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Help (off topic)

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by pilgrim, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. pilgrim

    pilgrim Guest

    I'm thinking of updating my old motherboard, and I have a couple of

    1. The little manual that came with the board says thet it has a socket-A
    processor socket for an AMD K7 processor and will support Athlon processors
    between 650 MHz and 1.4 MHz with a FSB of 200 MHz or 266 MHz. In another
    place the manual talks about a socket-462 processor. When I look for AMD
    processors I don't see any K7 processors. Do they go by another name? Are
    they obsolete? Is this mobo worth updating?

    2. I also want to upgrade the RAM. The little manual says that I can use
    184 pin 2.5v unbuffered 133 MHz DDR SDRAM DIMM modules. When I look for
    DDR RAM I see stuff like pc3200 and pc3700 and so forth. Where do I look
    for 133 MHz DDR RAM?

    I apologize for this off topic post, but I didn't know where else to turn.
    Thanks in advance, all helpful responses will be appreciated.
    pilgrim, Jul 27, 2004
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  2. pilgrim

    Sunbow Guest

    133Mhz DDR ram is labelled as PC2100, 166MHz as PC2700 and 200MHz as PC3200.
    AMD dont call their processors by their K7 and K8 designations very often.
    K7 is athlon/XP processors and K8 is Athlon64 processors. Yes, update the
    m/b, get an abit NF7 or NF7-S if you need SATS and RAID.
    Sunbow, Jul 27, 2004
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  3. pilgrim

    Wes Newell Guest

    You've got a soket A (462pin) board. It will take Athlon/Duron 2 bit
    processors (designated K7, but not advertised as such). If you would have
    given the make and model of the board people could be more specific with
    their help. Forget what models the manual says it will run. It's old hat
    and will run the newer models.
    Because the numbers are bigger (and i guess they think it looks better)
    they market it by the bandwidth the module is capable of, Basically,
    PC2100 is 133MHz, PC2700, 166MHz, and so on. For the DDR value, just
    double the clock number. IOW's PPC2100 is rated as DDR266. Another caution
    here. And again I don't know why the morons do this, but you'll see ram
    listed as 400MHz, when in fact it's 200MHz DDR400. You can always use
    faster ram thean the board supports, and I would buy the fastest you can
    find with about the same price range. IOW's you can yse PC3200 ram (200
    MHz) in your board, but the board won't run it that fast, since it;'s top
    clock speed is 133MHz (and maybe a little more overclocking it).

    See link below. it should help.
    Wes Newell, Jul 28, 2004
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