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Discussion in 'AOpen' started by Lucky, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Lucky

    Lucky Guest


    Just installed an AK79G-1394 together with new AMD xp 2600 chip and
    fantastic new cpu fan to go with it.

    Just to also point out that I have never upgraded a pc before , but have
    seen it done and I know how to fit everything and ensure all cables/power
    supply is ok.

    Anyway, go everything installed and managed to boot into BIOS mode without
    any difficulty, but then windows xp won't boot - keeps saying there's a
    problem starting windows, it gives me some options to select (like going
    into safe mode), but if I try to go into safe mode, the computer just

    Anyone have any ideas on this? Or do I just need to reformat my hard drive
    and reinstall windows?

    Lucky, Aug 2, 2003
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  2. Lucky

    c Guest

    Many times when you change the motherboard/processor/memory as a group, XP
    will do this. You do not need to reformat and reinstall however. Just boot
    up to your XP CD like you are going to reinstall. Eventually you will come
    to a point where XP will ask if you want to repair the current installation.
    This is the option you want. XP will go thru and install all of the proper
    drivers for all the hardware in your pc. You will need to install the Nforce
    drivers off your motherboard CD. These will be the drivers for the sound,
    LAN, AGP, etc. This will save all of your existing program installations.

    c, Aug 2, 2003
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  3. Lucky

    Lucky Guest

    Thanks Chris, I have now managed to "repair" windows xp, although I made the
    mistake of trying to install all my separate graphics/sound cards before
    installing stuff off the Aopen cd! So I am going to go back now and do
    things properly and then try and install my extra stuff.

    BTW, do you know if there is a known conflict issue with the USB? I have a
    logitech USB mouse which doesn't seem to want to work all the time, then it
    asked me to install the drivers, which I did, then mouse seemed fine, but
    after rebooting, it didn't recognise the mouse again!

    Finally, my pc is only showing my computer as having 1.2 Gig of processing
    power - I have an AMD xp 2600 which is roughly 2 Gig - any ideas on what is
    causing this problem?

    Thanks again,
    Lucky, Aug 3, 2003
  4. Lucky

    c Guest

    Make sure you install the USB2 drivers off of the CD or better yet, AOpen's
    site. The ones on the CD are already outdated. As far as the CPU speed, you
    need to set the FSB in the BIOS to the correct speed. They come from the
    factory set at 200FSB. Your CPU is a 333FSB model. I believe the setting is
    in the Frequency/Voltage menu in the BIOS. Just go there and set it to
    333MHz and all will be fixed.

    c, Aug 3, 2003
  5. Lucky

    Lucky Guest

    Thanks for that.

    After doing my windows "repair" though, my pc is so slooooow, so I'm doing a
    clean install of windows xp after all (probably for the best I think!).

    I am just going to leave all the onboard videa/audio stuff on for now and
    put in my audio/graphics cards later on after I've reinstalled windows - is
    this the best way to deal with it?

    When I come to put in my own cards, what should I disable? Do I just disable
    onboard audio/audio codecs in the BIOS, or do I also need to disable certain
    devices in the windows device manager? If also the latter, could you please
    tell me exactly what items I should disable?

    Finally, is there a setting somewhere to disable the onboard VGA when i come
    to install my graphics card? Should I even bother with my graphics card
    actually - it is a Creative GeForce 3 TI?

    Thanks again Chris,
    Lucky, Aug 3, 2003
  6. Lucky

    c Guest

    Personally, I would use the GF3 card instead of the onboard graphics, mainly
    because the system will be faster. What I have personally found with Win XP
    is that it is best to have all of your BIOS updates and settings and
    hardware just the way you intend on running your system before you install.
    Don't have your printers, scanners and cameras hooked up, but have
    everything else installed. On occasion this will cause a problem with
    certain hardware, but it is rare. Disable the onboard sound and set the
    video to AGP in the BIOS. I also disable the serial ports in the BIOS if I
    am not going to use them. No sense in using any resources or IRQs for
    devices you don't need. I also recommend getting all of the latest drivers
    and putting them on a CD before you start. It is rare that the CDs for most
    devices have the latest drivers.

    Install Windows, then the Nforce chipset drivers, then USB2 drivers if
    required, then video card, then sound card, then anything else that is left.
    This will work in 99% of the cases. After you have everything installed and
    all your Windows updates done, remember to defrag right away.

    c, Aug 3, 2003
  7. Lucky

    Lucky Guest

    Also, is the VGA stuff in the peripherals part of the BIOS? I've taken a
    look in there but I think it is already set to AGP.

    Also, should I disable the onboard audio codecs?

    Thanks again.
    Lucky, Aug 3, 2003
  8. Lucky

    c Guest

    You shouldn't need the audio codec with an add in sound card so go ahead and
    disable them. I find it strange that your screen won't display with the GF
    card in there. I would suggest going through the BIOS and making sure that
    all of the onboard graphics stuff is disabled. Also, make sure that your
    BIOS settings say to assign an IRQ to (either VGA or AGP).

    c, Aug 5, 2003
  9. Lucky

    Dave Guest

    You might want to check what bios version your board came with. I set up
    that same board and it had numerous problems until I flashed it to version
    1.05. It now works well and we will soon be overclocking it.
    Dave, Aug 8, 2003
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