How can I get a BOOT DISK for my DELL?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Leesa_Tay, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Leesa_Tay

    Leesa_Tay Guest

    I have a DELL PIII DIMENSION DESKTOP T-450... I lost the boot disk
    that came with the system.

    Since DELL doesn't support this system anymore, how can I get a boot
    disk that will work with this system?

    Thank You

    LEESA (I)
    Leesa_Tay, Oct 6, 2005
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  2. Leesa_Tay

    RRR_News Guest

    You will need to purchase a new retail version of the Windows OS. You may still find the hardware drivers for download, at the website.



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    I have a DELL PIII DIMENSION DESKTOP T-450... I lost the boot disk
    that came with the system.

    Since DELL doesn't support this system anymore, how can I get a boot
    disk that will work with this system?

    Thank You

    LEESA (I)
    RRR_News, Oct 6, 2005
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  3. Leesa_Tay

    Louie Guest

    You will need to purchase a new retail version of the Windows OS. You may
    still find the hardware drivers for download, at the website.



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    I have a DELL PIII DIMENSION DESKTOP T-450... I lost the boot disk
    that came with the system.

    Since DELL doesn't support this system anymore, how can I get a boot
    disk that will work with this system?

    Thank You

    LEESA (I)


    What flavor of Windows (I assume) are you using? You can make your own
    bootdisks or get one from here: HTH
    Louie, Oct 6, 2005
  4. Leesa_Tay

    WSZsr Guest

    WSZsr, Oct 6, 2005
  5. Leesa_Tay

    Tom Scales Guest

    Do you really want a boot disk or do you want the disks to reinstall the
    operating system? Big difference.
    Tom Scales, Oct 6, 2005
  6. Leesa_Tay

    PeterD Guest

    PeterD, Oct 6, 2005
  7. Leesa_Tay

    Leesa_Tay Guest

    Hi... Thanks for the replies. As I have posted here before, my
    computer will not start-up, all because of one missing DLL file. I
    have been without a PC for over three weeks now.

    I have tried all of the suggested fixes, things like obtaining it from
    CAB files to putting it on a floppy and copying it etc... and nothing
    has worked. My PC will only start-up halfway, and then I get an error
    message about MSVCRT.DLL being missing.... and to reinstall Windows.
    Well... I don't have my Windows 98se or really any of the software that
    came with the system.

    I put the MSVCRT.DLL on a floppy, but my computer didn't see the floppy
    drive... indicating a drive failure. I am gonna try and burn the file
    to a CDRW and hopefully my PC will recognise that.

    It has also been suggested that a boot-up disk will help with the
    missing file... but again, I don't have that either. There has to be
    some way to get that file on my PC... and I am determined to find it.

    Thanks so much

    LEESA (I)
    Leesa_Tay, Oct 6, 2005
  8. Leesa_Tay

    Clark Guest

    There are several places you can get .DLL files. One is listed below.
    You have been told where to get a boot floppy for your computer. If you were
    running WinMe, I would send you one.

    Once your get the boot floppy setup, you can put the .DLL file on that
    floppy or another and switch them out. Then just copy the file to the
    directory were all the other .DLL files are.

    I guess some questions are in order. Did you download and make a DOS
    bootable floppy? If you did, can the computer boot to it, and if not,
    did you set the bios to do so?

    You can make a bootable CD, but you need some type of image to do that,
    which would come from a bootable floppy, or maybe an image on your
    computer to do that.

    Anyway, we need to take this one at a time--can you boot your computer
    from a DOS bootable device?

    Clark, Oct 6, 2005
  9. Leesa_Tay

    Leesa_Tay Guest

    OK... Thank you Clark for your reply... This is what I CAN and CANNOT

    When I start my computer the NORMAL way... Windows will partially load
    and I will get the error message mentioned on earlier posts. A missing
    DLL FILE (MSVCRT.DLL) is linked to missing export etc.. etc.. etc..

    Then there is something about EXPLORER.EXE will not load and then
    something about I will need to reinstall Windows. I have no Windows
    98se disk, or boot-disk or anything of that nature.

    Then I will start the computer... hitting F8.. and getting to the
    options screen. I have tried SAFE MODE.. which does exactly the same

    I have downloaded the correct file. (MSVCRT.DLL) and put it on a
    floppy... and attempted to put it on my computer in the correct
    directory by choosing a command prompt that would point it to my floppy
    (drive a)... but, the PC is not seeing my floppy drive and something
    about a drive failure.

    Now... what I am going to try and do... is burn the MSVCRT.DLL file to
    a CD-ROM... and see if the computer will copy the file off of that...

    That's where I am now. Note.... I haven't had any problems of this
    nature in the 6 or 7 years I've had the computer. Nothing even close
    to this.... I am just trying to find a way to get this file into the
    computer and see if that fixes the problem.

