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Help needed with Windows Explorer error.....

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Jim Hubbard, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Jim Hubbard

    Jim Hubbard Guest

    Whenever I right click on my C:\ drive in windows explorer, an error dialog
    pops up that says "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to
    close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    The errors in the application events show the following

    Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2800.1221, faulting module
    shell32.dll, version 6.0.2800.1348, fault address 0x00046767.
    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    ...but the link only contains generic error information.

    I have tried "sfc /scannow" but it asked for the SP1 Service Pack CD and
    I don't have it since I downloaded the SP1 fixes.

    I have tried to replace the file with the shell32.dll in
    c:\windows\lastGood.tmp\system32, but it will not overwrite this windows
    protected file.

    I had thought a program might be the cultprit, but I have rebuilt this
    Tablet PC 4 times in the last 3 days - trying to find the pffending
    program - to no avail.

    Here is more info than you probably need on my Tablet PC....

    --------[ AIDA32 (c) 1995-2004 Tamas
    Miklos ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

    Version AIDA32 v3.93
    Homepage http://www.aida32.hu
    Report Type Report Wizard
    Computer GATEWAY-F4WMCOS
    Generator Jim Hubbard
    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
    Professional 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail)
    Date 2004-07-03
    Time 00:27

    Summary ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 1
    Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE
    6.0 SP1)
    Computer Name GATEWAY-F4WMCOS
    User Name Jim Hubbard
    Logon Domain GATEWAY-F4WMCOS

    CPU Type Mobile Intel Pentium
    M, 858 MHz (2.5 x 343)
    Motherboard Name Unknown
    Motherboard Chipset Intel Montara-GM
    System Memory 502 MB (PC2100 DDR
    BIOS Type Phoenix (05/22/03)

    Video Adapter Intel(R) 82852/82855
    GM/GME Graphics Controller (64 MB)
    Video Adapter Intel(R) 82852/82855
    GM/GME Graphics Controller (64 MB)
    3D Accelerator Intel Extreme
    Graphics 2
    Monitor Digital Flat Panel
    (1024x768) (12003)

    Audio Adapter Intel 82801DB(M)
    ICH4(-M) - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-1]

    Disk Drive ST312002 6A USB
    Device (120 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)
    Disk Drive TOSHIBA MK4018GAS
    (40 GB, 4200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)

    C: (NTFS) 38154 MB (27657 MB
    D: (FAT32) 114442 MB (69968 MB

    Keyboard HID Keyboard Device
    Keyboard HID Keyboard Device
    Mouse HID-compliant mouse
    Mouse HID-compliant mouse

    Primary IP Address
    Primary MAC Address 00-04-23-57-0B-7E
    Network Adapter Intel(R)
    PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter (
    Network Adapter Realtek RTL8139/810x
    Family Fast Ethernet NIC
    Modem HSP56 MR

    Printer Journal Note Writer
    USB Device USB Composite Device
    USB Device USB Human Interface
    USB Device USB Human Interface
    USB Device USB Mass Storage

    --------[ Computer
    Name ]----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Computer Comment Logical
    NetBIOS Name Logical GATEWAY-F4WMCOS
    DNS Host Name Logical gateway-f4wmcos
    DNS Domain Name Logical
    Fully Qualified DNS Name Logical gateway-f4wmcos
    NetBIOS Name Physical GATEWAY-F4WMCOS
    DNS Host Name Physical gateway-f4wmcos
    DNS Domain Name Physical
    Fully Qualified DNS Name Physical gateway-f4wmcos

    --------[ Operating
    System ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

    Operating System Properties:
    OS Name Microsoft Windows XP
    OS Code Name Whistler
    OS Language English (United
    OS Kernel Type Uniprocessor Free
    OS Version 5.1.2600 (WinXP
    OS Service Pack Service Pack 1
    OS Installation Date 7/2/2004
    OS Root C:\WINDOWS

    License Information:
    Registered Owner Gateway_User
    Registered Organization Gateway
    Licensed Processors 2
    Product ID
    Product Key

    Current Session:
    Computer Name GATEWAY-F4WMCOS
    User Name Jim Hubbard
    Logon Domain GATEWAY-F4WMCOS
    UpTime 4669 sec (0 days, 1
    hours, 17 min, 49 sec)

    Components Version:
    Common Controls 6.00
    Internet Explorer 6.0.2800.1106 (IE
    6.0 SP1)
    Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1123
    Windows Media Player
    Internet Information Services 5.1
    Novell Client None
    (DirectX 9.0b)
    OpenGL 5.1.2600.1106
    ASPI None

    Database Drivers:
    MDAC 2.71.9030.0 built
    by: Lab06_N(dagbuild)
    ODBC 3.520.9042.0
    MySQL Connector/ODBC None
    Oracle Client None
    PsqlODBC None
    Sybase ASE ODBC None
    Borland Database Engine None

    Operating System Features:
    Debug Version No
    DBCS Version No
    Domain Controller No
    Security Present No
    Network Present Yes
    Remote Session No
    Safe Mode No
    Slow Processor No
    Terminal Services No

    Processes ]-----------------------------------------------------------------

    aida32.bin C:\Program Files\AIDA32 - Enterprise System
    Information\aida32.bin 14576 KB 13672 KB
    cidaemon.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\cidaemon.exe
    1296 KB 1248 KB
    cidaemon.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\cidaemon.exe
    260 KB 904 KB
    cisvc.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\cisvc.exe
    316 KB 5664 KB
    ctfmon.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\ctfmon.exe
    4536 KB 968 KB
    explorer.exe C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
    25172 KB 20396 KB
    hkcmd.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\hkcmd.exe
    6416 KB 2336 KB
    igfxtray.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\igfxtray.exe
    6304 KB 2216 KB
    inetinfo.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\inetsrv\inetinfo.exe
    9732 KB 5776 KB
    lsass.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exe
    1796 KB 3260 KB
    mdm.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft
    Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe 2880 KB 836 KB
    mmc.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\mmc.exe
    11984 KB 3868 KB
    msimn.exe C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe
    15640 KB 16124 KB
    msmsgs.exe C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
    8396 KB 9328 KB
    MyIE.exe C:\Program Files\MYIE2\MyIE.exe
    20504 KB 13880 KB
    notepad.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\notepad.exe
    4816 KB 1504 KB
    ntvdm.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntvdm.exe
    1272 KB 2172 KB
    24256 KB 8156 KB
    pctspk.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\pctspk.exe
    4164 KB 1196 KB
    PRISMXL.SYS C:\Program Files\Common
    Files\Lanovation\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS 1312 KB 304 KB
    schedhlp.exe C:\Program Files\Common
    Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe 2960 KB 708 KB
    schedul2.exe C:\Program Files\Common
    Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedul2.exe 1848 KB 524 KB
    scrdll.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\scrdll.exe
    1848 KB 540 KB
    services.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe
    3308 KB 1504 KB
    smss.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe
    444 KB 180 KB
    3604 KB 996 KB
    spoolsv.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exe
    4824 KB 2836 KB
    svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe
    3916 KB 1452 KB
    svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe
    20360 KB 13108 KB
    svchost.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe
    3140 KB 796 KB
    tabbtnu.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\tabbtnu.exe
    2520 KB 744 KB
    TabTip.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft
    shared\ink\TabTip.exe 9564 KB 2988 KB
    TPA.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft
    shared\ink\TPA.exe 4860 KB 1384 KB
    TrueImage.exe C:\Program
    Files\Acronis\TrueImage\TrueImage.exe 10632
    KB 9236 KB
    TrueImageMonitor.exe C:\Program
    Files\Acronis\TrueImage\TrueImageMonitor.exe 1336
    KB 1076 KB
    winlogon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe
    13104 KB 11968 KB
    WINWORD.EXE C:\Program Files\Microsoft
    Office\Office10\WINWORD.EXE 11572 KB 5224 KB
    4644 KB 1940 KB

    --------[ System
    Drivers ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

    {6080A529-897E-4629-A488-ABA0C29B635E} Intel(R) Graphics Platform
    (SoftBIOS) Driver Kernel Driver
    {D31A0762-0CEB-444e-ACFF-B049A1F6FE91} Intel(R) Graphics Chipset (KCH)
    Driver Kernel Driver
    Abiosdsk Abiosdsk
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    abp480n5 abp480n5
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ACPI Microsoft ACPI Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    ACPIEC Microsoft Embedded Controller Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    adpu160m adpu160m
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    aec Microsoft Kernel Acoustic Echo Canceller
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    AFD AFD Networking Support Environment
    Kernel Driver Running
    Aha154x Aha154x
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    aic78u2 aic78u2
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    aic78xx aic78xx
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    AIDA32Driver AIDA32Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    ALCXWDM Service for Realtek AC97 Audio (WDM)
    Kernel Driver Running
    AliIde AliIde
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    amsint amsint
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Arp1394 1394 ARP Client Protocol
    Kernel Driver Running
    asc asc
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    asc3350p asc3350p
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    asc3550 asc3550
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    AsyncMac RAS Asynchronous Media Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    atapi Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller
    Kernel Driver Running
    Atdisk Atdisk
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Atmarpc ATM ARP Client Protocol
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    audstub Audio Stub Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Beep Beep
    Kernel Driver Running
    cbidf2k cbidf2k
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    cd20xrnt cd20xrnt
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Cdaudio Cdaudio
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Cdfs Cdfs
    File System Driver Running
    Cdrom CD-ROM Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Changer Changer
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    CmBatt Microsoft ACPI Control Method Battery Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    CmdIde CmdIde
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Compbatt Microsoft Composite Battery Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Cpqarray Cpqarray
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    dac960nt dac960nt
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Disk Disk Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    dmboot dmboot
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    dmio Logical Disk Manager Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    dmload dmload
    Kernel Driver Running
    DMusic Microsoft Kernel DLS Syntheiszer
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    dpti2o dpti2o
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    drmkaud Microsoft Kernel DRM Audio Descrambler
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Fastfat Fastfat
    File System Driver Running
    Fdc Fdc
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Fips Fips
    Kernel Driver Running
    Flpydisk Flpydisk
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Ftdisk Volume Manager Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Gpc Generic Packet Classifier
    Kernel Driver Running
    hidusb Microsoft HID Class Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    hpn hpn
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    i2omgmt i2omgmt
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    i2omp i2omp
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ialm ialm
    Kernel Driver Running
    Imapi CD-Burning Filter Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ini910u ini910u
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    IntelIde IntelIde
    Kernel Driver Running
    Ip6Fw IPv6 Firewall Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    IpFilterDriver IP Traffic Filter Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    IpInIp IP in IP Tunnel Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    IpNat IP Network Address Translator
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    IPSec IPSEC driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    IRENUM IR Enumerator Service
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    isapnp PnP ISA/EISA Bus Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Kbdclass Keyboard Class Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    kbdhid Keyboard HID Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    kmixer Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer
    Kernel Driver Running
    KSecDD KSecDD
    Kernel Driver Running
    lbrtfdc lbrtfdc
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    mnmdd mnmdd
    Kernel Driver Running
    Modem Modem
    Kernel Driver Running
    Mouclass Mouse Class Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    mouhid Mouse HID Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    MountMgr MountMgr
    Kernel Driver Running
    mraid35x mraid35x
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    MRxDAV WebDav Client Redirector
    File System Driver Running
    MRxSmb MRxSmb
    File System Driver Running
    Msfs Msfs
    File System Driver Running
    MSKSSRV Microsoft Streaming Service Proxy
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    MSPCLOCK Microsoft Streaming Clock Proxy
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    MSPQM Microsoft Streaming Quality Manager Proxy
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    MSTabBtn Motion Computing Tablet PC Buttons HID Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Mup Mup
    File System Driver Running
    NDIS NDIS System Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    NdisTapi Remote Access NDIS TAPI Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Ndisuio NDIS Usermode I/O Protocol
    Kernel Driver Running
    NdisWan Remote Access NDIS WAN Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    NDProxy NDIS Proxy
    Kernel Driver Running
    NetBIOS NetBIOS Interface
    File System Driver Running
    NetBT NetBios over Tcpip
    Kernel Driver Running
    NIC1394 1394 Net Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Npfs Npfs
    File System Driver Running
    Ntfs Ntfs
    File System Driver Running
    Null Null
    Kernel Driver Running
    NwlnkFlt IPX Traffic Filter Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    NwlnkFwd IPX Traffic Forwarder Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ohci1394 Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host
    Controller Kernel Driver Running
    Parport Parport
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    PartMgr PartMgr
    Kernel Driver Running
    ParVdm ParVdm
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    PCI PCI Bus Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    PCIDump PCIDump
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    PCIIde PCIIde
    Kernel Driver Running
    Pcmcia Pcmcia
    Kernel Driver Running
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    perc2 perc2
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    perc2hib perc2hib
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    PptpMiniport WAN Miniport (PPTP)
    Kernel Driver Running
    Processor Processor Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    PSched QoS Packet Scheduler
    Kernel Driver Running
    Ptilink Direct Parallel Link Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Ptserial W2K Pctel Serial Device Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    ql1080 ql1080
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Ql10wnt Ql10wnt
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ql12160 ql12160
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ql1240 ql1240
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    ql1280 ql1280
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    RasAcd Remote Access Auto Connection Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Rasl2tp WAN Miniport (L2TP)
    Kernel Driver Running
    RasPppoe Remote Access PPPOE Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Raspti Direct Parallel
    Kernel Driver Running
    Rdbss Rdbss
    File System Driver Running
    Kernel Driver Running
    rdpdr Terminal Server Device Redirector Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    redbook Digital CD Audio Playback Filter Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    rtl8139 Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC NT
    Driver Kernel Driver Running
    Secdrv Secdrv
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Serial Serial Port Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Sfloppy Sfloppy
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Simbad Simbad
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    snapman Acronis Snapshots Manager
    Kernel Driver Running
    Sparrow Sparrow
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    splitter Microsoft Kernel Audio Splitter
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    sr System Restore Filter Driver
    File System Driver Running
    Srv Srv
    File System Driver Running
    swenum Software Bus Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    swmidi Microsoft Kernel GS Wavetable Synthesizer
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    sym_hi sym_hi
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    sym_u3 sym_u3
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    symc810 symc810
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    symc8xx symc8xx
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    sysaudio Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device
    Kernel Driver Running
    Tcpip TCP/IP Protocol Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    TermDD Terminal Device Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    tifsfilter Acronis TrueImage FS Filter
    File System Driver Running
    timounter Acronis TrueImage Backup Archive Explorer
    Kernel Driver Running
    TosIde TosIde
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Udfs Udfs
    File System Driver Stopped
    ultra ultra
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Update Microcode Update Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    usbccgp Microsoft USB Generic Parent Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    usbehci Microsoft USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller Miniport
    Driver Kernel Driver Running
    usbhub USB2 Enabled Hub
    Kernel Driver Running
    usbstor USB Mass Storage Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    usbuhci Microsoft USB Universal Host Controller Miniport
    Driver Kernel Driver Running
    VgaSave VgaSave
    Kernel Driver Running
    ViaIde ViaIde
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Vmodem W2k Vmodem
    Kernel Driver Running
    VolSnap VolSnap
    Kernel Driver Running
    Vpctcom W2k Vpctcom
    Kernel Driver Running
    Vvoice W2k Vvoice
    Kernel Driver Running
    w70n51 Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 7100 Adapter Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    WacomISDPen Wacom Penabled HID MiniDriver
    Kernel Driver Running
    WacomPen Wacom Serial Pen HID Driver
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    Wanarp Remote Access IP ARP Driver
    Kernel Driver Running
    Kernel Driver Stopped
    wdmaud Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver
    Kernel Driver Running

