How 2 control fan speed in P4s800d-X?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by BigBen, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. BigBen

    BigBen Guest

    Hi All,

    In my system the CPU fan speed seems very much constant, no matter how
    cool or warm the CPU is.

    On a previous Asus motherboard, I could control something like a
    "ratio status", which apparently made the CPU perform faster or
    slower, and the CPU would adjust accordingly, both after start up, and
    during operation, as the I ran CPU intensive tasks, or light ones.

    Bottom line:

    1) How can I set the CPU to work slower than its maximum speed, and
    start with a correspondent cpu fan speed, and
    2) How can I have the CPU fan speed vary accordingto the cpu
    temperature - presently, Asus PC Probe tells me the CPU is running at
    around 38 degress C.

    BigBen, Feb 10, 2006
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  2. BigBen

    Paul Guest

    There is no mention of Q-Fan in the manual, so your board doesn't
    have that feature. Asus motherboards support fan control on
    zero channels, one channel (Q-fan), or two channels (Q-fan2).
    So some motherboards have no support for it.

    But I would not give up without a fight. Get a copy of Speedfan
    from . Experiment with it and see if there is any

    Generally the necessary hardware support is "almost free".
    Frequently, Super I/O chips used on the motherboards, do have
    fan speed control logic. The ingredient that makes it all work,
    is the presence of an interface transistor near the fan header.
    Without the transistor and associated circuit, there is no
    way for the control signal to get to the fan. Since the
    transistor costs money to add to the motherboard, on a board
    without Q-fan it might be missing.

    Looking at a picture of your motherboard, I do see a transistor
    near the fan header, and that is why I'm recommending you try
    out Speedfan. Your motherboard is not listed on the almico
    site, but maybe Speedfan will still be able to see your
    Super I/O chip anyway.

    If that does not work out for you, a simple manual control
    solution (to fix the fan speed), is to get a Zalman Fanmate2.
    It has a three pin male and a three pin female interface on
    it. Turning the knob on the controller, adjusts the +12V
    lead sent to the fan.

    A much more expensive solution (costing more than your
    motherboard perhaps), would be a T-Balancer. That device
    measures temperature and sets fan speed based on the
    temperature. It is more suited to "price unlimited"
    computer builds.

    Paul, Feb 11, 2006
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