help needed with installing RAM

Discussion in 'IBM' started by bodz, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. bodz

    bodz Guest

    I recently purchased additional Ram for my computer (Netvista by
    IBM)-- model 6276-23U. It previously had 64MB and I wanted to install
    an additional 128MB. I snapped the ram into the motherboard and it
    didn't work. My computer kept rebooting and rebooting-- I then
    updated my BIOS via the internet-- still not working. Any
    suggestions?? Sorry for the "non-computer lingo" but I NEED HELP!!

    PS: I have all the info regarding the BIOS version, system board

    PLS HELP ME!!!!
    bodz, Sep 24, 2003
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  2. bodz

    R Doornbosch Guest

    If you have the information on your system board find out whether you need
    to put in two sets of 64 instead on One 128 MB some computers require
    matching two matching RAM boards. Also you may want to try switching the
    order of the old 64 MB and the new 128 MB.
    R Doornbosch, Sep 24, 2003
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  3. ..

    What it is the brand and model of the 128MB DIMM? How many chips on it,
    and what are the chip part numbers?

    For this system, you would need a 128MB DIMM that has either eight
    16Mx8(128Mbit) chips, or sixteen 8Mx8(64Mbit) chips. It should also
    support 256MB DIMMs, but it would require 256MB DIMMs that have sixteen
    16Mx8(128Mbit) chips.

    Crucial guarantees that these DIMMs will be compatible with the NetVista
    6276 models:

    TinyURL version of the above Crucial link:
    [email protected], Sep 25, 2003
  4. bodz

    bodz Guest

    The brand is PCI (I think_ It has a total of 4 chips on it. The
    number on teh chip is J160016LKTW. There is also another number on the
    chips (16mx16t46 0218). I am onot sure of the brand of this thing
    as I purchased it off EBAY (mistake you say??)

    Sound like you are saying that this this is useless to me!!!!

    Thanks so much for your help!! What are my options now??

    bodz, Sep 26, 2003

  5. ..

    Yes, it's incompatible with a system of this age. This system uses an
    Intel 810E chipset, which is limited to DIMMs that use 128Mbit or smaller
    chips. This incompatible 128MB DIMM uses four 16Mx16(256Mbit) chips.

    You would want 128MB DIMMs that have either eight 16Mx8(128Mbit), or
    sixteen 8Mx8(64Mbit) chips. 256MB DIMMs should also work, but you would
    need 256MB DIMMs that have sixteen 16Mx8 chips.
    [email protected], Sep 26, 2003
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