    Services ]------------------------------------------------------------------

    AcrSch2Svc Acronis Scheduler2 Service
    Own Process Running LocalSystem
    Alerter Alerter
    Share Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    ALG Application Layer Gateway Service
    Own Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    AppMgmt Application Management
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    aspnet_state ASP.NET State Service
    Own Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService
    AudioSrv Windows Audio
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    BITS Background Intelligent Transfer
    Service Share Process Stopped
    Browser Computer Browser
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    cisvc Indexing Service
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    ClipSrv ClipBook
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    COMSysApp COM+ System Application
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    CryptSvc Cryptographic Services
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Dhcp DHCP Client
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    dmadmin Logical Disk Manager Administrative
    Service Share Process Stopped
    dmserver Logical Disk Manager
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Dnscache DNS Client
    Share Process Running NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService
    ERSvc Error Reporting Service
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Eventlog Event Log
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    EventSystem COM+ Event System
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    FastUserSwitchingCompatibility Fast User Switching Compatibility
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    helpsvc Help and Support
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    HidServ HID Input Service
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    ImapiService IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    Ip6FwHlp IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    lanmanserver Server
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    lanmanworkstation Workstation
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    LmHosts TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
    Share Process Running NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    Macromedia Licensing Service Macromedia Licensing Service
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    MDM Machine Debug Manager
    Own Process Running LocalSystem
    Messenger Messenger
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    mnmsrvc NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    MSDTC Distributed Transaction Coordinator
    Own Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService
    MSIServer Windows Installer
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    NetDDE Network DDE
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    NetDDEdsdm Network DDE DSDM
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    Netlogon Net Logon
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    Netman Network Connections
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Nla Network Location Awareness (NLA)
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    NtLmSsp NT LM Security Support Provider
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    NtmsSvc Removable Storage
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    PlugPlay Plug and Play
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    PolicyAgent IPSEC Services
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    PrismXL PrismXL
    Own Process Running LocalSystem
    ProtectedStorage Protected Storage
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    RasAuto Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    RasMan Remote Access Connection Manager
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    RDSessMgr Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    RemoteAccess Routing and Remote Access
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    RemoteRegistry Remote Registry
    Share Process Running NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    RpcLocator Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
    Own Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService
    RpcSs Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    SamSs Security Accounts Manager
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    SCardDrv Smart Card Helper
    Share Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    SCardSvr Smart Card
    Share Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    Schedule Task Scheduler
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    seclogon Secondary Logon
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    SENS System Event Notification
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    SharedAccess Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) /
    Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Share Process Stopped
    ShellHWDetection Shell Hardware Detection
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    SMTPSVC Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Spooler Print Spooler
    Own Process Running LocalSystem
    srservice System Restore Service
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    SSDPSRV SSDP Discovery Service
    Share Process Running NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    stisvc Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    SwPrv MS Software Shadow Copy Provider
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    SysmonLog Performance Logs and Alerts
    Own Process Stopped NT Authority\NetworkService
    TapiSrv Telephony
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    TermService Terminal Services
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    Themes Themes
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    TlntSvr Telnet
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    TrkWks Distributed Link Tracking Client
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    uploadmgr Upload Manager
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    upnphost Universal Plug and Play Device Host
    Share Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
    Own Process Stopped NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    VSS Volume Shadow Copy
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    W32Time Windows Time
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    W3SVC World Wide Web Publishing
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    WebClient WebClient
    Share Process Running NT AUTHORITY\LocalService
    winmgmt Windows Management Instrumentation
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    WmdmPmSN Portable Media Serial Number Service
    Share Process Stopped LocalSystem
    Wmi Windows Management Instrumentation
    Driver Extensions Share Process Stopped
    WmiApSrv WMI Performance Adapter
    Own Process Stopped LocalSystem
    wuauserv Automatic Updates
    Share Process Running LocalSystem
    WZCSVC Wireless Zero Configuration
    Share Process Running LocalSystem

