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[help] nv4_disp.dll conflict

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Cristal, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Cristal

    Cristal Guest


    I'm running under Windows XP and I have a strange problem with my Geforce2
    Mx400 video card. The problem is : random success when I try to start my
    computer (sometimes no display and it runs ok after several reset) or the
    computer can be suddenly blocked after it has correctly started. And
    sometimes evrything is ok...

    I had a message concerning a *nv4_disp.dll conflict* and I installed the
    53.03 nvidia driver whithout success.

    Does anybody can try to help me, please ?


    PS : sorry for my english

    Cristal (courrier privé, recyclez le verre)
    Cristal, Jan 25, 2004
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  2. Uninstall the Forceware drivers (Detonators drivers) completely. This
    includes rebooting with standard VGA drivers, and *ignoring* any and all
    attempts of Windows XP to try and install the detonators.

    Once you are running with Standard VGA, delete all NV*.* files on your

    Once that is completed, install the 40.X series of Detonator Drivers. The
    5X.X series is too 'advanced' for your card, and while they should work,
    they provide no advantage to you.
    Derek Wildstar, Jan 26, 2004
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  3. Cristal

    Cristal Guest

    "Derek Wildstar" a tapoté sur son clavier :
    Thanks for your answer, Derek.

    Is there a reason to not install the 53.03 driver again ? Because the
    problem appeared when I had the 30.82 driver... and I need to download the
    40.xx... with my poor 56K modem ;)

    Cristal (courrier privé, recyclez le verre)
    Cristal, Jan 26, 2004

  4. The only reason to use the older driver is to maintain the highest level of
    compatibility, for trouble-free operation. The later drivers are optimized
    for current hardware, your card is not current.

    If you wish to use the latest driver, you increase your chance of not having
    trouble free operation, however, considering the problem which prompted this
    post, you are certainly free to try the 5X.X series.

    Adding, removing and re-adding drivers, particularly ones not in the same
    family (3x, 4x, 5x) is a sure way to introduce errors, unless you
    assiduously delete them when removed. It's not you, it's imperfect software.
    Derek Wildstar, Jan 26, 2004
  5. Cristal

    Cristal Guest

    "Derek Wildstar" a tapoté sur son clavier :
    I agree... But I've read that one of the advantages of the latest driver is
    to correct some bugs existing with the olders.
    So, I've done what you proposed in your first post. I'll tell you if it's
    ok... in a cupple of days (time to see if i'ts really ok, regarding with the
    random symptom of my difficulty).

    See you.

    Cristal (courrier privé, recyclez le verre)
    Cristal, Jan 27, 2004
  6. Cristal

    Cristal Guest

    "Derek Wildstar" a tapoté sur son clavier :

    Well... I haven't had to need a lot of days to see the result of what I did
    : the problem is not solved and starting my computer is becoming more and
    more difficult.

    Do you know another way to try to solve this graphic problem ?

    Cristal (courrier privé, recyclez le verre)
    Cristal, Jan 28, 2004

  7. This is an indication of a larger problem than mere driver error. The
    quickest suggestion I can give you is, if possible and within your
    abilities, to 'do over' with an OS reinstall. Not recommended, but the
    surest way to rule out software problems.

    Barring that, find a true hardware specialist to physically inspect your PC,
    there are many clues that can point to the exact problem that no amount of
    posts can describe. Good luck!
    Derek Wildstar, Jan 29, 2004
  8. Cristal

    Cristal Guest

    "Derek Wildstar" a tapoté sur son clavier :
    So, I've opened the PC, checked all the connectors, put out the graphic card
    and reinstalled it to the agp connector... after having cleaned fan and
    radiator (what a lot of dust !). I also checked the connections at the back
    of the PC and, especially, the monitor one.

    After this, I runned the PC and it has started correctly from the first
    time... and several other times after :cool:

    Hopping I won't be bored with this kind of problem, thank you for you help

    Cristal (courrier privé, recyclez le verre)
    Cristal, Jan 29, 2004

  9. Are you telling me you have solved your problem with 'preventative

    That is a lucky, unexpected solution and credit to you for finding it!

    You haven't bored me at all, it's problems like yours that keep our advice
    fresh and meaningful by reminding us to think about the whole unit, not just
    one subsystem.
    Derek Wildstar, Jan 29, 2004
  10. Cristal

    Cristal Guest

    "Derek Wildstar" a tapoté sur son clavier :
    Yes, but I think I've done it with /corrective/ maintenance...
    .... and I'm not really pleased to not be sure of what I found : I tryed and
    it seems to be ok, I think you're right when you say that I'm /lucky/ ;-)
    .... and these several posts have helped me to refresh my english :cool:


    Cristal (courrier privé, recyclez le verre)
    Cristal, Jan 29, 2004
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