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How best to complain to IBM re lemon Thinkpad T40??!

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Ploni, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Ploni

    Ploni Guest

    Any advice? Please tell me if you know whom to write or call or
    complain to (whether at IBM itself, at a consumer organization, a
    computer magazine or whatever works best) about the following saga
    with my Thinkpad T40 and IBM's refusal to replace it with a new one:

    I spent a fortune on a top-of-the-line IBM T40 laptop in September
    2003, which is critical to my work (and life) since I'm mainly
    bed-bound. Since then, I've basically never had a working laptop for
    more than a few days, after which it crashes and loses tons of data
    and settings that I spent extensive time on and then I have to get it
    to an IBM lab, where it sits for one to two weeks and then I'm told
    that it's 100% perfect and all is fixed.

    The 1st time I sent the laptop to the IBM lab here (I live outside the
    US), they told me the operating system had been installed incorrectly
    at IBM and I'd have to agree to let them wipe my hard disk or they
    couldn't fix it -- and they were unwilling to back-up my data first.
    Technicians who had looked at it in my house suspected that --given
    the variety of errors -- the motherboard was bad. But the IBM lab
    assured me that they's run all the tests and the motherboard, hard
    disk etc. were all fine.

    The second time I sent it to the IBM lab (not long afterwards) they
    discovered that, in fact, the hard disk was bad -- and once again I
    had to agree to let them wipe all my data.
    After it was in the lab twice and crashed yet again, I gave it to my
    husband -- who was going on a business trip to the US. I asked him to
    call IBM, explain what a lemon this laptop was and the damage it's
    caused me, and ask them to replace it with a new one because I had no
    faith in the one I had and did NOT want to keep going through this.
    IBM technical support then told my husband over the phone that the
    overseas IBM lab didn't have all the tools they need to diagose
    problems and wasn't nearly as capable as IBM in the US (interesting,
    since I bought the laptop in good part because it supposedly has a 3
    year international warranty -- but with overseas labs that IBM itself
    doesn't trust!), and thus they wouldn't replace my laptop because
    IBM's US lab would find and fix everything that was wrong with it and
    send me back (albeit only n the US) a totally fixed laptop.

    Not surprisingly, IBM US found that in fact I did have a bad
    motherboard and replaced it.

    At this point, given what the tech support guy said in the US and the
    fact that I had had both the motherboard and the hard drive replaced,
    I was hoping that my troubles would be over, and I spent many, many
    hours trying to restore my programs and settings on the "refurbished"

    Guess what -- then the hard disk (the new one, that I'd been given by
    IBM!!!) crashed! The computer is once again at the IBM lab here and I
    HAVE HAD IT!!!

    How do I get justice here?!

    Please advise!
    Ploni, Apr 9, 2004
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  2. Ploni

    ted.frater Guest

    There are really only 2 possibilities
    That you actually have a lemon Thinkpad despite the efforts of IBM to
    honour your international warranty. If this is the case then you need to
    identify correctly the fault with your Thinkpad. this is best done by
    referring it to the person/agent reseller/IBM partner from whom you
    purchased it. You dont say where you are nor from whom you purchased
    it. you need to get them to check the machine whilst you are using it.
    That despite the efforts of IBM on your behalf, the problems are of your
    own making. IE, you are either operating your Thinkpad outside of its
    designed operating parameters,as specified on the IBM web site,
    or what ever you are doing with the software is causing it to crash.
    Crashes can be hardware related or software related.
    IBM have checked it out at least 2 times and found it working perfectly
    after changing the main components, motherboard and hard disk and
    reinstalling your software.
    Its time to reevaluate the way you use it.
    ted.frater, Apr 9, 2004
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