    DLL ]-----------------------------------------------------------------------

    6to4svc.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Service that
    offers IPv6 connectivity over an IPv4 network.
    a3d.dll Audio3D
    aaaamon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Aaaa Monitor DLL
    acctres.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Internet Account Manager Resources
    acledit.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Access Control
    List Editor
    aclui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Security
    Descriptor Editor
    activeds.dll 5.01.2600.0000 ADs Router Layer
    actxprxy.dll 6.00.2600.0000 ActiveX Interface
    Marshaling Library
    admparse.dll 6.00.2600.0000 IEAK Global
    Policy Template Parser
    admwprox.dll 6.00.2600.0001 IIS Admin Com API
    Proxy dll
    admxprox.dll 6.00.2600.0001 IIS Admin Ex Com
    API Proxy dll
    adptif.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IPX Interface via
    adsiis.dll 5.01.2600.1106 ADs IIS Provider
    adsiisex.dll 6.00.2600.0001 ADSI Extension
    adsldp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 ADs LDAP Provider
    adsldpc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 ADs LDAP Provider
    C DLL
    adsmsext.dll 5.01.2600.1106 ADs LDAP Provider
    adsnds.dll 5.01.2600.0000 ADs NDS Provider
    adsnt.dll 5.01.2600.1106 ADs Windows NT
    Provider DLL
    adsnw.dll 5.01.2600.0000 ADs Netware 3.12
    Provider DLL
    advapi32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Advanced Windows
    32 Base API
    advpack.dll 6.00.2800.1106 ADVPACK
    alrsvc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Alerter Service
    amstream.dll DirectShow
    apcups.dll 5.01.2600.0000 APC Smart
    apphelp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Application
    Compatibility Client Library
    appmgmts.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Software
    installation Service
    appmgr.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Software
    Installation Snapin Extenstion
    asferror.dll ASF Error
    asfsipc.dll ASFSipc Object
    aspperf.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Active Server
    Pages Performance Monitor DLL
    asycfilt.dll 3.50.5014.0000
    athprxy.dll 10.145.3722.0000 Microsoft Search
    Authentication Proxy
    atkctrs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT
    AppleTalk Perfmon Counter dll
    atl.dll 3.00.9435.0000 ATL Module for
    Windows NT (Unicode)
    atl71.dll 7.10.3077.0000 ATL Module for
    Windows (Unicode)
    atmfd.dll Windows NT
    OpenType/Type 1 Font Driver
    atmlib.dll Windows NT
    OpenType/Type 1 API Library.
    atmpvcno.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Atm Epvc Install
    atrace.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Async Trace DLL
    audio3d.dll Audio3D
    audiosrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Audio
    authz.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Authorization
    autodisc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows
    AutoDiscovery API
    avicap.dll AVI Capture DLL
    avicap32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 AVI Capture
    window class
    avifil32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft AVI
    File support library
    avifile.dll Microsoft AVI
    File support library
    avmeter.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Metering Controls
    avtapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 TAPI 3.0 Dialer
    and IP Multicast Conference Viewer
    avwav.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Wave Manipulation
    basesrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows NT BASE
    API Server DLL
    batmeter.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Battery Meter
    Helper DLL
    batt.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Battery Class
    bidispl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Bidispl DLL
    bjablr32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Outlook LDAP
    Address Book Provider
    blackbox.dll BlackBox DLL
    bootvid.dll 5.01.2600.0000 VGA Boot Driver
    browselc.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Shell Browser UI
    browser.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Computer Browser
    Service DLL
    browseui.dll 6.00.2800.1400 Shell Browser UI
    browsewm.dll 6.00.2800.1106 BrowseWM Player
    cabinet.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft®
    Cabinet File API
    cabview.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Cabinet File
    Viewer Shell Extension
    camocx.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WIA Camera View
    capesnpn.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    Certificate Template Management Extension
    cards.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Entertainment
    Pack Cardplaying Helper DLL
    catsrv.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    catsrvps.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    catsrvut.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    ccfgnt.dll 7.02.2600.0000 Internet
    Configuration Library
    cdfview.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Channel
    Definition File Viewer
    cdm.dll 5.04.3630.1106 Windows Update
    CDM Stub
    cdmodem.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Modem Connection
    cdo.dll 5.05.2654.0006 Collaboration
    Data Objects 1.21s for Windows NT
    cdosys.dll 6.00.6015.0000 Microsoft CDO for
    Windows 2000 Library
    certcli.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft®
    Certificate Services Client
    certmgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Certificates
    cewmdm.dll Windows CE WMDM
    Service Provider
    cfgbkend.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Configuration
    Backend Interface
    cfgmgr32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Configuration
    Manager Forwarder DLL
    ciadmin.dll 5.01.2600.0000 CI Administration
    cic.dll 5.01.2600.0000 CIC - MMC
    controls for Taskpad
    ciodm.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Indexing Service
    Admin Automation Objects
    clb.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Column List Box
    clbcatex.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    clbcatq.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    cliconfg.dll 2000.80.380.0000 SQL Client
    Configuration Utility DLL
    clusapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Cluster API
    cmc.dll 5.05.2174.0000 Common Messaging
    Calls for MAPI 1.0
    cmcfg32.dll 7.02.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Connection Manager Configuration Dll
    cmdial32.dll 7.02.2600.1106 Microsoft
    Connection Manager
    cmpbk32.dll 7.02.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Connection Manager Phonebook
    cmprops.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WMI Snapins
    cmutil.dll 7.02.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Connection Manager Utility Lib
    cnbjmon.dll Langage Monitor
    for Canon Bubble-Jet Printer
    cnetcfg.dll 7.02.2600.0000 Connection
    Manager Library
    cnvfat.dll 5.01.2600.0000 FAT File System
    Conversion Utility DLL
    colbact.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    comaddin.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    comcat.dll 5.00.2600.0001 Microsoft
    Component Category Manager Library
    comctl32.dll 5.82.2800.1106 Common Controls
    comdlg32.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Common Dialogs
    commdlg.dll Common Dialogs
    compatui.dll CompatUI Module
    compobj.dll OLE 2.1 16/32
    Interoperability Library
    compstui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Common Property
    Sheet User Interface DLL
    comrepl.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    comres.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    comsnap.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    comsvcs.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    comuid.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    confmsp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft IP
    Conferencing Media Service Provider
    console.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Control Panel
    Console Applet
    contab32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Outlook Address
    Book Service
    corpol.dll 1998.03.6074.0000 Microsoft COM
    Runtime Execution Engine
    credui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Credential
    Manager User Interface
    crtdll.dll 4.00.1183.0001 Microsoft C
    Runtime Library
    crypt32.dll 5.131.2600.1123 Crypto API32
    cryptdlg.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft Common
    Certificate Dialogs
    cryptdll.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Cryptography
    cryptext.dll 5.131.2600.0000 Crypto Shell
    cryptnet.dll 5.131.2600.0000 Crypto Network
    Related API
    cryptsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1190 Cryptographic
    cryptui.dll 5.131.2600.1243 Microsoft Trust
    UI Provider
    cscdll.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Offline Network
    cscui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Client Side
    Caching UI
    csrsrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Client Server
    Runtime Process
    csseqchk.dll CSSeqChk
    ctl3d32.dll Ctl3D 3D Windows
    ctl3dv2.dll Ctl3D 3D Windows
    NT(WOW) Controls
    d3d8.dll Microsoft
    d3d8thk.dll Microsoft
    Direct3D OS Thunk Layer
    d3d9.dll Microsoft
    d3dim.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    d3dim700.dll Microsoft
    d3dpmesh.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Direct3D
    Progressive Mesh DLL
    d3dramp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    d3drm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Direct3D Retained
    Mode DLL
    d3dxof.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DirectX Files DLL
    danim.dll DirectX Media --
    dataclen.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Disk Space
    Cleaner for Windows
    datime.dll TIME
    davclnt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Web DAV Client
    dbgeng.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Symbolic Debugger
    Engine for Windows 2000
    dbghelp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Image
    dbmsadsn.dll 2000.81.9030.0000 ADSP Net DLL for
    SQL Clients
    dbmsrpcn.dll 2000.81.9030.0000 ConnectTo RPC Net
    dbmsvinn.dll 2000.81.9030.0000 ConnectTo VINES
    Net Library
    dbnetlib.dll 2000.81.9042.0000 Winsock Oriented
    Net DLL for SQL Clients
    dbnmpntw.dll 2000.81.9030.0000 Named Pipes Net
    DLL for SQL Clients
    dciman32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DCI Manager
    ddeml.dll DDE Management
    ddraw.dll Microsoft
    ddrawex.dll Direct Draw Ex
    deskadp.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Advanced display
    adapter properties
    deskmon.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Advanced display
    monitor properties
    deskperf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Advanced display
    performance properties
    devenum.dll Device
    devmgr.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Device Manager
    MMC Snapin
    dfrgres.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Disk Defragmenter
    Resource Module
    dfrgsnap.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Disk Defragmenter
    Snap-in Module
    dfrgui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Disk Defragmenter
    UI Module
    dfsshlex.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Distributed File
    System shell extension
    dgnet.dll Dgnet Module
    dgrpsetu.dll Digi RealPort®
    Driver Upgrade
    dgsetup.dll DGSETUP DLL
    dhcpcsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 DHCP Client
    dhcpmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DHCP Monitor Dll
    dhcpsapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DHCP Server API
    Stub DLL
    diactfrm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    DirectInput Mapper Framework
    digest.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Digest SSPI
    Authentication Package
    dimap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    DirectInput Mapper
    dinput.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft
    dinput8.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft
    directdb.dll 6.00.2800.1123 Microsoft Direct
    Database API
    diskcopy.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Windows DiskCopy
    dispex.dll Microsoft (r)
    dmband.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Band
    dmcompos.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Composer
    dmconfig.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Logical Disk
    Manager Configuration Library
    dmdlgs.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Disk Management
    Snap-in Dialogs
    dmdskmgr.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Disk Management
    Snap-in Support Library
    dmdskres.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Disk Management
    Snap-in Resources
    dmime.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Interactive Engine
    dmintf.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Disk Management
    DCOM Interface Stub
    dmloader.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Loader
    dmocx.dll 5.01.2600.0000 TreeView OCX
    dmscript.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Scripting
    dmserver.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Logical Disk
    Manager service dll
    dmstyle.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Style Engline
    dmsynth.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Software Synthesizer
    dmusic.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Core Services
    dmutil.dll 2600.00.503.0000 Logical Disk
    Manager Utility Library
    dnsapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 DNS Client API
    dnsrslvr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DNS Caching
    Resolver Service
    docprop.dll 5.01.2600.0000 OLE DocFile
    Property Page
    docprop2.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft DocProp
    Shell Ext
    dpcdll.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Dpcdll Module
    dplay.dll 5.00.2134.0001 Microsoft
    dplayx.dll Microsoft
    dpmodemx.dll Modem and Serial
    Connection For DirectPlay
    dpnaddr.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay8 Address
    dpnet.dll Microsoft
    dpnhpast.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay NAT Helper PAST
    dpnhupnp.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay NAT Helper UPnP
    dpnlobby.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay8 Lobby
    dpnmodem.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    DirectPlay8 Modem Provider
    dpnwsock.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    DirectPlay8 Winsock Provider
    dpserial.dll 5.00.2134.0001 Microsoft
    DirectPlay Modem Service Provider
    dpvacm.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay Voice ACM Provider
    dpvoice.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay Voice
    dpvvox.dll Microsoft
    DirectPlay Voice Voxware Provider
    dpwsock.dll 5.00.2134.0001 Microsoft
    DirectPlay Local Net Service Provider
    dpwsockx.dll Internet TCP/IP
    and IPX Connection For DirectPlay
    drmclien.dll DRM Client DLL
    drmstor.dll DRM Store DLL
    drmv2clt.dll DRMv2 Client DLL
    drprov.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Terminal Server Network Provider
    ds16gt.dll 3.510.3711.0000 Microsoft ODBC
    Driver Setup Generic Thunk
    ds32gt.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver Setup Generic Thunk
    dsauth.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DS Authorization
    for Services
    dsdmo.dll DirectSound
    dsdmoprp.dll DirectSound
    Effects Property Pages
    dskquota.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Shell
    Disk Quota Support DLL
    dskquoui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Shell
    Disk Quota UI DLL
    dsound.dll DirectSound
    dsound3d.dll DirectSound3D LUT
    dsprop.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Active
    Directory Property Pages
    dsprpres.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Active
    Directory Property Pages Resources
    dsquery.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Directory Service
    dssec.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Directory Service
    Security UI
    dssenh.dll 5.01.2600.1029 Microsoft
    Enhanced DSS and Diffie-Hellman Cryptographic Provider
    dsuiext.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Directory Service
    Common UI
    dswave.dll Microsoft
    DirectMusic Wave
    dumpster.dll 10.00.2616.0000 Outlook Deleted
    Item Recovery Client Extension
    duser.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows
    DirectUser Engine
    dx3j.dll Microsoft®
    DirectX for Java
    dx7vb.dll Microsoft DirectX
    for Visual Basic
    dx8vb.dll Microsoft DirectX
    for Visual Basic
    dxdiagn.dll Microsoft DirectX
    Diagnostic Tool
    dxmasf.dll Windows Media
    Source Filter
    dxmrtp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft TAPI
    Audio, Video and RTP Filters
    dxtmsft.dll 6.03.2800.1106 DirectX Media --
    Image DirectX Transforms
    dxtrans.dll 6.03.2800.1106 DirectX Media --
    DirectX Transform Core
    efsadu.dll 5.01.2600.0000 File Encryption
    els.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Event Viewer
    emablt32.dll 10.00.2616.0000 Outlook LDAP
    Address Book Provider
    emsabp32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Outlook Address
    Book Provider
    emsmdb32.dll 10.00.2627.0001 Microsoft
    Exchange Server Information Store Service Provider
    emsui32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Microsoft
    Exchange Configuration Library
    encapi.dll Encoder API
    encdec.dll 6.04.2600.1142 XDSCodec &
    Encypter/Decrypter Tagger Filters.
    eqnclass.dll Equinox Multiport
    Serial Coinstaller
    ersvc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Error
    Reporting Service
    es.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 COM Services
    esconf.dll 5.05.1960.0000 Microsoft
    Exchange Event Service Config Object
    esent.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Server Database
    Storage Engine
    esent97.dll 6.00.3940.0013 Microsoft(R)
    Windows NT(TM) Server Database Storage Engine
    esentprf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Server Database
    Storage Performance Library
    eventcls.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft® Volume
    Shadow Copy Service event class
    eventlog.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Event Logging
    expsrv.dll Visual Basic for
    Applications Runtime - Expression Service
    exstrace.dll 5.06.2600.0001 Async Trace DLL
    exts.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Debugger
    faultrep.dll 5.01.2600.1232 Windows Error
    fcachdll.dll 6.00.2600.0001 FCACHDLL
    fde.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Folder
