Help with MBR - boot records BH6 v1

Discussion in 'Abit' started by 0_Qed, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. 0_Qed

    0_Qed Guest

    I'd suggest a look&peep at the [] NG ...
    use Google Groups ... look for posts by [Sven] ...and/or [findpart]
    he has developed a series of utilities to 'fathom' problems
    with munged ptn tbls ... FAT & maybe NTFS

    Hopefully, you're familiar with ptn tbl layouts, data fields , & ptn
    type codes.
    Most all OSs use the same format, et al.

    In the meantime, I'd suggest you discon the ribbon cbl to HD1 ...
    leave it off till you have a plan of 'attack' ...
    boot with what 'works' on HD0 .

    Sorry I cant help further ... NT isnt my expert 'bag'.
    Maybe someday.

    Get 'back' if you run into a brick wall ...
    mite be some gimmicks to use on the ptn tbl
    if you can manage a "copy" of DOS710 and Gdisk.exe ...

    I stick with W98, fat16/32(fat & vfat), gdisk.exe, & xxcopy.exe ...
    'that' I can manage to 'fix' , mostly ... maybe.

    0_Qed, Oct 20, 2004
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  2. 0_Qed

    0_Qed Guest

    Lee wrote:

    Here ya 'go' ... try this URL ...

    Use the prev, posted NG to communicate with Svend ...
    hes pretty knowlegeable wrt ptn_tbls ...

    BTW ... The "NG" is visited by "one" Folkert FuckWit ...
    .. be aware , be advised ...
    .. dont bother to "insult" the Uniform ... go for the jugular.
    .. Mention to s/he/it that "Qed" sent you ... <VBFG>

    0_Qed, Oct 20, 2004
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  3. 0_Qed

    Lee Guest

    Off topic but I'm a suffering ABit user ,

    Any help on where to begin would be precious right now.

    Was cloning a Win2kSP4 install to a new 80G HD. (Drive1)

    Created 4 partitions with PartitionMagic8
    Used DriveImage7 to mirror 3 partitions from Drive0 to Drive1
    There were no errrors and all the files were accessible from the OS.

    Loaded 12Gs of backup files to the 4th partition.

    Swapped cables tried to boot and got ntoskrnl.exe error.
    Boot to Win2k CDROM; <map> showed my 4gig system partition as
    Partition2 instead of 1 and the 4th partition (a 36 gig storage) as
    Partition1 instead of 4.

    Ran <fixboot> fromt he command prompt. Reboot. No joy.
    Reboot ran <fixmbr> and aborted when warned of a "non standard MBR"
    Modified "boot.ini" to boot to partition2 and the system booted.

    But the storage partition is now a "12bit FAT" and of course has
    incorrect properties/free space/ etc and no visible files.

    The WIn2k disk management console shows the partition as a "healthy"
    36 gig FAT vol but "properties" shows a 10 Mb vol with 3 Mb free.

    Obviously the <fixboot> hosed the partition information.

    Where should I go from here ? It seems a repair should be possible
    somehow. Could it be a simple as changing the partition type to Fat32

    I am not shure wht the <fixboot> cmd does or did to a MBR.

    A good partition recovery utility to reccomend ?

    Lee, Oct 20, 2004
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