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Help: Thinkpad T42P + Dock II + Multi Monitors

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Richmom, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Richmom

    Richmom Guest

    I have a Thinkpad T42p and a Dock II and I would like to get 4 external
    monitors support. I know I can use the PCI slot in the Dock II. I wonder if
    there is any video adaptor on the market it will work.

    I found ATI FireMV 2400 PCI does not work with a Lenovo Docking Station.

    I appreciate your help.
    Richmom, Mar 23, 2007
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  2. I'm not sure what would work - I've been looking at video boards for a
    desktop running Vista recently - most of the more powerful cards require a
    considerable amount of power to run the graphics processing unit. I didn't
    check PCI out, just AGP. A lot of the cards have a separate power connector
    4pin like the ocnnector on a hard drive. For the high end cards, they
    specify a minimum 400 watt or higher power supply. I have a Dock II for my
    R52, it doesn't appear to have nearly a lrage nough power supply to the dock
    station to support that kind of current draw.

    I ran into something similar with a Compaq Pentium 3 notebook that I use for
    digital music. The smaller Compaq docking stations with a single PCI slot
    could run a NIC, but not the audio/midi processing card. I wound up using a
    larger motorized docking station that had three PCI slots and a considerable
    sized power supply, works fine.

    Most of the cards with multi-monitor support will be sourced from either ATI
    or nVidia. Some of the nVidia cards (not the latest and greatest) had lower
    power requirements. I have a 6200 series card on the way - it does have the
    separate power connector on the card, and should be runnable with the stock
    power supply on the HP workstation. However, it only feeds 2 monitors.

    You might be able to cobble up some way of feeding the 12volt high current
    needed from a separate power supply.

    I know that external video devices are available to run multiple monitors
    (for store demos, etc) but I think they all share a common monitor feed.

    Ballroom Dancer, Mar 23, 2007
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