    Redirection Snapin Extension
    fdeploy.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Folder
    Redirection Winlogon Extension
    feclient.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT File
    Encryption Client Interfaces
    filemgmt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Services and
    Shared Folders
    fldrclnr.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Desktop Cleanup
    fm20.dll 2.01.7017.0001 Microsoft® Forms
    fm20enu.dll 2.01.7017.0001 Microsoft® Forms
    International DLL
    fmifs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 FM IFS Utility
    fontext.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Font
    fontsub.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Font Subsetting
    framebuf.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Framebuffer
    Display Driver
    fsusd.dll 5.01.2600.0000 File System
    Camera Devices DLL
    ftpsapi2.dll 6.00.2600.0001 FTP Service
    Client API Stubs
    ftsrch.dll Microsoft®
    Full-Text Search
    gapi32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Microsoft Mail
    Configuration Library
    gcdef.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Game Controllers
    Default Sheets
    gdi32.dll 5.01.2600.1346 GDI Client DLL
    getuname.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Unicode name Dll
    for UCE
    glmf32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 OpenGL Metafiling
    glu32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 OpenGL Utility
    Library DLL
    gpedit.dll 5.01.2600.0000 GPEdit
    gpkcsp.dll 5.01.2522.0000 Gemplus
    Cryptographic Service Provider
    gpkrsrc.dll 5.01.2522.0000 Gemplus
    Cryptographic Service Provider Resources
    gptext.dll 5.01.2600.1106 GPTExt
    h323msp.dll 5.01.2600.1348 Microsoft H.323
    Media Service Provider
    hal.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Hardware
    Abstraction Layer DLL
    hccoin.dll 5.01.2600.1243 USB Coinstaller
    hccutils.dll hccutils Module
    hha.dll 4.74.8702.0000 Microsoft® HTML
    Help Author
    hhsetup.dll 5.02.3644.0000 Microsoft® HTML
    hid.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Hid User Library
    hidserv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 HID Audio Service
    hlink.dll Microsoft
    Hyperlink Library
    hnetcfg.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Home Networking
    Configuration Manager
    hnetmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Home Networking
    Monitor DLL
    hnetwiz.dll 5.01.2232.0001 Network Setup
    hotplug.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Safely Remove
    Hardware applet
    hticons.dll 5.01.2600.0000 HyperTerminal
    Applet Library
    htui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Common halftone
    Color Adjustment Dialogs
    hypertrm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 HyperTerminal
    Applet Library
    ialmcoin_v13_1.dll 1.00.1000.0001 CoInstaller:
    Almador Second Function, AIM 3.0 Modules
    ialmdd5.dll DirectDraw(R)
    Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Technology
    ialmdev5.dll Component GHAL
    ialmdnt5.dll Controller Hub
    for Intel Graphics Driver
    ialmgdev.dll OpenGL(R) Device
    Driver for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator
    ialmgicd.dll OpenGL(R) Driver
    for Intel(R) Graphics Accelerator
    ialmrem.dll Uninstall Utility
    for Intel(R) Graphics Technology
    ialmrnt5.dll Controller Hub
    for Intel Graphics Driver
    iasacct.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS Accounting
    iasads.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS Active
    Directory Data Store
    iashlpr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS Surrogate
    iasnap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS NAP Provider
    iaspolcy.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS Pipeline
    iasrad.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS RADIUS
    Protocol Component
    iasrecst.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS Jet Database
    iassam.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS NT SAM
    iassdo.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS SDO Component
    iassvcs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IAS Services
    icaapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 DLL Interface to
    TermDD Device Driver
    iccvid.dll Cinepak® Codec
    icfgnt5.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet
    Connection Wizard
    icm32.dll Color Management
    Module (CMM)
    icmp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 ICMP DLL
    icmui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Color
    Matching System User Interface DLL
    icwdial.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet
    Connection Wizard Autodialer
    icwphbk.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet
    Connection Wizard
    idq.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Indexing Service
    ISAPI Extension
    ieakeng.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Internet Explorer
    Administration Kit Engine Library
    ieaksie.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Internet Explorer
    Snap-in Extension to Group Policy
    ieakui.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Microsoft IEAK
    Shared UI DLL
    iedkcs32.dll 16.00.2800.1106 Microsoft
    Internet Explorer Customization DLL
    iepeers.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Internet Explorer
    Peer Objects
    iernonce.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Extended RunOnce
    processing with UI
    iesetup.dll 6.00.2800.1106 IOD Version Map
    ifmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IF Monitor DLL
    ifsutil.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IFS Utility DLL
    igfxdev.dll igfxdev Module
    igfxdgps.dll igfxdiag Module
    igfxdo.dll igfxdo Module
    igfxeud.dll igfxeud Module
    igfxexps.dll igfxext Module
    igfxhk.dll igfxhk Module
    igfxpph.dll igfxpph Module
    igfxres.dll xxxxres Module
    igfxress.dll xxxxres Module
    igfxsrvc.dll igfxsrvc Module
    igmpagnt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft IGMP
    iisext.dll 5.01.2600.0001 ADs IIS Extension
    iismap.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Microsoft IIS
    iismui.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Utility
    iisrstap.dll 6.00.2600.0001 IIS Restart API
    Proxy dll
    iisrtl.dll 6.00.2600.0001 IIS RunTime
    iissuba.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Microsoft IIS
    sub-authentication handler
    ils.dll User Location
    Services Component Module
    imagehlp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows NT Image
    imeshare.dll 9.02.4003.0000 Microsoft Office
    IME Shared property library.
    imgutil.dll 6.00.2800.1106 IE plugin image
    decoder support DLL
    imm32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows XP IMM32
    API Client DLL
    inetcfg.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet
    Connection Wizard Library
    inetcomm.dll 6.00.2800.1409 Microsoft
    Internet Messaging API
    inetcplc.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet Control
    inetmib1.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Microsoft MIB-II
    inetpp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Internet Print
    Provider DLL
    inetppui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Internet Print
    Client DLL
    inetres.dll 6.00.2800.1123 Microsoft
    Internet Messaging API Resources
    inetsloc.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Internet Service
    Location protocol library
    infoadmn.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Internet Info
    Server Admin Client API Stubs
    infoctrs.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Common Internet
    Information Service Performance Counters
    infosoft.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Wordbreaker and
    stemmer dll
    initpki.dll 5.131.2600.0000 Microsoft Trust
    Installation and Setup
    inked.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Microsoft Tablet
    PC Platform Component
    input.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Text Input DLL
    inseng.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Install engine
    iologmsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IO Logging DLL
    ip6fwapi.dll 5.01.2600.1240 IPv6 Firewall API
    ip6fwcfg.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Firewall
    Configuration Helper DLL
    ip6fwhlp.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Microsoft IPv6
    Firewall Helper Components
    iphlpapi.dll 5.01.2600.1240 IP Helper API
    ipmontr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IP Router Monitor
    ipnathlp.dll 5.01.2600.1364 Microsoft NAT
    Helper Components
    ippromon.dll IP Protocols
    Monitor DLL
    iprop.dll 5.01.2600.0000 OLE PropertySet
    iprtprio.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IP Routing
    Protocol Priority DLL
    iprtrmgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IP Router Manager
    ipsecsnp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Internet Protocol
    Security Policy Management Snap-in for Microsoft Windows 2000
    ipsecsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows IPSec SPD
    Server DLL
    ipsmsnap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IP Security
    Monitor Snapin
    ipv6mon.dll 5.01.2600.1240 IPv6 Monitor DLL
    ipxmontr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IPX Router
    Monitor DLL
    ipxpromn.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IPX Router
    Monitor DLL
    ipxrip.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IPX RIP
    ipxrtmgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IPX ROUTER
    ipxsap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 SAP Agent DLL
    ipxwan.dll 5.01.2600.0000 IPXWAN
    ir32_32.dll Intel Indeo(R)
    Video R3.2 32-bit Driver
    ir41_qc.dll Intel Indeo®
    Video Interactive Quick Compressor
    ir41_qcx.dll Intel Indeo®
    Video Interactive Quick Compressor
    ir50_32.dll 5.2562.15.0055 Intel Indeo®
    video 5.10
    ir50_qc.dll Intel Indeo®
    video 5.10 Quick Compressor
    ir50_qcx.dll Intel Indeo®
    video 5.10 Quick Compressor
    irclass.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Infrared Class
    isign32.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet Signup
    isrdbg32.dll ISR Debug 32-bit
    itircl.dll 5.02.3790.0080 Microsoft®
    InfoTech IR Local DLL
    itss.dll 5.02.3644.0000 Microsoft®
    InfoTech Storage System Library
    iuctl.dll 5.04.3790.0020 Windows Update
    Client Control
    iuengine.dll 5.04.3790.0021 Windows Update
    Control Engine
    ixsso.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Indexing Service
    Server-side Object
    iyuv_32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Intel Indeo(R)
    Video YUV Codec
    javacypt.dll 5.00.3810.0000 MS Crypt Dll for
    javaee.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft®
    ActiveX Debugger Expression Evaluator for Java
    javaprxy.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft®
    Interface Proxy for Java
    javart.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft®
    Runtime Library for Java
    jet500.dll 5.01.2600.0000 JET Engine DLL
    jgaw400.dll JG Audio
    Interface DLL
    jgdw400.dll JG ART DLL
    jgmd400.dll JG MIDI Player
    jgpl400.dll JG ART Player DLL
    jgsd400.dll JG ART DLL
    jgsh400.dll JG Slide Show
    Player DLL
    jit.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft®
    Just-in-Time Compiler for Java
    jnwmon.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Windows Journal
    Port Monitor DLL
    jobexec.dll Active Setup Job
    jscript.dll Microsoft (r)
    jsproxy.dll 6.00.2600.0000 JScript Proxy
    kbdal.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Albania Keyboard
    kbdaze.dll 5.01.2600.0000
    Azerbaijan_Cyrillic Keyboard Layout
    kbdazel.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Azeri-Latin
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdbe.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Belgian Keyboard
    kbdbene.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Belgian Dutch
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdblr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Belarusian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdbr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Brazilian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdbu.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Bulgarian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdca.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Canadian
    Multilingual Keyboard Layout
    kbdcan.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Canadian National
    Standard Keyboard Layout
    kbdcr.dll 5.01.2600.0000
    Croatian/Slovenian Keyboard Layout
    kbdcz.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Czech Keyboard
    kbdcz1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Czech_101
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdcz2.dll 5.01.2600.0000
    Czech_Programmer's Keyboard Layout
    kbdda.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Danish Keyboard
    kbddv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Dvorak US English
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdes.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Spanish Alernate
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdest.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Estonia Keyboard
    kbdfc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Canadian French
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdfi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Finnish Keyboard
    kbdfo.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Færoese Keyboard
    kbdfr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 French Keyboard
    kbdgae.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Gaelic Keyboard
    kbdgkl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek_Latin
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 German Keyboard
    kbdgr1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 German_IBM
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdhe.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek Keyboard
    kbdhe220.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek IBM 220
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdhe319.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek IBM 319
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdhela2.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek IBM 220
    Latin Keyboard Layout
    kbdhela3.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek IBM 319
    Latin Keyboard Layout
    kbdhept.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Greek_Polytonic
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdhu.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Hungarian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdhu1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Hungarian 101-key
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdic.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Icelandic
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdir.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Irish Keyboard
    kbdit.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Italian Keyboard
    kbdit142.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Italian 142
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdkaz.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Kazak_Cyrillic
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdkyr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Kyrgyz Keyboard
    kbdla.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Latin-American
    Spanish Keyboard Layout
    kbdlt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Lithuania
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdlt1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Lithuanian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdlv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Latvia Keyboard
    kbdlv1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Latvia-QWERTY
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdmac.dll 5.01.2600.0000
    FYROMacedonian_Cyrillic Keyboard Layout
    kbdmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Mongolian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdne.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Dutch Keyboard
    kbdnec.dll 5.01.2600.0000 JP Japanese
    Keyboard Layout for (NEC PC-9800)
    kbdno.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Norwegian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdpl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Polish Keyboard
    kbdpl1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Polish
    Programmer's Keyboard Layout
    kbdpo.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Portuguese
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdro.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Romanian Keyboard
    kbdru.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Russian Keyboard
    kbdru1.dll 5.01.2600.0000
    Russia(Typewriter) Keyboard Layout
    kbdsf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Swiss French
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Swiss German
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdsl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Slovak Keyboard
    kbdsl1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Slovak(QWERTY)
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdsp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Spanish Keyboard
    kbdsw.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Swedish Keyboard
    kbdtat.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Tatar_Cyrillic
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdtuf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Turkish F
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdtuq.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Turkish Q
    Keyboard Layout
    kbduk.dll 5.01.2600.0000 United Kingdom
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdur.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Ukrainian
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdus.dll 5.01.2600.0000 United States
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdusl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Dvorak Left-Hand
    US English Keyboard Layout
    kbdusr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Dvorak Right-Hand
    US English Keyboard Layout
    kbdusx.dll 5.01.2600.0000 US Multinational
    Keyboard Layout
    kbduzb.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Uzbek_Cyrillic
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdycc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Serbian_Cyrillic
    Keyboard Layout
    kbdycl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Serbian_Latin
    Keyboard Layout
    kd1394.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Kernel Debugger
    IEEE 1394 HW Extension DLL
    kdcom.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Kernel Debugger
