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(HL2) Invisible objects and tentacle creatures

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by rchewning1, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. rchewning1

    rchewning1 Guest

    First: I am on a military network, so the sites I can get to are
    limited by websense. Keep that in mind.

    Sager 9860
    Geforce Go 6800
    Nvidia driver version

    The tentacle creatures are invisible, so I pretty much hit every single
    one, not knowing they are there.

    Sometimes wooden walkways are invisble. I have to fire my handgun in
    front of me to see bullet holes. This is inconvenient when Combine
    soldiers and ant lions are after you.

    Nova Prospekt: Plenty of invisible objects. I can see their shadow, and
    that is the only way I know they are there. This is now officially a
    big problem. I have found ways around the issues in other areas, but I
    am at the room in Nova Prospekt where a carrier zombie suprises me.
    There are two vents on the ceiling. I assume I am to stack objects high
    enough to get up in the vent and climb to the other side. This is
    somewhat difficult when all the objects in the room are invisble. I am
    stuck, and can't go any further. (Unless my thinking is wrong on this,
    and I am supposed to be somewhere else in the game).

    I have also tried the current Omega drivers, and I get the same result.
    Help? I really have searched Google prior to this, and I have found
    nothing like this problem.

    I don't have any problems in any of the other games I've been playing:
    KOTOR, DOOM3, Vampire:The Masquerade.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Russ Chewning
    rchewning1, Jul 13, 2005
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