Help: Old Computer --> New Computer advice needed

Discussion in 'Dell' started by the_verminator, May 3, 2007.

  1. I am replacing a Dell Deminsion XPS T700R running Windows 2000 with a
    new Dell E521 (AMD Sempron 3400+, 2 GB RAM, 80GB HD, Vista Home Basic,
    MS Office Basic 2007) and a Western Digital My Book Essencial USB 2.0
    External HD ( which comes with no backup software).

    My plan is to set up the new machine, attach My Book to old machine,
    back up old machine, attach My Book to new machine and transfer files
    from My Book to new machine - which brings up a few questions..
    1)The My Book comes as one FAT32 partition- will this cause a problem
    when transfering to the Vista machine?
    2)Since the My Book has no backup software can the windows backup
    routine be used to put the files on the My Book?
    3) After transfering files and getting the onto the new machine should
    the My Book be re-configured to the new Vista file format?

    The My Book has arrived but the Vista Machine hasn- should I go ahead
    and backup from old machine to the My book before the new machine

    While I've set up new computers before I've never transfered except by
    copying onto floppy and hten copying to a new machine.
    Any help, pointers, etc will be greatly appreciated.
    the_verminator, May 3, 2007
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  2. the_verminator

    Journey Guest

    You should be able to transfer the files withouut any problems.
    Someone else can comment on what backup tools might be on Win 2000.
    When I transfer, I do it "manually". By that I mean I directly copy
    the folders and files I need on the new machine, one by one, to the
    transfer drive (in this case your My Book).

    It's very easy, but experience helps. The good thing is that you have
    the very big advantage of having both the old and new PCs around, so
    if you forget something from the old PC you can always move it later.

    Key areas are your My Documents, Internet Explorer Favorites or
    Mozilla bookmarks, e-mails (what program do you use?), any data files
    that a program might store in the Programs folder, and so on.
    I do change my external hard drives to the NTFS file format (which is
    not new in Vista -- TxF is new, but that doesn't change the underlying
    file format).
    You can backup any time you wish (but you can never leave -- Eagles).
    Personally, I would wait. The copy process should be fairly easy, and
    having both computers, you can do it at your own pace. I can
    certainly understand wanting to play with your new toy(s). If you
    know of some things that won't change between now and the time your
    new computer arrives, sure -- nothing wrong with copying those.

    Also, between now and the time your new computer arrives, you can try
    the My Book with your Win 2000 PC. I used to run Windows 2000 but my
    memory isn't what it used to be, and I forgot whether that is a plug
    and play OS.
    You'll be pleasantly surprised how much easier your My Book will make
    transferring to your new computer. I remember transferring on my
    first Mac, and for even a small file I'd have to insert a disk 27
    times (plus or minus). Things sure have changed.

    If you run into problems, feel free to post and you'll get great help
    from this group.
    Journey, May 3, 2007
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  3. Thanks for replying, I'll sleep well now.

    the_verminator, May 3, 2007
  4. the_verminator

    S.Lewis Guest

    Shouldn't, no.

    I think the My Book will need to eventually be partitioned NTFS rather than
    FAT32 to accomplish that. I might be wrong as I don't use the windows backup
    application but rather third party stuff.
    NTFS, yes I believe so.
    Why not unless substantial file/data changes will be made between the time
    of the backup and the arrival of the new system.

    Others here using either the MyBook or the Windows backup utility will
    hopefully add more specific comments. Generally, once you drop and drag/copy
    all files over to the new machine from the MyBook, you'll probably want to
    partition it NTFS and from that point on you'll simply copy/drop-drag/ or
    right-click "send to:" any files folders over. Shouldn't be a huge issue.

    S.Lewis, May 3, 2007
  5. Vista can access FAT32 drives and partitions (although Vista itself must
    be installed into an NTFS partition).
    Barry Watzman, May 3, 2007
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