    HW Extension DLL
    kerberos.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Kerberos Security
    kernel32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows NT BASE
    API Client DLL
    keymgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Stored User Names
    and Passwords
    ksuser.dll User CSA Library
    langwrbk.dll 5.01.2600.0000 English
    laprxy.dll Windows Media
    Logagent Proxy
    licdll.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Licdll Module
    licmgr10.dll 6.00.2800.1106 ActiveX License
    licwmi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Product
    Activation Configuration WMI provider
    linkinfo.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Volume
    lmhsvc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 TCPIP NetBios
    Transport Services DLL
    lmrt.dll Liquid Motion
    Runtime Control
    loadperf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Load & Unload
    Performance Counters
    localsec.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Local Users and
    Groups MMC Snapin
    localspl.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Local Spooler DLL
    localui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Local Monitor UI
    loghours.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Schedule Dialog
    loginkey.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Microsoft Tablet
    PC Platform Component
    lpk.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Language Pack
    lprhelp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 LPR Print Monitor
    lprmonui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 LPR Print Monitor
    lsasrv.dll 5.01.2600.1361 LSA Server DLL
    lz32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 LZ
    Expand/Compress API DLL
    lzexpand.dll Windows file
    expansion library
    mag_hook.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Magnifier hook library file
    mapi.dll 5.05.2174.0000 Extended MAPI 1.0
    for Windows 3
    mapi32.dll 1.00.2536.0000 Extended MAPI 1.0
    for Windows NT
    mapi32.dll 1.00.2536.0000 Extended MAPI 1.0
    for Windows NT
    mapistub.dll 1.00.2536.0000 Extended MAPI 1.0
    for Windows NT
    mcastmib.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Multicast subagent
    mcd32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 OpenGL MCD Client
    mcdsrv32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MCD Server
    mchgrcoi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Medium Changer
    mciavi32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Video For Windows
    MCI driver
    mcicda.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MCI driver for
    cdaudio devices
    mciole16.dll MCIOLE16 - OLE
    Handler DLL for MCI Objects
    mciole32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MCI OLE DLL
    mciqtz32.dll DirectShow MCI
    mciseq.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MCI driver for
    MIDI sequencer
    mciwave.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MCI driver for
    waveform audio
    mcoinst.dll CoInstaller:
    mdhcp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft MDHCP
    Client COM Interface
    mdminst.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Modem Class
    mdwmdmsp.dll WMDM Service
    Provider driver for MDM Drivers
    mf3216.dll 5.01.2600.1331 32-bit to 16-bit
    Metafile Conversion DLL
    mfc40.dll MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc40u.dll MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc42.dll 6.00.8665.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc42enu.dll 6.00.8168.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc42u.dll 6.00.8665.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc70.dll 7.00.9466.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc70enu.dll 7.00.9466.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc71chs.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71cht.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71d.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Debug Version
    mfc71deu.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71enu.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71esp.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71fra.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71ita.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71jpn.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71kor.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFC Language
    Specific Resources
    mfc71u.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Retail Version
    mfc71ud.dll 7.10.3077.0000 MFCDLL Shared
    Library - Debug Version
    mfcsubs.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    mgmtapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft SNMP
    Manager API (uses WinSNMP)
    midimap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft MIDI
    miglibnt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NT migration dll
    mimefilt.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Microsoft (R)
    IMimeFilter Persistent Handler DLL
    mindex.dll Microsoft Media
    mlang.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Multi Language
    Support DLL
    mll_hp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 HP Media Label
    mll_mtf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MTF (Microsoft
    Tape Format) Media Label Library
    mll_qic.dll 5.01.2600.0000 QIC113 Media
    Label Library
    mmcbase.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MMC Base DLL
    mmcndmgr.dll 5.01.2600.1106 MMC Node Manager
    mmcshext.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MMC Shell
    Extension DLL
    mmdrv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 MultiMedia Kernel
    support Driver
    mmfmig32.dll 5.05.2174.0000 MMF Import Mail
    Utility for Windows 95 and Windows NT
    mmfutil.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WMI Snapin
    mmsystem.dll System APIs for
    mmutilse.dll Microsoft
    Multimedia Controls Utilities
    mnmdd.dll Application
    Sharing Display Driver
    mobsync.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft
    Synchronization Manager
    modemui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Modem
    modex.dll 5.01.2600.0000 ModeX Display
    moricons.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows NT Setup
    Icon Resources Library
    mp43dmod.dll Windows Media
    MPEG-4 Video Decoder
    mp4sdmod.dll Corona Windows
    Media MPEG-4 S Video Decoder
    mpg4c32.dll Microsoft MPEG-4
    Video Codec
    mpg4dmod.dll Corona Windows
    Media MPEG-4 Video Decoder
    mpr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Multiple Provider
    Router DLL
    mprapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT MP
    Router Administration DLL
    mprddm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Demand Dial
    Manager Supervisor
    mprdim.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Dynamic Interface
    mprmsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Multi-Protocol
    Router Service Messages DLL
    mprui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Multiple Provider
    mqad.dll Windows NT MQ
    Client AD Access
    mqcertui.dll Windows NT
    Certificate Dialogs
    mqdscli.dll Windows NT MQ
    Client Directory Service
    mqgentr.dll MSMQ Trigger
    Generic Object
    mqise.dll MSMQ ISAPI
    mqlogmgr.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 MS DTC log
    manager DLL
    mqoa.dll Message Queuing
    ActiveX Interface
    mqperf.dll Windows NT MQ
    Performance Coutners
    mqqm.dll Windows NT MQ
    Queue Manager
    mqrt.dll Windows NT MQ Run
    time DLL
    mqrtdep.dll Message Queueing
    Dependent Client
    mqsec.dll Windows NT, MSMQ
    2.0 Security
    mqsnap.dll Windows NT MSMQ
    mqtrig.dll MSMQ Trigger
    Object Module
    mqupgrd.dll MSMQ Upgrade
    mqutil.dll Windows NT MQ
    Utility DLL
    msaatext.dll 2.00.10413.0000 Active
    Accessibility text support
    msacm.dll Microsoft Audio
    Compression Manager
    msacm32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft ACM
    Audio Filter
    msadce.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Cursor Engine
    msadcer.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Cursor Engine Resources
    msadcf.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - Remote Data Services Data Factory
    msadcfr.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - Remote Data Services Data Factory Resources
    msadco.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - Remote Data Services Data Control
    msadcor.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - Remote Data Services Data Control Resources
    msadcs.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - Remote Data Services ISAPI Library
    msadds.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Data Shape Provider
    msaddsr.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Data Shape Provider Resources
    msader15.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ActiveX Data Objects Resources
    msado15.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ActiveX Data Objects
    msadomd.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ActiveX Data Objects (Multi-Dimensional)
    msador15.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ActiveX Data Objects
    msadox.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ActiveX Data Objects Extensions
    msadrh15.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ActiveX Data Objects Rowset Helper
    msafd.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Windows
    Sockets 2.0 Service Provider
    msapsspc.dll DPA Client for 32
    bit platforms
    msasn1.dll 5.01.2600.1362 ASN.1 Runtime
    msaudite.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Security Audit
    Events DLL
    msawt.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft AWT
    Library for Java
    mscat32.dll 5.131.2600.0000 MSCAT32 Forwarder
    mscms.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft Color
    Matching System DLL
    msconf.dll Conferencing
    Utility Dll
    mscoree.dll 1.01.4322.0573 Microsoft .NET
    Runtime Execution Engine
    mscorier.dll 1.01.4322.0573 Microsoft .NET
    Runtime IE resources
    mscories.dll 1.01.4322.0573 Microsoft .NET IE
    mscpx32r.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Code Page Translator Resources
    mscpxl32.dll 3.520.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Code Page Translator
    msctf.dll 5.01.2600.1106 MSCTF Server DLL
    msctfp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 MSCTFP Server DLL
    msdadc.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Data Conversion Stub
    msdaenum.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Root Enumerator Stub
    msdaer.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Error Collection Stub
    msdaipp.dll 10.145.3914.0021 Microsoft Data
    Access Component Internet Publishing Provider
    msdaora.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Provider for Oracle
    msdaorar.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Provider for Oracle Resources
    msdaosp.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Simple Provider
    msdapml.dll 10.145.3914.0021 Microsoft Data
    Access Component Internet Publishing Provider Multi-lang DLL
    msdaprsr.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Persistence Services Resources
    msdaprst.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Persistence Services
    msdaps.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Interface Proxies/Stubs
    msdarem.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Remote Provider
    msdaremr.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Remote Provider Resources
    msdart.dll 2.71.9042.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Runtime Routines
    msdasc.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Service Components Stub
    msdasql.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
    msdasqlr.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Resources
    msdatl3.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Implementation Support Routines
    msdatt.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Temporary Table Services
    msdaurl.dll 9.01.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB RootBinder Stub
    msdfmap.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - Data Factory Handler
    msdmeng.dll Microsoft Data
    Mining Engine
    msdmine.dll Microsoft OLE DB
    Provider for Data Mining Services
    msdmo.dll DMO Runtime
    msdtclog.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 MS DTC log
    manager DLL
    msdtcprx.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 MS DTC OLE
    Transactions interface proxy DLL
    msdtctm.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 MS DTC
    transaction manager DLL
    msdtcuiu.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 MS DTC
    administrative component DLL
    msdxmlc.dll Windows Media
    msencode.dll 2000.07.25.0000 Microsoft
    Character Encoder
    msexch40.dll 4.00.6807.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Exchange Isam
    msexcl40.dll 4.00.8618.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Excel Isam
    msftedit.dll Rich Text Edit
    Control, v4.1
    msgina.dll 5.01.2600.1343 Windows NT Logon
    msgsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1309 NT Messenger
    mshtml.dll 6.00.2800.1400 Microsoft (R)
    HTML Viewer
    mshtmled.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Microsoft (R)
    HTML Editing Component
    mshtmler.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Microsoft (R)
    HTML Editing Component's Resource DLL
    msi.dll 2.00.2600.1106 Windows Installer
    msident.dll 6.00.2800.1123 Microsoft
    Identity Manager
    msidle.dll 6.00.2600.0000 User Idle Monitor
    msidntld.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Identity Manager
    msieftp.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Microsoft
    Internet Explorer FTP Folder Shell Extension
    msihnd.dll 2.00.2600.1106 Windows®
    msimg32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 GDIEXT Client DLL
    msimsg.dll 2.00.2600.0000 Windows®
    Installer International Messages
    msimtf.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Active IMM Server
    msisam11.dll 4.00.3428.0001 Microsoft MSISAM
    msisip.dll 2.00.2600.0000 MSI Signature SIP
    msjava.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft® VM
    msjdbc10.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft JDBC
    for ODBC
    msjet40.dll 4.00.8618.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Engine Library
    msjetoledb40.dll 4.00.8227.0000 Microsoft OLE DB
    Provider for Jet
    msjint40.dll 4.00.6508.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Database Engine International DLL
    msjro.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Jet and
    Replication Objects
    msjter40.dll 4.00.6508.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Database Engine Error DLL
    msjtes40.dll 4.00.8618.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Expression Service
    mslbui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 LangageBar Add In
    msls31.dll 3.10.349.0000 Microsoft Line
    Services library file
    msltus40.dll 4.00.6508.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Lotus 1-2-3 Isam
    msmapi32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Extended MAPI 1.0
    for Windows NT
    msmdcb80.dll PivotTable
    Service dll
    msmdcube.dll 7.00.1295.0428 PivotTable
    Service dll
    msmdgd80.dll Microsoft SQL
    Server Analysis Services driver
    msmdgdrv.dll 7.00.1295.0428 Microsoft SQL
    Server OLAP Services driver
    msmdint.dll OLAP Services
    driver interfaces
    msmdun80.dll 2000.80.323.0000 String Function
    ..DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
    msnetobj.dll DRM ActiveX
    Network Object
    msnsspc.dll 6.01.1825.0000 MSN Internet
    msobjs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 System object
    audit names
    msoeacct.dll 6.00.2800.1123 Microsoft
    Internet Account Manager
    msoert2.dll 6.00.2800.1123 Microsoft Outlook
    Express RT Lib
    msolap.dll 7.00.1295.0428 Microsoft OLE DB
    Provider for OLAP Services
    msolap80.dll Microsoft OLE DB
    Provider for Analysis Services 8.0
    msolapr.dll 7.00.1295.0428 Microsoft OLE DB
    Provider for OLAP Services
    msolapui.dll Microsoft OLE DB
    provider for OLAP Services connection dialog
    msolui80.dll Microsoft OLE DB
    provider for Analysis Services connection dialog 8.0
    msorc32r.dll 2.573.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver for Oracle Resources
    msorcl32.dll 2.573.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver for Oracle
    mspatcha.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft(R)
    Patch Engine
    mspbde40.dll 4.00.8015.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Paradox Isam
    mspmsnsv.dll Microsoft Media
    Device Service Provider
    mspmsp.dll Microsoft Media
    Device Service Provider
    mspmspsv.dll Microsoft Media
    Device Service Provider
    msports.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Ports Class
    msprivs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Privilege Translations
    mspst32.dll 10.00.2623.0000 Microsoft
    Personal Folder/Address Book Service Provider
    msr2c.dll 1.00.4211.0000 Microsoft® Forms
    msr2cenu.dll 1.00.4211.0000 Microsoft® Forms
    msratelc.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Internet Ratings
    and Local User Management DLL
    msrating.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Internet Ratings
    and Local User Management DLL
    msrclr40.dll 4.00.2927.0002 Microsoft Jet
    Briefcase Reconciler Library
    msrd2x40.dll 4.00.7328.0000 Microsoft (R) Red
    msrd3x40.dll 4.00.6508.0000 Microsoft (R) Red
    msrdo20.dll MSRDO20 rdoEngine
    msrecr40.dll 4.00.2927.0002 Microsoft Jet
    Briefcase Reconciler Resource Library
    msrepl40.dll 4.00.8015.0000 Microsoft
    Replication Library
    msrle32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft RLE
    mssap.dll DRM
    msscp.dll Windows Media
    Secure Content Provider
    mssign32.dll 5.131.2600.0000 Microsoft Trust
    Signing APIs
    mssip32.dll 5.131.2600.0000 MSSIP32 Forwarder
    msstdfmt.dll Microsoft
    Standard Data Formating Object DLL
    msstkprp.dll msprop32.ocx
    msswch.dll 5.01.2600.0000 msswch
    mstask.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Task Scheduler
    interface DLL
    mstext40.dll 4.00.8015.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Text Isam
    mstime.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Microsoft (R)
    Timed Interactive Multimedia Extensions to HTML
    mstlsapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    Terminal Server Licensing
    mstscax.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Terminal Services
    ActiveX Client
    msuni11.dll 4.00.3428.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Sort Tables
    msutb.dll 5.01.2600.1106 MSUTB Server DLL
    msv1_0.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft
    Authentication Package v1.0
