaron, Jun 9, 2004
  7. sonnie

    Brian Lee Guest

    Good afternoon,

    I am having a very similar problem to that of the original poster,
    though I am at a bit of a loss figuring it out. Just yesterday, I
    switched from an Nvidia Ti-4200 card with S-video TV-out to a Radeon
    9700 Pro, also w/ S-video out. My TV does not have S-video, so it was
    hooked up to the Nvidia card through an S-video-composite converter
    cable (I am in the states, NTSC format). Never did I have a problem
    with color, and to my knowledge, I never had to set the driver to
    output a composite signal, though it may have detected this in the
    default setup. Using the exact same television and cable, I cannot
    make the Radeon output color to the television. I've read several
    fixes to the problem, including the one here, which says you must
    convert the signal to composite from S-video. The problem is, I've
    already done that, and I can verify that both my cable works and the
    TV does support the conversion because it worked with the old card.
    Is this primarily a driver issue with ATI, or has someone else ran
    across this problem? I am hesitant to spend money on any new
    hardware, because the old hardware definitely works, at least with my
    old video card. Maybe the S-video out on the Radeon is 4-pin instead
    of 7-pin, or vice versa. I am just fishing for ideas. It really is a
    much better card, in terms of 3D performance, than my other, and I
    don't want to switch back if at all possibility. Thanks in advance,
    Brian Lee, Jun 26, 2004
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