HELP: onboard HighPoint 370/370A freezes system boot

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Kj, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Kj

    Kj Guest

    I've recently updated my motherboard bios for the ABit BL7-RAID (new 'BP' one),
    and now the onboard HighPoint 370/370A isn't working; it scans for devices,
    finds it ok, but the system freezes after that, pressing Ctrl+H doesn't enter the
    RAID settings either. I can disable it in mobo bios to boot up Windows XP.

    Do I need to update the onboard HighPoint bios aswell? I've read that I have the
    add the new HighPoint bios to the motherboard bios before flashing? How can I
    do this?

    Any advice very much appreciated

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    Kj, Nov 26, 2004
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  2. Lol, BP is hardly new, it's over two years old! ;-)
    How many drives do you have connected to the HPT37x, and what are it/they?
    Hard disks? Optical drives, what?

    Did you reset the CMOS after flashing the BIOS?

    What BIOS build did you have on the board before you flashed?

    At what *exact* point does the system freeze? While the HPT37x ROM
    information header is still on screen? At the POST system summary page? At
    the beginning of the boot process? Where?
    No. The Highpoint BIOS ROM image is contained within the motherboard BIOS.
    Thus, when you flashed the motherboard to BP, you also flashed the HPT37x.
    There's no point even telling you how to do this at this juncture, as
    involving yourself in a load of DIY fiddling is more likely to exacerbate
    your problems by wasting time and confusing you than it is to present a
    You haven't given us enough information to be able to do that properly.
    Answer the questions posed further up and we should be in a better position
    to advise you.

    Richard Hopkins
    Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
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    Richard Hopkins, Nov 26, 2004
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