    msvbvm50.dll Visual Basic
    Virtual Machine
    msvbvm60.dll Visual Basic
    Virtual Machine
    msvcirt.dll 7.00.2600.0000 Windows NT
    IOStreams DLL
    msvcp50.dll Microsoft (R) C++
    Runtime Library
    msvcp60.dll 6.00.8972.0000 Microsoft (R) C++
    Runtime Library
    msvcp70.dll 7.00.9466.0000 Microsoft® C++
    Runtime Library
    msvcp71.dll 7.10.3077.0000 Microsoft® C++
    Runtime Library
    msvcp71d.dll 7.10.3077.0000 Microsoft® C++
    Runtime Library
    msvcr70.dll 7.00.9466.0000 Microsoft® C
    Runtime Library
    msvcr71.dll 7.10.3052.0004 Microsoft® C
    Runtime Library
    msvcr71d.dll 7.10.3077.0000 Microsoft® C
    Runtime Library
    msvcrt.dll 7.00.2600.1106 Windows NT CRT
    msvcrt20.dll Microsoft® C
    Runtime Library
    msvcrt40.dll 4.2000.00.6201 Microsoft (R) C
    Runtime Library Forwarder DLL
    msvfw32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft Video
    for Windows DLL
    msvidc32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Video 1
    msvidctl.dll ActiveX control
    for streaming video
    msvideo.dll Microsoft Video
    for Windows DLL
    msw3prt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 ISAPI dll for Web
    mswdat10.dll 4.00.6508.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Sort Tables
    mswebdvd.dll MSWebDVD Module
    mswmdm.dll Windows Media
    Device Manager Core
    mswsock.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Windows
    Sockets 2.0 Service Provider
    mswstr10.dll 4.00.6508.0000 Microsoft Jet
    Sort Library
    msxactps.dll 2.71.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Transaction Proxies/Stubs
    msxbde40.dll 4.00.8025.0000 Microsoft Jet
    xBASE Isam
    msxml.dll 8.00.6730.0000 XML OM for Win32
    msxml2.dll 8.30.8709.0000 XML OM for Win32
    msxml2r.dll 8.01.7502.0000 XML Resources for
    msxml3.dll 8.30.9926.0000 MSXML 3.0 SP 3
    msxml3r.dll 8.20.8730.0001 XML Resources
    msxmlr.dll 8.00.6730.0000 XML Resources for
    msyuv.dll Microsoft UYVY
    Video Decompressor
    mtxclu.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 MS DTC amd MTS
    clustering support DLL
    mtxdm.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    mtxex.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    mtxlegih.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    mtxoci.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 Microsoft
    database support DLL for Oracle
    mycomput.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Computer
    mydocs.dll 6.00.2600.0000 My Documents
    Folder UI
    narrhook.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Narrator Keyboard and WinEvent hook
    ncobjapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft®
    Windows® Operating System
    ncxpnt.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Netork Setup
    Wizard Support DLL
    nddeapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Network DDE Share
    Management APIs
    nddenb32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Network DDE
    NetBIOS Interface
    netapi.dll Microsoft Network
    Dynamic Link Library for Microsoft Windows
    netapi32.dll 5.01.2600.1343 Net Win32 API DLL
    netcfgx.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Network
    Configuration Objects
    netevent.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Net Event Handler
    netfxperf.dll 1.01.4322.0573 netfxperf.lib
    neth.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Net Help Messages
    netid.dll 5.01.2600.0000 System Control
    Panel Applet; Network ID Page
    netlogon.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Net Logon
    Services DLL
    netman.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Network
    Connections Manager
    netmsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Net Messages DLL
    netplwiz.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Map Network
    Drives/Network Places Wizard
    netrap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Net Remote Admin
    Protocol DLL
    netshell.dll 5.01.2600.1142 Network
    Connections Shell
    netui0.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NT LM UI Common
    Code - GUI Classes
    netui1.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NT LM UI Common
    Code - Networking classes
    netui2.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NT LM UI Common
    Code - GUI Classes
    newdev.dll 5.01.2600.1164 Add Hardware
    Device Library
    nlhtml.dll 7.00.1315.0000 Net Library HTML
    nmevtmsg.dll NetMeeting Event
    Logging DLL
    nmmkcert.dll NMMKCERT Library
    npptools.dll 5.01.2600.1106 NPP Tools Helper
    nscmps.dll Windows Media
    Station Service Administration Proxy/Stub
    nserror.dll Windows Media
    Services Error Definitions
    ntdll.dll 5.01.2600.1217 NT Layer DLL
    ntdsapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NT5DS
    ntdsbcli.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NT5DS
    ntlanman.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft® Lan
    ntlanui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Lanman Control
    ntlanui2.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Network object
    shell UI
    ntlsapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    License Server Interface DLL
    ntmarta.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows NT MARTA
    ntmsapi.dll 5.01.2400.1106 Removable Storage
    Public Interfaces
    ntmsdba.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Removable Storage
    Manager DB Object APIs
    ntmsevt.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Removable Storage
    Manager Event Logger
    ntmsmgr.dll 5.01.2400.0001 Removable Storage
    ntmssvc.dll 5.01.2400.1106 Removable Storage
    ntprint.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Spooler Setup DLL
    ntsdexts.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Symbolic Debugger
    ntshrui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Shell extensions
    for sharing
    ntvdmd.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NTVDMD.DLL
    nwapi16.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NW Windows/Dos
    nwapi32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NW Win32 API DLL
    nwcfg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NWC Configuration
    nwevent.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Event Messages
    for Client Service for NetWare
    nwprovau.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Client Service
    for NetWare Provider and Authentication Package DLL
    nwwks.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Client Service
    for Netware
    oakley.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Oakley Key
    objsel.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Object Picker
    occache.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Object Control
    ocmanage.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Optional
    Component Manager Library
    odbc16gt.dll 3.510.3711.0000 Microsoft ODBC
    Driver Generic Thunk
    odbc32.dll 3.520.9042.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver Manager
    odbc32gt.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver Generic Thunk
    odbcbcp.dll 2000.81.9042.0000 Microsoft BCP for
    odbcconf.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver Configuration Program
    odbccp32.dll 3.520.9042.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Installer
    odbccr32.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Cursor Library
    odbccu32.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Cursor Library
    odbcint.dll 3.520.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Resources
    odbcji32.dll 4.00.6019.0000 Microsoft ODBC
    Desktop Driver Pack 3.5
    odbcjt32.dll 4.00.6019.0000 Microsoft ODBC
    Desktop Driver Pack 3.5
    odbcp32r.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver Manager Resources
    odbctrac.dll 3.520.9030.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - ODBC Driver Manager Trace
    oddbse32.dll 4.00.5303.0001 ODBC (3.0) driver
    for DBase
    odexl32.dll 4.00.5303.0001 ODBC (3.0) driver
    for Excel
    odfox32.dll 4.00.5303.0001 ODBC (3.0) driver
    for FoxPro
    odpdx32.dll 4.00.5303.0001 ODBC (3.0) driver
    for Paradox
    odtext32.dll 4.00.5303.0001 ODBC (3.0) driver
    for text files
    oemdspif.dll Oemdspif Module
    offfilt.dll 2002.05.30.0000 OffFilt
    ole2.dll OLE 2.1 16/32
    Interoperability Library
    ole2disp.dll 2.10.3050.0001 OLE 2.1 16/32
    Interoperability Library
    ole2nls.dll 2.10.3050.0001 OLE 2.1 16/32
    Interoperability Library
    ole32.dll 5.01.2600.1362 Microsoft OLE for
    oleacc.dll 4.02.5406.0000 Active
    Accessibility Core Component
    oleaccrc.dll 4.02.5406.0000 Active
    Accessibility Resource DLL
    oleaut32.dll 3.50.5016.0000 Microsoft OLE
    3.50 for Windows NT(TM) and Windows 95(TM) Operating Systems
    olecli.dll Object Linking
    and Embedding Client Library
    olecli32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Object Linking
    and Embedding Client Library
    olecnv32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft OLE for
    oledb32.dll 2.71.9042.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Core Services
    oledb32r.dll 2.70.7713.0000 Microsoft Data
    Access - OLE DB Core Services Resources
    oledlg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Windows(TM) OLE 2.0 User Interface Support
    oleprn.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Oleprn DLL
    olepro32.dll 5.00.5014.0000 Microsoft (R) OLE
    Property Support DLL
    olesvr.dll Object Linking
    and Embedding Server Library
    olesvr32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Object Linking
    and Embedding Server Library
    olethk32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft OLE for
    opengl32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 OpenGL Client DLL
    osuninst.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Uninstall
    outex.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Outlook Exchange
    User Interface
    p2p.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Peer-to-Peer
    p2pgasvc.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Peer-to-Peer
    Group Authentication Service
    p2pgraph.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Peer-to-Peer
    p2pnetsh.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Peer-to-Peer
    NetSh Helper
    p2psvc.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Peer-to-Peer
    panmap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 PANOSE(tm) Font
    paqsp.dll PaqSP Module
    pautoenr.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Auto Enrollment
    pcdlib32.dll PCDLIB32
    pdh.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows
    Performance Data Helper DLL
    perfctrs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Performance
    perfdisk.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Disk
    Performance Objects DLL
    perfnet.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Network
    Service Performance Objects DLL
    perfnw.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Client Service
    for Netware Counters
    perfos.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows System
    Performance Objects DLL
    perfproc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows System
    Process Performance Objects DLL
    perfts.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows 2000
    Terminal Services Performance Objects
    photowiz.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Photo Printing
    pid.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft PID
    pidgen.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Pid3.0 generation
    pifmgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT PIF
    Manager Icon Resources Library
    pjlmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 PJL Language
    plustab.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Effects Control
    Panel extension
    pmspl.dll Microsoft LAN
    Manager 2.1 Network Dynamic Link Library for Microsoft Windows
    pngfilt.dll 6.00.2800.1106 IE PNG plugin
    image decoder
    pnrpnsp.dll 5.01.2600.1240 PNRP Name Space
    polstore.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Policy Storage
    powrprof.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Power Profile
    Helper DLL
    prflbmsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Perflib Event
    printui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Print UI DLL
    profmap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Userenv
    psapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Process Status
    psbase.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Protected Storage
    default provider
    pschdprf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) PSched Performance Monitor
    psisdecd.dll Microsoft SI/PSI
    parser for MPEG2 based networks.
    psnppagn.dll 5.01.2600.0000 DCOM Proxy for
    NPPAgent Object
    pstorec.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Protected Storage
    COM interfaces
    pstorsvc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Protected storage
    pstprx32.dll 10.00.2625.0000 Proxy Store
    ptsetup.dll win32 dll for NT
    qasf.dll DirectShow ASF
    qcap.dll DirectShow
    qdv.dll DirectShow
    qdvd.dll DirectShow DVD
    PlayBack Runtime.
    qedit.dll DirectShow
    qedwipes.dll DirectShow
    Editing SMPTE Wipes
    qmgr.dll 6.02.2600.1106 Background
    Intelligent Transfer Service
    qmgrprxy.dll 6.02.2600.1106 Background
    Intelligent Transfer Service Proxy
    qosname.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Windows
    GetQosByName Service Provider
    quartz.dll DirectShow
    query.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Content Index
    Utility DLL
    racpldlg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Remote
    rasadhlp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Access
    AutoDial Helper
    rasapi32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access API
    rasauto.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Access
    AutoDial Manager
    raschap.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access PPP
    rasctrs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT Remote
    Access Perfmon Counter dll
    rasdlg.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access
    Common Dialog API
    rasman.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access
    Connection Manager
    rasmans.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access
    Connection Manager
    rasmontr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 RAS Monitor DLL
    rasmxs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Access
    Device DLL for modems, PADs and switches
    rasppp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access PPP
    rasrad.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Access
    Service NT RADIUS client module
    rassapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access
    Admin APIs dll
    rasser.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Access
    Media DLL for COM ports
    rastapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access
    TAPI Compliance Layer
    rastls.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Access PPP
    rcbdyctl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Remote
    rdchost.dll 5.01.2600.1106 RDSHost Client
    rdocurs.dll Microsoft RDO
    Client Cursor DLL
    rdpcfgex.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Terminal Server
    Connection Configuration Extension for the RDP protocol
    rdpdd.dll 5.01.2600.1106 RDP Display
    rdpsnd.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Terminal Server
    MultiMedia Driver
    rdpwsx.dll 5.01.2600.1106 RDP Extension DLL
    regapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Registry
    Configuration APIs
    regsvc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Registry
    regwizc.dll RegWizCtrl Module
    remotepg.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Remote Sessions
    CPL Extension
    rend.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    Rendezvous Control
    resutils.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Cluster
    Resource Utility DLL
    riched20.dll Rich Text Edit
    Control, v3.0
    riched32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Wrapper Dll for
    Richedit 1.0
    rnr20.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Socket2
    NameSpace DLL
    routetab.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Routing
    Table DLL
    rpcns4.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Remote Procedure
    Call Name Service Client
    rpcrt4.dll 5.01.2600.1361 Remote Procedure
    Call Runtime
    rpcss.dll 5.01.2600.1361 Distributed COM
    rsaenh.dll 5.01.2600.1029 Microsoft Base
    Cryptographic Provider
    rsfsaps.dll 5.01.2600.0000 FSA Proxy / Stub
    rshx32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Security Shell
    rsmps.dll 5.01.2600.0000 RSM Proxy Stub
    rsvpmsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 RSVP Messages DLL
    rsvpperf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) RSVP Performance Monitor
    rsvpsp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Windows
    Rsvp 1.0 Service Provider
    rtcdll.dll 5.01.2600.1351 RTC User Agent
    rtipxmib.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Router
    IPX MIB subagent
    rtm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Routing Table
    rtutils.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Routing Utilities
    rwnh.dll 6.00.2600.0001 RWNH
    safrcdlg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft
    PCHealth Remote Assistance File Open & Save controls
    safrdm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Help
    Center Desktop Manager
    safrslv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Help
    Center Session Resolver
    samlib.dll 5.01.2600.1106 SAM Library DLL
    samsrv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 SAM Server DLL
    sbe.dll 6.04.2600.1142 DirectShow Stream
    Buffer Filter.
    sbeio.dll Stream Buffer IO
    scarddlg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 SCardDlg - Smart
    Card Common Dialog
    scardssp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Smart Card Base
    Service Providers
    sccbase.dll 5.01.2600.1024 Infineon SICRYPT®
    Base Smart Card CSP
    sccsccp.dll 5.01.2600.1029 Infineon SICRYPT®
    Smart Card Crypto Provider COM Objects
    scecli.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Security
    Configuration Editor Client Engine
    scesrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Security
    Configuration Editor Engine
    schannel.dll 5.01.2600.1347 TLS / SSL
    Security Provider
    schedsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Task Scheduler
    sclgntfy.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Secondary Logon
    Service Notification DLL
    scp32.dll 2.00.330.0000 Code Page
    Translation Library
    scrdll.dll Button Driver
    Rotation Extension
    scredir.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Smart Card
    Redirection for TS
    scripto.dll 6.00.6015.0000 Microsoft ScriptO
    scriptpw.dll ScriptPW Module
