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Discussion in 'Apple' started by N Williamson, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. N Williamson

    N Williamson Guest

    (Apologies first for any dupe since this didn't make it to Giganews from
    original posting via Newguy yesterday afternoon)


    Not sure where to start on this oddity.

    What is the common thread/file that would disable Safari, cause the
    software update option to stall and say there is no internet connection,
    and also fumble the Mac Help and give me the attached message when I ask
    "Where are the safari bookmarks" and then select the lines seen?

    Suffice it to say that it all started last night after Comcast deleted
    one of my IP addresses which was a hold over from a previous life. When
    attempting to get back online the Safari browser defaulted to some
    Comcast site & auto downloaded their installer app and things went
    downhill from there. (My initial call to Comcast was to find out how to
    exchange my eons old cable modem which seemed to have a short in the

    17" iMac G4, OS 10.3.9 with updates current as of last week. No real
    bolt on software/junk running in the background. New cable modem,
    Buffalo Air Station router.

    Comcast wanted me to return the modem for another. I'm having a tough
    time with the logic of that since all seems fine except this iMac
    running the apps mentioned. I can connect the PowerBook both hardwired
    & wirelessly just fine and run all apps through the router. The iMac
    will run (thus far) all the other internet related apps (Thoth,
    MT-Newswatcher, Firefox, AOL, AIM) via the router & directly to the
    modem. Only Safari is wrecked, but does retain all the bookmarks.
    Oddly too, the little tab wheel just spins as it's trying to load the
    page and never gives the message the site can't be found (or whatever it
    says when it can't connect).

    It may have been stupid, but thinking the Safari app was corrupted
    somehow, I attempted to DL the 1.3.1 version and it said I could not run
    it on this OS (hmmm). So, I DL'd v1.2 thinking I would just reinstall
    that one and build from there. But as I then discovered, the Software
    update feature/app doesn't work either so I seem to be stuck.

    It's all very strange to me and I sure would appreciate any help.

    N Williamson, Mar 17, 2007
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  2. N Williamson

    Swift Guest

    Seems to me all you have are connectivity issues. First, fix the
    connectivity, via System Preferences->Network. I'm on Tiger now -- you
    could be, too -- and it has a very nice connectivity tool. Remember
    the chain you have going here. First there's the Aiport connection,
    then the Modem, then Comcast's servers, then the Internet. Unless that
    chain is all connected, you don't get the Internet, Safari doesn't
    fully work, and all the else remains. DON'T replace your Safari; once
    your basic issues are resolved, download the Combo Updater for 10.3.9
    and install that, then try Software Update. You'll get the Security
    Updates again, most likely. And any other updates since the 10.3.9.
    Apply them.
    Swift, Mar 18, 2007
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  3. N Williamson

    N Williamson Guest

    Thanks for the reply.

    I can connect to the internet via everything except Safari & Software
    update. The network pref shows I am connected via Built-in Ethernet.

    When I try a software update it hangs and eventually tells me I it can
    not connect to the internet.

    N Williamson, Mar 18, 2007
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