HELP...P4S800 w/ Intel 2.4a CPU w/1MB Cache on Chip - NO POST, after Ethernet Connect

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Derek Johnstone, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Make: Asus
    Model: P4S800
    Serial Number: 39MG014548

    Using Intel P4 2.4A CPU w/1M Cache. I have several Probs:

    1. Powered up initially OK but HW Monitor showed VCORE Voltage error
    (1.37 in red)

    2. Set HW Mon to "ignore" continued to install XP OS.

    3. Just prior to XP install, I connectected an Ethernet RJ45 to
    on-board Ethernet. Screen became blank (no video signal).

    4. Cleared CMOS, Still blank (no video signal)- no POST.

    5. Changed Power Supply from 300W to 350W to 450W - Still blank (no
    video signal)- no POST.

    6. Changed VIDEO Card to different manuf. - Still blank (no video
    signal)- no POST.

    7. Took to reseller (ASI), swapped 2.4A CPU to 2.8 P4, booted OK - no
    voltage error as well.

    8. Swapped back to a *NEW* 2.4A CPU, Still blank (no video signal)-
    no POST.

    9. Updated BIOS from XX03 to XX07 while using P4 2.8 CPU.

    10. Boot OK again. Replaced with P4 2.4A CPU. BOOT OK!!

    11. Connected different Ethernet RJ45, screen Blank again, will not
    POST again

    Possible defective MB? Please advise... Thanx!

    Derek Johnstone, Apr 13, 2004
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  2. Derek Johnstone

    Paul Guest

    Have you looked here ?

    The Prescotts all seem to need board revision 2.0, so maybe
    you've fried the board or the processor by using your particular

    I tried looking for the processor on and
    the voltage is listed as 1.25-1.4V, rather than a fixed voltage.
    Maybe the processor needs some feature of "VRM 10 down" to
    work ? (I cannot keep track of all the voltage regulator options
    any more - for that matter, I cannot even figure out how the
    motherboard knows which VRM spec the processor is using!)

    When you go to the store to buy a processor, take the listing
    from the "cpusupport" web page with you.

    Paul, Apr 14, 2004
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  3. Thank you Paul for your input... It was an incompatibility issue. Your
    links helped a lot! I guess a little more research needs to take hold
    on my part and not "assume" my distributor knows all the compatibility

    Thanx Again, Paul!


    Derek Ray Johnstone
    Derek Johnstone, Apr 14, 2004
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