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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Marshall Lai, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Marshall Lai

    Marshall Lai Guest

    Anybody has the same/similar problem as myself? This is on a new

    1) BSOD 0x00000077 and 0x00000074 errors during intense memory operations
    (3D games/Sandra burn-in test/3DMark03..... etc) Have tried using only one
    memory module and even replaced all memory modules with others. This is on
    clean install and new SATA harddisks and new SATA cables.
    Memory modules tried: 4X Corsair VS512MB533D2 and 2pairs of
    Power supply: Antec Neo480 (Also tried with Antec TP550. Same problem)

    2) USB devices connected to a USB 2.0 hub in turn connected to the P5AD2
    usb ports will suffer random failures and becomes "Unknown devices" or
    simply turned off all together after a random period of time and activity.
    Have tried switching 3 different hubs (different brands) and same problem
    exists. Problem is even more pronounced if a USB Bluetooth dongle or a
    Logitech Wireless Strike Force dongle is attached to the hub.
    Both devices work fine when connected directly to the P5AD2.

    3) System will automatically restart around 30 secs after shutdown from OS.
    All of the soft power-on settings are set to disabled and all jumpers for
    USB/Keyboard starts are set to 5V and not 5Vsb.

    Please help me...... A poor soul......
    Marshall Lai, Aug 30, 2004
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  2. Marshall Lai

    Paul Guest

    You are an early adopter, which means you are doing the experiments
    for the rest of us :)

    This review site says:

    "The ASUS P5AD2 was also a very stable motherboard and more-than
    -capable overclocker.  The board,along with the ABIT board, hit
    our 4GHz overclock goal at blistering DDR2 667MHz memory speeds.  
    We did witness a bit of instability with some Kingston DDR2 memory
    at stock speeds, oddly enough.  This was a minor issue, and we
    think it was related to the BIOS timings for memory at stocks
    speeds being a bit too aggressive.  When we overclocked, the
    timings were a bit more relaxed, and our Kingston Value RAM ran
    just fine.   This issue should also be easily resolvable with a
    BIOS update in the future."

    That suggests you will have to make some manual adjustments to the
    memory. Your first problem will be, whether any of the normal
    utilities, like CPUZ, have been updated for your board. A utility
    of some sort is necessary to verify that the BIOS screen is not
    lying to you. This way, you use the Windows utility, examine the
    RAM timings, then go back to the BIOS and adjust them. Should be
    fun :)

    Do you know whether memtest86 from works with the
    P5AD2 ? That would be a useful program to use while adjusting
    the memory.

    The 0x00000077 could also be caused by a disk error, at least
    when I ran it through a search engine.

    2) and 3) should be reported to Asus, so they can be fixed in the
    BIOS. I don't think there is anything you can do there. Keep an
    eye on the download page, for a new BIOS. The USB problem could
    be related to some feature of ACPI, but how would you debug that ?
    I expect the BIOS is having a little trouble with the features
    in the new Southbridge.

    Paul, Aug 31, 2004
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  3. Marshall Lai

    H3LpM3P1z Guest

    Hey. I had the exact same problem. I successfully installed windows
    and all of a sudden it would restart for no reason. I tried
    reinstalling windows to see if it would fix the problem, but then, I
    got this weird memory address error. I started messing around in the
    BIOS and yay, it got fixed.

    To fix this problem I went to the BIOS (hold del) and then go to
    "Advanced" -> "JumperFree Configuration" then change:

    AI Overclocking: Standard
    Performance: Standard

    Hope this helps you as it did for me.

    My comp spec:
    Motherboard: ASUS P5AD2 Premium
    CPU: 3.2Ghz 1MB L2 Cache /w HT
    Hard Drive: Western Digital SATA 10K-RPM
    Memory: OCZ Enhanced Bandwidth 1GD dual channel (4-3-3-12)
    Video Card: ASUS AX800 XT PE PCI Express (free web cam YAY!)
    And a bunch of fans to cool it down.
    H3LpM3P1z, Sep 1, 2004
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