    scrobj.dll Windows (r)
    Script Component Runtime
    scrptxtn.dll 5.05.1960.0000 Microsoft
    Exchange Server Scripting
    scrrun.dll Microsoft (r)
    Script Runtime
    sdpblb.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Sdpblb
    seclogon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Secondary Logon
    Service DLL
    secur32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Security Support
    Provider Interface
    security.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Security Support
    Provider Interface
    sendcmsg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Send Console
    sendmail.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Send Mail
    sens.dll 5.01.2600.1106 System Event
    Notification Service (SENS)
    sensapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 SENS Connectivity
    senscfg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 SENS Setup/Setup
    serialui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Serial Port
    Property Pages
    servdeps.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WMI Snapins
    serwvdrv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Unimodem Serial
    Wave driver
    setupapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Setup API
    setupdll.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows 2000
    Setup Dynlink
    setupnt.dll Setupnt Dynamic
    Link Library
    sfc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows File
    sfc_os.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows File
    sfcfiles.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows 2000
    System File Checker
    sfmapi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT
    Macintosh File Service Client
    sftxtab.dll Motion Computing
    Tablet PC Extension
    shdoclc.dll 6.00.2600.0000 Shell Doc Object
    and Control Library
    shdocvw.dll 6.00.2800.1400 Shell Doc Object
    and Control Library
    shell.dll Windows Shell
    shell32.dll 6.00.2800.1348 Windows Shell
    Common Dll
    shellstyle.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Shell
    Style Resource Dll
    shfolder.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Shell Folder
    shgina.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Windows Shell
    User Logon
    shimeng.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Shim Engine DLL
    shimgvw.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Windows Picture
    and Fax Viewer
    shlwapi.dll 6.00.2800.1400 Shell
    Light-weight Utility Library
    shmedia.dll 6.00.2800.1157 Media File
    Property Extractor Shell Extension
    shscrap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Shell scrap
    object handler
    shsvcs.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Windows Shell
    Services Dll
    sigtab.dll 5.01.2600.1106 File Integrity
    sisbkup.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Single-Instance
    Store Backup Support Functions
    skdll.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Serial Keys
    slayerxp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Compatibility Tab
    Shell Extension DLL
    slbcsp.dll 5.01.2518.0000 Schlumberger
    Smart Card CryptoAPI Library
    slbiop.dll 5.01.2518.0000 Schlumberger
    Smart Card Interoperability Library v2
    slbrccsp.dll 5.01.2518.0000 Schlumberger
    Smart Card CryptoAPI Resource File
    smlogcfg.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Performance Logs
    and Alerts Snap-in
    smtpapi.dll 6.00.2600.0001 SMTP Service
    Client API Stubs
    smtpctrs.dll 6.00.2600.0001 SMTP Server
    Perfmon DLL
    snapapi.dll Acronis Snapshot
    Dynamic Link Library
    snmpapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 SNMP Utility
    snmpsnap.dll 5.01.2600.0000 SNMP snap-in
    snprfdll.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Transport Perfmon
    Counter DLL
    softpub.dll 5.131.2600.0000 Softpub Forwarder
    spmsg.dll Service Pack
    spnike.dll MDM Device
    Interface for Nike device.
    spoolss.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Spooler SubSystem
    sprio600.dll MDM Device
    Interface for Rio 600 device.
    sprio800.dll MDM Device
    Interface for Rio 800 device.
    spxcoins.dll Specialix MPS NT
    Upgrade CoInstaller
    sqloledb.dll 2000.81.9042.0000 Microsoft OLE DB
    Provider for SQL Server
    sqlsrv32.dll 2000.81.9042.0000 Microsoft SQL
    Server ODBC Driver
    sqlstr.dll 1999.10.20.0000 String Function
    ..DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
    sqlunirl.dll 2000.80.380.0000 String Function
    ..DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
    sqlwid.dll 1999.10.20.0000 Unicode Function
    ..DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
    sqlwoa.dll 1999.10.20.0000 Unicode/ANSI
    Function .DLL for SQL Enterprise Components
    sqlxmlx.dll 2000.81.9030.0000 Microsoft XML
    extensions for SQL Server
    srclient.dll 5.01.2600.1106 SR CLIENT DLL
    srrstr.dll 5.01.2600.1142 System Restore
    Restore Operation Library
    srsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 System Restore
    srvsvc.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Server Service
    ssdpapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 SSDP Client API
    ssdpsrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 SSDP Service DLL
    staxmem.dll 6.00.2600.0001 Microsoft
    Exchange Server Memory Management DLL
    stclient.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 COM Services
    sti.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Still Image
    Devices client DLL
    sti_ci.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Still Image Class
    stobject.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Systray shell
    service object
    storage.dll OLE 2.1 16/32
    Interoperability Library
    storprop.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Property Pages
    for Storage Devices
    streamci.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Streaming Device
    Class Installer
    strmdll.dll Windows Media
    Services Streamer Dll
    svcpack.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows 2000
    Service Pack Setup
    swprv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft® Volume
    Shadow Copy Service software provider
    sxs.dll 5.01.2600.1336 Fusion 2.5
    synceng.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Briefcase
    syncui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Briefcase
    sysinv.dll Windows System
    syssetup.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows NT System
    t2embed.dll t2embed
    tabbtn.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Microsoft Tablet
    PC Buttons
    tabbtnwl.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Microsoft Tablet
    PC Buttons
    tapi.dll Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) Telephony Server16
    tapi3.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft TAPI3
    tapi32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) Telephony API Client DLL
    tapiperf.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) Telephony Performance Monitor
    tapisrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) Telephony Server
    tapiui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft®
    Windows(TM) Telephony API UI DLL
    tcpmib.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Standard TCP/IP
    Port Monitor Helper DLL
    tcpmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Standard TCP/IP
    Port Monitor DLL
    tcpmonui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Standard TCP/IP
    Port Monitor UI DLL
    termmgr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft TAPI3
    Terminal Manager
    termsrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Terminal Server
    themeui.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Windows Theme API
    tipres.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Microsoft Tablet
    PC Platform Component
    tlntsvrp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft Telnet
    Server Proxy Stub
    toolhelp.dll Windows
    Debug/Tool helper library
    tpgwlnot.dll 1.00.2201.0000 Microsoft Tablet
    PC Platform Component
    traffic.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Traffic
    Control 1.0 DLL
    trkwks.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Distributed Link
    Tracking Client
    tsappcmp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Terminal Services
    Application Compatibility DLL
    tsbyuv.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Toshiba Video
    tscfgwmi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Terminal Server
    Configuration WMI provider
    tsd32.dll DSP Group
    TrueSpeech(TM) Audio Encoder & Decoder
    tsddd.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Framebuffer
    Display Driver
    tutmenu.dll tutmenu
    txflog.dll 2001.12.4414.0053 Simple
    Kernel-mode File-based Log
    typelib.dll 2.10.3029.0001 OLE 2.1 16/32
    Interoperability Library
    udhisapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 UPnP Device Host
    ISAPI Extension
    ufat.dll 5.01.2600.0000 FAT Utility DLL
    ulib.dll 5.01.2600.0000 File Utilities
    Support DLL
    umandlg.dll 5.01.2600.1106 UManDlg DLL
    umdmxfrm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Unimodem Tranform
    umpnpmgr.dll 5.01.2600.1106 User-mode
    Plug-and-Play Service
    unimdmat.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Unimodem Service
    Provider AT Mini Driver
    uniplat.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Unimodem AT Mini
    Driver Platform Driver for Windows NT
    untfs.dll 5.01.2600.1106 NTFS Utility DLL
    upnp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Universal Plug
    and Play API
    upnphost.dll 5.01.2600.1106 UPnP Device Host
    upnpui.dll 5.01.2600.1106 UPNP Tray Monitor
    and Folder
    ureg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Registry Utility
    url.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Internet Shortcut
    Shell Extension DLL
    urlmon.dll 6.00.2800.1400 OLE32 Extensions
    for Win32
    usbmon.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Standard Dynamic
    Printing Port Monitor DLL
    usbui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 USB UI Dll
    user32.dll 5.01.2600.1255 Windows XP USER
    API Client DLL
    userenv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Userenv
    usp10.dll 1.409.2600.1106 Uniscribe Unicode
    script processor
    usrcntra.dll 3ccntry
    usrcoina.dll U.S. Robotics
    modem coinstaller
    usrdpa.dll U.S. Robotics
    data pump manager
    usrdtea.dll 3cdte
    usrfaxa.dll 3cfax
    usrlbva.dll 3clbv
    usrrtosa.dll 3crtos
    usrsdpia.dll 3csdpi
    usrsvpia.dll 3csvpi
    usrv42a.dll 3cv42
    usrv80a.dll 3cv80
    usrvoica.dll 3cvoice
    usrvpa.dll U.S. Robotics
    voice pump
    utildll.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WinStation
    utility support DLL
    uxtheme.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Microsoft UxTheme
    vbajet32.dll Visual Basic for
    Applications Development Environment - Expression Service Loader
    vbame.dll VBA : Middle East
    vbscript.dll Microsoft (r)
    vcdex.dll 5.01.2600.0000 32-bit MSCDEX
    Virtual Device Driver
    vdmdbg.dll 5.01.2600.0000 VDMDBG.DLL
    vdmredir.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Virtual Dos
    Machine Network Interface Library
    ver.dll Version Checking
    and File Installation Libraries
    verifier.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Standard
    application verifier provider dll
    version.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Version Checking
    and File Installation Libraries
    vfpodbc.dll vfpodbc
    vga.dll 5.01.2600.0000 VGA 16 Colour
    Display Driver
    vga256.dll 5.01.2600.0000 256 Color
    VGA\SVGA Display Driver
    vga64k.dll 5.01.2600.0000 32K/64K color
    VGA\SVGA Display Driver
    vjoy.dll 5.01.2600.0000 32-bit Joystick
    Virtual Device Driver
    vmhelper.dll 5.00.3810.0000 Microsoft® VM
    Helper Library
    vpcnets2.dll Virtual PC
    Emulated Ethernet Switch Configuration Notify Object
    vss_ps.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft® Volume
    Shadow Copy Service proxy/stub
    vssapi.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft® Volume
    Shadow Copy Requestor/Writer Services API DLL
    vwipxspx.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Virtual Dos
    Machine IPX/SPX Interface Library
    w20ncpa.dll Coinstaller and
    NCPA 32 bit DLL
    w32time.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Time
    w32topl.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows NT
    Topology Maintenance Tool
    w3ctrs.dll 5.01.2600.0001 W3 Service
    Performance Counters
    w3svapi.dll 6.00.2600.0001 W3 Service Client
    API Stubs
    w70n5msg.dll Intel®
    PRO/Wireless LAN Driver Locale Resource Component
    wab32.dll 6.00.2800.1409 Microsoft (R)
    Address Book DLL
    wab32res.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Microsoft (R)
    Address Book DLL
    wamregps.dll 6.00.2600.0001 WAMREG Proxy Stub
    wavemsp.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Wave
    wdigest.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Digest
    webcheck.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Web Site Monitor
    webclnt.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Web DAV Service
    webhits.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Indexing Service
    webvw.dll 6.00.2800.1106 Shell WebView
    Content & Control Library
    wiadefui.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WIA Scanner
    Default UI
    wiadss.dll 5.01.2600.1106 WIA TWAIN
    compatibility layer
    wiascr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WIA Scripting
    wiaservc.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Still Image
    Devices Service
    wiashext.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Imaging Devices
    Shell Folder UI
    wiavideo.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WIA Video
    wiavusd.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WIA Video Stream
    device USD
    wifeman.dll Windows WIFE
    interface core component
    win32spl.dll 5.01.2600.1106 32-bit Spooler
    winbrand.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Branding
    winfax.dll 5.02.1776.0000 Microsoft Fax
    API Support DLL
    winhttp.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows HTTP
    wininet.dll 6.00.2800.1405 Internet
    Extensions for Win32
    winipsec.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows IPSec SPD
    Client DLL
    winmm.dll 5.01.2600.1106 MCI API DLL
    winnls.dll Windows IME
    interface core component
    winntbbu.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Setup
    BillBrd DLL
    winrnr.dll 5.01.2600.0000 LDAP RnR Provider
    winscard.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Microsoft Smart
    Card API
    winsock.dll Windows Socket
    16-Bit DLL
    winsrv.dll 5.01.2600.1134 Windows Server
    winsta.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Winstation
    winstrm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Streams DLL
    wintrust.dll 5.131.2600.0000 Microsoft Trust
    Verification APIs
    wkssvc.dll 5.01.2600.1309 Workstation
    Service DLL
    wldap32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Win32 LDAP API
    wlnotify.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Common DLL to
    receive Winlogon notifications
    wmadmod.dll Corona Windows
    Media Audio Decoder
    wmadmoe.dll Corona Windows
    Media Audio 9 Encoder/Transcoder
    wmasf.dll Windows Media ASF
    wmdmlog.dll Windows Media
    Device Manager Logger
    wmdmps.dll Windows Media
    Device Manager Proxy Stub
    wmerrenu.dll Windows Media
    Services Error Definitions
    wmerror.dll Windows Media
    Error Definitions (English)
    wmi.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WMI DC and DP
    wmidx.dll Windows Media
    Indexer DLL
    wmiprop.dll 5.01.2600.0000 WDM Provider
    Dynamic Property Page CoInstaller
    wmiscmgr.dll 5.00.1636.0001 WMI Filter
    wmnetmgr.dll Windows Media
    Network Plugin Manager DLL
    wmp.dll Windows Media
    Player Core
    wmpasf.dll Windows Media
    Filter Shim
    wmpcd.dll Windows Media
    wmpcore.dll Windows Media
    wmpdxm.dll Windows Media 6.4
    Player Shim
    wmploc.dll Windows Media
    wmpshell.dll Windows Media
    Player Launcher
    wmpui.dll Windows Media
    wmsdmod.dll Windows Media
    Screen Decoder
    wmsdmoe.dll Windows Media
    Screen Encoder DMO
    wmsdmoe2.dll Corona Windows
    Media Screen Encoder
    wmspdmod.dll Windows Media
    Speech Decoder
    wmspdmoe.dll Windows Media
    Speech Encoder
    wmstream.dll Windows Media
    Streamer DLL
    wmv8dmod.dll Windows Media
    Video 8 Decoder
    wmvcore.dll Windows Media
    Playback/Authoring DLL
    wmvcore2.dll Windows Media
    Playback/Authoring DLL
    wmvdmod.dll Corona Windows
    Media Video Decoder
    wmvdmoe.dll Windows Media
    Video Encoder DMO
    wmvdmoe2.dll Corona Windows
    Media Video Encoder
    wow32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 32-bit WOW
    Subsystem Library
    wowfax.dll Windows 3.1
    Compatible Fax Driver DLL
    wowfaxui.dll Windows 3.1
    Compatible Fax Driver UI DLL
    ws2_32.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Windows Socket
    2.0 32-Bit DLL
    ws2help.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Socket
    2.0 Helper for Windows NT
    wsecedit.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Security
    Configuration UI Module
    wshatm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Sockets
    Helper DLL
    wshcon.dll Microsoft (r)
    Windows Script Controller
    wshext.dll Microsoft (r)
    Shell Extension for Windows Script Host
    wship6.dll 5.01.2600.1240 IPv6 Helper DLL
    wshisn.dll 5.01.2600.0000 NWLINK2 Socket
    Helper DLL
    wshnetbs.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Netbios Windows
    Sockets Helper DLL
    wshrm.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Sockets
    Helper DLL for PGM
    wshtcpip.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Sockets
    Helper DLL
    wsnmp32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Microsoft WinSNMP
    v2.0 Manager API
    wsock32.dll 5.01.2600.0000 Windows Socket
    32-Bit DLL
    wstdecod.dll WST Decoder
    wtsapi32.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Windows Terminal
    Server SDK APIs
    wuaueng.dll 5.04.3790.0020 Windows Update
    AutoUpdate Engine
    wuauserv.dll 5.04.3630.1106 Windows Update
    AutoUpdate Service
    wzcdlg.dll 5.01.2600.1142 Wireless Zero
    Configuration Service UI
    wzcsapi.dll 5.01.2600.1142 Wireless Zero
    Configuration service API
    wzcsvc.dll 5.01.2600.1145 Wireless Zero
    Configuration Service
    xactsrv.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Downlevel API
    Server DLL
    xenroll.dll 5.131.3659.0000 XEnroll
    xolehlp.dll 2001.12.4414.0042 MS DTC helper
    APIs DLL
    xpob2res.dll 5.01.2600.1240 Service Pack 2
    OOB Messages
    xpsp1res.dll 5.01.2600.1106 Service Pack 1
    xpsp2res.dll 5.01.2600.1363 Service Pack 2
    zipfldr.dll 6.00.2800.1126 Compressed
    (zipped) Folders

