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Hi Color Resolution Video Card and Display over DVI Link

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Ronald, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. Ronald

    Ronald Guest

    I'm new to this particular group and hope someone can provide some

    I'm looking for video cards and displays that can support greater than
    24-bit color depth (8-bit per RGB color channel) over a DVI interface.
    In particular, I'd like the video stream be sent over the digital
    portion of the DVI cable as opposed to the analog portion (I am not
    referring to an analog VGA cable).

    Does anyone have suggestions for vendors, dealers, or websites to

    For more details please see below:

    I need to put together a workstation to support high-color precision
    scene generation. My job is to put the hardware together, other people
    will be handling the CG scene generation software.

    I know that current generation GPU's are capable of handling high
    numerical precision (e.g. floating point) data within their pipelines,
    including color/shade info. The pixels coming out of the pipe are then
    dumped off the board at lower color precision, either 8 or 10-bit per
    RGB channel. Most high-end video card specs are calling out triple
    10-bit DAC's, so that implies 10-bit per color channel data is being
    transmitted either thru the VGA cable or the analog portion of the
    DVI-I cable. However, I don't know if the 10-bit per color data is
    available over the digital portion of the DVI-I cable (which is what I
    need). This would depend on whether the video card vendor is utilizing
    their TMDS transmitter's second link in their DVI interface

    Likewise, on the display side, I need a display that can handle 10-bit
    per color RGB using the DVI digital link. If you've read this far, I'm
    sure you will be thinking that usually only LCD displays will come
    with a DVI interface, but LCD's usually have inferior dynamic color
    range compared to CRT's. I know this is ironic, but this is what I
    need for our system :) Your feedback is appreciated.

    Ronald, Apr 15, 2004
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