Help needed on replacing Acer Aspire T120 (PC) motherboard

Discussion in 'Acer' started by kwng, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. kwng

    kwng Guest

    Hi. I have serious problem with my Acer Aspire T120 motherboard. I ha
    a boot disk failure last month and as usual I thought it was H
    However, this problem is random. Random means I switched off for a fe
    hours and the HD is bootable and win XP home runs but after a hour o
    it hangs or crashes and boto disk failure will happen. When rested th
    PC, it works back. I decided to investigate. I found that th
    motherboard has 2 IDE slots; one connected to DVD/CDRW combo driv
    and one connected to HD. So, I swapped the connection, i.e. HD cabl
    to the IDE slot initially occupied by DVD/CDRW combo drive and vic
    versa. I was very surprised that HD boot up perfectly and Windows X
    home starts. My DVD/CDRW combo drive is detected and still works bu
    after an hour or so, it does not work, and it is not detected or wen
    missing (not seen in win explorer). If I plays songs, etc., it wil
    play but will end up with IO error within an hour or so.

    I suspected it has something to do with overheating (logically, i
    something works and then not, heat is a suspect). The fans bot
    chasis and CPU are working fine and running. The problem is I am no
    sure what motherboard Acer Aspire T120 uses. So I do not know wha
    replacement is suitable. I had software like SiSoftware Sandra an
    Belarus to detect the motherboard which is E22M manufactured by Vi
    Technologies, Inc.
    but I noticed those at shops aren't specifying motherboard like that
    I worried about whether it fits or not. It has a multi-card reader,
    USB ports in front and 1 mic with 1 speaker outlet in front. It has
    USB ports
    1 1394 firewire port, mouse and keyboard outlet. The motherboard has
    built-in sound card (realtek) and video card

    I would appreciate very much if anyone would advise me on the suitabl
    motherboard to buy for replacement from shop preferably the sam
    motherboard or better (but fit the casing). I have also never remov
    a AMD Athlon XP CPU or motherboard before. The CPU has a big heatsin
    and a fan on top of it. Any advice on how to remove the motherboard o
    CPU is appreciated. Is the CPU static charge sensitive?

    Thank you
    kwng, Jan 19, 2006
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  2. You have two IDE ports on the motherboard. A ribbon cable from one
    leads to the hard drive (and only to the hard drive). A ribbon cable
    from the other leads similarly to the CD device.

    Right so far?

    Let's call the motherboard port the HD was originally connected to
    IDE-0, the other IDE-1. You say that if you connect the hard drive
    to IDE-1 it boots? Check that, please. It's possible, but rather

    If you CAN boot from IDE-1, see if your ribbon cables have an
    additional unused connector. An IDE bus supports two devices. Why
    not ignore the faulty IDE-0 and daisy-chain both HD and CD on IDE-1?
    If Acer have been cheap and only provided single-connector IDE cables,
    dual-connector ones are cheaply available.

    If you DO decide to replace the motherboard, it's almost certainly one
    of the two standard sizes, ATX or Micro-ATX. A Micro-ATX board will
    fit an ATX case, but not vice-versa. Don't worry about an exact
    match. Pick one that suits your CPU and memory type.
    Laurence Payne, Jan 25, 2006
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