    --------[ Auto
    Start ]---------------------------------------------------------------------

    Acronis Scheduler2 Service Registry\Common\Run C:\Program
    Files\Common Files\Acronis\Schedule2\schedhlp.exe
    Acronis True Image Monitor Registry\Common\Run C:\Program
    ctfmon.exe Registry\User\Run
    HotKeysCmds Registry\Common\Run
    IgfxTray Registry\Common\Run
    Microsoft Office StartMenu\Common C:\Program
    Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\OSA.EXE -b -l
    MSMSGS Registry\User\Run C:\Program
    Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe /background
    PCTVOICE Registry\Common\Run pctspk.exe
    SoundMan Registry\Common\Run SOUNDMAN.EXE
    SpySweeper Registry\User\Run C:\Program
    Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe /0
    TabletTip Registry\Common\Run C:\Program
    Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\tabtip.exe /resume
    TabletWizard Registry\User\Run

    --------[ Installed
    Programs ]------------------------------------------------------------------

    Acronis True Image
    16.9 MB
    Adobe Acrobat 5.0
    5.0 15.5 MB
    Advanced Networking Pack for Windows XP
    AIDA32 v3.93
    Axialis IconWorkshop 5.0
    Button Driver
    1.4 MB
    DirectX 9 Hotfix - KB839643
    Do More 6.0
    Gateway Desktop Manager
    51.6 MB
    Gateway Drivers and Applications Recovery
    51.6 MB
    Gateway IE Customizations
    537.5 KB
    Gateway User's Guide
    HighMAT Extension to Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard
    1.1.1905.1 2.1 MB
    HSP56 MR Drivers
    Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver
    Internet Explorer Q831167
    1.3 MB
    Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004
    7.0 Unknown
    Macromedia Extension Manager
    1.5 Unknown
    Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004
    7.0.2 Unknown
    MCO Dashboard Application
    858.5 KB
    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
    1.1.4322 36.8 MB
    Microsoft Data Access Components KB870669
    Microsoft FrontPage Client - English
    7.00.9209 Unknown
    Microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage
    10.0.2627.01 Unknown
    Microsoft Visual J# .NET Redistributable Package 1.1
    1.1.4322 Unknown
    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 - English
    MSDN Library - April 2003 DVD
    7.40.3085 Unknown
    MYIE2 Browser (remove only)
    Outlook Express Q837009
    Realtek AC'97 Audio
    1.3 MB
    Spy Sweeper
    3.0 Unknown
    Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 - English
    7.1.3088 Unknown
    Visual Studio.NET Baseline - English
    7.1.3088 Unknown
    WebFldrs XP
    9.50.6513 Unknown
    Windows Media Player Hotfix [See KB837272 for more information]
    20.7 MB
    Windows Media Player Hotfix [See Q828026 for more information]
    20.7 MB
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB810217
    20030806.140405 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB820291
    20030523.143400 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB821253
    20030609.161053 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB822603
    20030703.195209 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB823182
    20030724.164017 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB824105
    20030724.164839 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB824141
    20030925.103600 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB825119
    20030828.113916 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB826939
    20030902.222348 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB828035
    20031021.165228 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB828741
    20040305.182309 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB833998
    20040220.192556 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB835732
    20040329.175541 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB837001
    20040317.230926 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB840374
    20040416.100205 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q322011
    20021111.164241 Unknown
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q811114
    20030321.181406 Unknown
    725.5 KB
    WinRAR archiver

    Licenses ]------------------------------------------------------------------

    Macromedia Dreamweaver
    Macromedia Fireworks
    Macromedia Flash
    Macromedia FreeHand
    Microsoft Developer Network
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage
    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect 2003 - English
    Microsoft Windows

    --------[ Windows
    Update ]--------------------------------------------------------------------

    Advanced Networking Pack for Windows XP
    Update 7/2/2004
    Automatic Update
    Download:Automatic, Install:Scheduled Every Day 3:00
    DirectX 9 Hotfix - KB839643
    Update 7/2/2004
    DirectX Update 819696
    Microsoft Data Access Components KB870669
    Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components
    Windows Media Player Hotfix [See KB837272 for more information]
    Windows Media Player Hotfix [See KB837272 for more information]
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows Media Player Hotfix [See Q828026 for more information]
    Windows Media Player Hotfix [See Q828026 for more information]
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB810217
    Update 7/3/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB820291
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB821253
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB822603
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB823182
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB824105
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB824141
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB825119
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB826939
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB828035
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB828741
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB833998
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB835732
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB837001
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix - KB840374
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) [See Q329115 for more information]
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) [See Q329834 for more information]
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) [See Q810243 for more information]
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q322011
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q327979
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q331953
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q810020
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q810400
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q810577
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q810833
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q811114
    Update 7/3/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q811393
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q814696
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q814995
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q816509
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q816843
    Update 7/2/2004
    Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q816982
    Update 7/2/2004

    --------[ ODBC
    Drivers ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Driver da Microsoft para arquivos texto (*.txt; *.csv) odbcjt32.dll
    Driver do Microsoft Access (*.mdb) odbcjt32.dll
    Driver do Microsoft dBase (*.dbf) odbcjt32.dll
    Driver do Microsoft Excel(*.xls) odbcjt32.dll
    Driver do Microsoft Paradox (*.db ) odbcjt32.dll
    Driver para o Microsoft Visual FoxPro vfpodbc.dll
    Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Access-Treiber (*.mdb) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft dBase VFP Driver (*.dbf) vfpodbc.dll
    Microsoft dBase-Treiber (*.dbf) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Excel-Treiber (*.xls) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft FoxPro VFP Driver (*.dbf) vfpodbc.dll
    Microsoft ODBC for Oracle msorcl32.dll
    Microsoft Paradox Driver (*.db ) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Paradox-Treiber (*.db ) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Text-Treiber (*.txt; *.csv) odbcjt32.dll
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro Driver vfpodbc.dll
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro-Treiber vfpodbc.dll
    SQL Server sqlsrv32.dll

    --------[ ODBC Data
    Sources ]-------------------------------------------------------------------

    dBASE Files Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf)
    User odbcjt32.dll
    Excel Files Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)
    User odbcjt32.dll
    MS Access Database Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
    User odbcjt32.dll
    TrioMotors Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
    System odbcjt32.dll
    Xtreme Sample Database 2003 Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
    System odbcjt32.dll


    The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the
    trademarks of their respective owners.

    Any ideas?
    Jim Hubbard, Jul 3, 2004
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  2. senthil kumar, Mar 22, 2005
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