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Help needed for Overclocking AMD 3800 CPU AM2 Socket!

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by hattongraham, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. hattongraham

    hattongraham Guest

    I have just bought an AM2 3800cpu and Asus M2V-TVM mobo, I have seen
    reports of 3800s cranking out 2.7GHz, hell, I'd be happy with 2.2 or

    Can someone give me advise on which parameters I need to adjust to
    acheive this, I am running 512mb DDR2 ram infineon 667 and a 550watt

    I have noticed that most overclocking feeds have been for the 939
    socket not the newby AM2?
    Thanks Chaps!
    hattongraham, Sep 14, 2006
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  2. hattongraham

    Dylan C Guest

    I have a 939, but I believe the process is the same (only you should get
    better results). Be aware that my setup isnt fully tweaked, as I havent
    overclocked my ram.

    First I dropped my HTT multiplier to 4x. depending on your MB it might
    also be called LDT Multiplier.
    Next I dropped the memory bus by using a divider of 5/6.
    Last I started upping the FSB until I hit 240 MHz on the CPU. Final HTT
    speed is 950MHz and memory is back to 200MHz but the CPU now runs at 2.4
    GHz. I was able to leave my voltage at the stock setting, but you might
    have to increase the voltage just a hair. Theoretiacally, 2.5 GHz (AM2
    X2 5000+) should be possible.

    -Dylan C
    Dylan C, Sep 14, 2006
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  3. hattongraham

    hattongraham Guest

    Im having dificulty finding these things you mention, these are the
    items I found of interest in my Bios setup utility
    under chipset-northbridge-memory config I have memclock which can be
    changed to 200/333/400/266MHz
    Under MCT timing mode I have the following
    CAS latency parameters are 3/4/5/6
    TRAS parameters are 5 through to 12
    TRP parameters are 3 through to 6
    TRCD parameters are 3 through to 6
    TRRD parameters are 2T through to 5T
    TRC parameters are 11T through to 18T

    Alternate VID is variable from 0.800V -1.050V
    Hyper Transport Config K8/NPT to AGP Frequency is either 800 or 1000MHz
    Linkwidth is either 8up and 8down or 16up and 16 down
    VCore Voltage is either ignored option or 1.363V
    multiplier is 10x and no parameters exist to change down

    Your comments please!
    hattongraham, Sep 14, 2006
  4. hattongraham

    Wes Newell Guest

    I assume you mean an X2 3800+. Unfortunately, after downloading and
    looking at the manual for your board, I don't see any way to cange any of
    the defaults, with the possible except of HT from 1000 down to 800. Might
    try looking at the CPU Configuration section and see if there's more there
    than the manual shows, but there's nothing in the manual for setting the
    cpu frequency. Maybe a bios upgrade will get you something, but the
    outlook isn't good at this time. I just recently upgraded to an AM2 X2
    3800+ also using a GA-M55Plus-S3G MB. It has user settings for all you
    need, HT, RAM, and CPU Frequency. I don't run overclocked but I did rasie
    the clock from 200 to 233 for a quick test and surprisngly enough it ran
    fine at 2330MHz without adjusting HT, vcore, or the ram. Would have
    tried to max it out, but was in a hurry since this is my server and
    MythTV main backend server also and I had shows to record. You may find
    some external apps that will let you change the settings, or they may be
    hidden in the bios. Good luck.
    Wes Newell, Sep 14, 2006
  5. hattongraham

    Eric Parker Guest

    I recently built an Abit NF-95 system.
    The bios support for overclocking was limited.
    Within the bios I set the memory (DDR400) to run at DDR333 and HT to
    Then within Windows XP I was able to use ClockGen
    to dynamically adjust the clock and
    use CrystalCPUID
    to adjust Vcore.
    I got a stable system at 2450Mhz.
    I've left it running at 2400 now.
    I can't say whether these would work with your Asus motherboard.

    Eric Parker, Sep 15, 2006
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