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Help - Nokia 2260 LCD data? Is there a Nokia 2210? Euroguys' input?

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by larwe, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. larwe

    larwe Guest

    I'm making a few (cuneiform) sexagesimal desk clocks out of clay.

    Hence I've been trying to find some cheap LCDs in old TDMA phones
    (LCDs from Spark Fun etc. are $9 vs. entire phones from eBay <$4), so
    I rolled the dice and bought a bulk load of scrap Nokia 2260s hoping
    that the LCD would be similar to the 3310, which is very well
    documented. Unfortunately not - the LCD is an 84x48 monochrome with an
    8-pin elastomeric connector vs the springy wire connector on the 3310.
    Luckily there are loads of other handy parts in these phones, such as
    several blue LEDs.

    All of the sites with reference data on reusing cellphone LCDs are
    Europe-based, so they talk about the GSM 800/1800 models. IN GENERAL
    the Nokia GSM model numbers are xx10, xx15 and the TDMA model numbers
    are xx20, xx60, xx61, with IS-95 phones being usually xx95. So I was
    hoping someone here might know about a Nokia "2210" phone or whatever
    else in the rest of the world would be equivalent to the 2260.

    Here's what a scope says about the pads on the cellphone mainboard
    (these numbers may be back to front, of course):

    1 - 1.9V (Vdd?)

    2 - probably _CS; goes low during each 9-clock data burst

    3 - 0V (GND?)

    4 - probably serial data out to LCD, data setup on falling CLK edge

    5 - probably serial clk, sends 9 clock pulses at a time

    6 - 0V (GND?)

    7 - 1.1V (?!)

    8 - 0V (guess: Vlcd since the LCD was not connected)

    Nothing at <http://sandiding.tripod.com/Bertys.html> matches exactly,
    though the 6310 pinout is very similar.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.
    larwe, Mar 28, 2008
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  2. larwe

    les Guest

    Sorry I don't have any answers to your questions, but I found it quite
    coincidental that I was listening to David Gray's "Babylon" while reading
    this message. I never could understand that unwritten decimal place.
    Please let us see the final pic on a.b.s.e.

    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye,
    Mesop-YBC 7289
    les, Mar 29, 2008
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  3. larwe

    larwe Guest

    The schematic is very simple - not interesting, even. It's just an
    MSP430T2012 target board wired to two pushbuttons, a battery, and the
    LCD. It's the firmware that's interesting, and the clay housing. I'm
    using a kind of synthetic terra-cotta ersatz clay called DAS (air-dry,
    not fired).

    The clock is really just a stepping-stone project (no pun intended) to
    a calculator, by the way.

    Progress has been made, though. The pinout is definitely the same as
    the Nokia 6310/6310i LCD. However the LCD itself is very different;
    84x48, and the driver appears to be a PCF8811. This morning I
    determined that latter fact the hard way; i.e. with a storage scope,
    triggering on _RESET and hand-decoding the data coming down the SPI
    bus, then comparing this to the various datasheets for candidate

    At powerup, the phone asserts and releases _RESET, then sends:

    010100000 (Mirror X = 0)
    000000000 (NOP)
    000010000 (set X addr = 0)
    010110000 (set Y addr = 0)
    100000000 x84 (write data byte)
    000000000 (NOP)
    000010000 (set X addr = 0)
    010110001 (set Y addr = 1)
    100000000 x84 (write data byte)
    000000000 (NOP)
    000010000 (set X addr = 0)
    010110010 (set Y addr = 2)
    100000000 x84 (write data byte)
    ... etc to clear the screen

    In passing, I should remind everyone to delete old text messages off
    their phones before returning or recycling. I'm tempted to SMS a
    certain gentleman in New York to ask him if he and "Princess" really
    did get to do what he was proposing on New Years' Eve of 2005.
    larwe, Mar 29, 2008
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