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Help with 128MB RAM for Toshiba Satellite 2515CDS - really confused

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Ohaya, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    I'm trying to get an additional (128MB) SODIMM RAM module for my
    Satellite 2515CDS. The 64MB modules seem easy to find, but this machine
    has only one open slot, and I'd need the 128MB to max it out to 160MB
    (want to run Win2K).

    The part numbers that I've found are:


    I finally found a place that had a "PA2054U/NW2054U" and bought one,
    which arrived today, but to my utter disappointment, the module was to
    large!!! It looks like it might fit into the socket, but the opening
    for the module in the bottom casing was too small.

    Now, I'm still stuck with 32MB on this machine, and I'm totally confused
    about what to do about the memory.

    Were there 2 different size/versions of the above numbered memory

    Can anyone point me to someplace (with reasonable price) that I might be
    able to buy this module? Or maybe someone might know of another module
    that would both fit and work with this machine???

    Thanks in advance!
    Ohaya, Jan 22, 2004
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  2. Ohaya

    Mike S. Guest

    Go to www.crucial.com, and drill down through the menus untul you get to a
    page which features only memory for your model. If you order from those
    part numbers, they guarantee it wil work with your system ... and have
    never disappointed me after multiple such purchases.
    Mike S., Jan 23, 2004
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  3. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest

    Crucial, as well as other places, only show up to the 64MB modules.
    Kingston doesn't even show the 2515CDS anymore.

    That's why I've been having to hunt around for the 128MB module.

    I've also seen a couple of posts indicating that the motherboard was
    designed to take a 128MB module, but that the case opening for the
    module was apparently designed too small.

    I saw one website where the fellow claims he had a 2515CDS with a 128MB
    module (running Linux), but it looks like the page wasn't updated for

    So, I'm kind of wondering if there was ever really a 128MB module that
    would fit into this laptop??

    Does anyone have, or has anyone had, a 2515CDS with the full 160MB
    (32+128) installed?
    Ohaya, Jan 23, 2004
  4. Ohaya

    Squiggly30 Guest

    Squiggly30, Jan 23, 2004
  5. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    Thanks :)...

    I was sitting here tonight, doing more searching. I'd found some other
    vendors who had supposedly the correct memory module, but the images I
    saw look similar, size-wise, so I was getting to the point of giving up,
    and going with a 64MB module.

    The problem is, it seems that there wouldn't be much advantage going
    from the 32MB standard to 96MB, since I eventually was hoping to run
    Win2K on this machine.

    FYI, it looked like the memory actually fit into the socket. It's just
    that the compartment on the bottom has too small an opening, by about
    1/4"+. While staring at the compartment, I noticed that the "lip" of
    the compartment was pretty thin plastic, so I decided to "take a whack"
    (literally) at it, and got out my trusty Xacto knife. It took some work,
    but I was able to cut out part of the lip so that the 128MB module could
    just barely fit in, but then I ran into another problem...

    At one corner of the compartment opening, there was a metal
    standoff/post that originally looked like it was screwed into the lip
    area (from the inside). It took me awhile to figure that one out, but I
    ended up taking a wire cutter, and began hacking away at the post, being
    VERY careful not to let any of the metal clippings get into the machine.

    Eventually, I was finally able to get the 128MB module seated, and
    VOILA, 160MB total!
    I've run 2 different standalone memory test programs (DocMemory and
    Memtest) on the system, and all seems good.

    I would NOT recommend this operation to the faint of heart. In my case,
    this was an old "junker" that I got from my son, so I really had nothing
    to lose except the cost of the memory module, but I definitely wouldn't
    be doing this on a newer laptop, or one which I really needed!
    Ohaya, Jan 23, 2004
  6. Ohaya

    Squiggly30 Guest

    well, I'm glad that worked for you, and I'm also glad you didn't need to buy
    a piece of memory for the same price as an entire new system. What's up with
    that outrageous price anyway?

    Squiggly30, Jan 23, 2004
  7. Ohaya,

    I used to have this laptop, and tried to get the 128 MB module at some
    point. The tech at Toshiba that I talked to told me that it was discovered
    to make the system unstable, and was discontinued. That was at least 4 years
    ago. Already then it was not available anywhere. I am glad to hear that
    you found a workaround :)

    -- Alex Tchernev

    -- t c h e r n e v a t e a r t h l i n k d o t n e t
    Alex Tchernev, Jan 23, 2004
  8. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    I don't have an "official" answer for why the prices for those modules
    are so high. I saw the $500-$700+ prices also when I was researching
    too, and couldn't believe it. There're some places that are selling
    what appear to be "pulls" for almost $200.

    When I bought the one I got (for around $60), I was thinking it was a
    gamble (you know the old saying about "if it's too good to be true..."),
    but I figured at worse, I was out $60 and could fall back to the 64MB
    module (which are plentiful, and cheap), and at best, if the place I
    bought it from took it back, I'd just be out the cost of a 64MB module.

    I've seen some "unofficial" info (read: rumors) that because of the faux
    pas with the design of the compartment opening, a certain high-density
    memory chip was needed to build the smaller module that would fit, and
    when production for that memory chip was discontinued, they discontinued
    the production of the 128MB modules.

    But, like I said, I've yet to have anyone tell me (personally) that they
    have a 128MB module that would physically fit without hacking
    (literally) the case, and I HAVE seen other older posts about folks
    saying that they couldn't fit their module into this laptop...
    Ohaya, Jan 23, 2004
  9. Ohaya

    Ohaya Guest


    Thanks for the info. I ran a program called DocMemory on it most of
    last night in "burn-in" mode, and it ran for at least 8 hours with no
    problems. I'm planning to run it in burn-in mode some more, but so far
    so good.
    Ohaya, Jan 23, 2004
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