Hitachi 7K60 and Dell C810

Discussion in 'Dell' started by rfc, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. rfc

    rfc Guest

    Just replaced the 4200RPM 10GB original disk with a Hitachi 7K60
    TravelStar 7200RPM 8mb Cache 60GB Hard drive in my PIII-M Tualatin
    C810 laptop (operating under UDMA-5, the disk however is capable of

    The performance increase is staggering. Everything seems to run at
    twice the former speed.

    This system now performs on par with a P-IV class laptop, I can even
    defragment the disk with Norton Speed Disk AND browse the web at the
    same time. I can't even begin to saturate the I/O.

    SISoft Sandra reports average access times of 8ms and throughput of
    17.5mb/sec. Outstanding.

    All credit to Hitachi for producing what is a genuine first rate
    rfc, Apr 25, 2004
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