    Thanks again

    LEESA (I)
    Leesa_Tay, Oct 6, 2005
  10. Leesa_Tay

    Clark Guest

    I must assume, since you did not say, that you do not have a bootable
    floppy disk? What "prompt" are you seeing if you don't have a boot
    floppy and you can't get windows to boot? It has been a long time since
    Win98, but is there a choice to boot to a DOS prompt?

    Your computer will not see a CD from a DOS prompt unless you have loaded
    the drivers for the CD drive--from a floppy disk or you have a bootable
    CD, and even older computers may not be able to boot at all from a CD.
    Was the .dll file compressed and if it was, did you take care of that.

    If you can't see the floppy, check your bios settings and make sure the
    floppy is enabled and you have it set to boot first. If something very
    basic is broken and the floppy won't work, you will need a bootable CD
    of some kind. Maybe you could use something else, like a Norton CD or
    something else that boots to a DOS prompt. Then you could retrieve the
    file from a CD.

    There is always the chance that there may be something wrong beside just
    missing one file. If you get that one installed, you may get a message
    about another one. The floppy is the most basic input devices on the
    computer. It might be it is just broken, but maybe not.

    Clark, Oct 6, 2005
  11. Leesa_Tay

    Jay B Guest

    I've been down this road.
    had a computer with this problem. and thought i could just copy these
    files off a cdrom, like you are suggesting.
    after you copy one, and restart, it will look for another.
    keep going and after 30 files or so, it still asks for another.
    now you wasted an hour or so.

    go get a copy of winxp and install it and your problem is fixed.
    of course backup any files that you need first.
    i always recommend a complete reformat of the harddrive before
    installing to make sure all viruses are cleaned out. you'll be surprised
    what rootkit and lowlevel viruses stay on a harddrive even after a
    Jay B, Oct 6, 2005
  12. Leesa_Tay

    Leesa_Tay Guest

    Thanks... the thing is, I don't know if I really want Windows XP. I
    cannot believe that my whole operating system is ruined because just
    one file is missing or corrupt. Is this problem really unfixable?


    Leesa_Tay, Oct 6, 2005
  13. Leesa_Tay

    Jay B Guest

    i remember you wrote about 3 weeks ago looking for borrowing a friends
    xp disk.
    so i assume you dont want to pay for a xp disk, which is the easiest
    that's fine.
    you will need to reinstall your win98 from the floppy boot and cd combo.
    if you dont have them, you can try and borrow one. then be prepared to
    go find all the drivers you will need.
    if this sounds overwhelming to you, you can take the computer to a
    computer professional near you. i offer this service in new york area
    i feel your pain. i guess this question all the time. its just a simple
    little box, why cant i just replace a few files. i wish it was that easy.
    as i said in my last post, you can try and replace a few files and see
    if that helps. i have never seen that work if it takes more than one or
    two files.
    Jay B, Oct 6, 2005
  14. Leesa_Tay

    Leesa_Tay Guest

    Thanks... it just gets a little bit overwhelming when you get so many
    differing opinions on the same issue. I have posted to several Tech
    Support Forums... and in three weeks have gotten nowhere.

    I am at the local library... and have just burnt the file to a CD...
    and will attempt to see if that somehow fixes the problem.

    Supposedly.... it is just ONE file that is either missing or corrupt
    .... MSVCRT.DLL

    Again... I have never had any issues like this... I am not very
    knowledgable with computers and initially thought that going to XP was
    the only option... it still may be, but of course I want to exhaust
    every option that I have before going down that route.

    I cannot believe that DELL would offer lifetime technical support....
    and then go belly up. When I bought the computer, which at the time
    was well over $1500... I bought it with the understanding that they
    would be able to assist you throughout the life of the computer.

    I can understand not being able to assist with all hardware issues...
    but when I explain the problem to them they try and steer me to a
    fee-based tech support solution.

    If all else fails.. I will have to get a professional to look into
    this, or maybe even put a new operating system on it... but you can't
    blame me for trying to correct this issue.

    Thanks so much for everyones help. : - )

    LEESA (I)
    Leesa_Tay, Oct 6, 2005
  15. Leesa_Tay

    Colin Wilson Guest

    Thanks... the thing is, I don't know if I really want Windows XP. I
    If its any consolation, i`d previously been able to fix any problem with
    win98 / win98se within 2 hours at most (lets face it, reinstalling over
    the top *always works) - but my drive recently corrupted somehow (no bad
    blocks), and no matter what I do I can`t get it to boot normally.

    * almost :-}

    I`m currently running off a 4Gb drive under win2k, so things are a
    *little* tight where space is concerned, but for now, at a push, I can
    still retrieve data from the other drive by using a boot floppy.

    It may be fixable, but for mere mortals (i`ve played with computers
    since the Sinclair ZX81 was around) some things are more hassle than
    they`re worth...
    Colin Wilson, Oct 6, 2005
  16. Leesa_Tay

    Tom Scales Guest


    The problem is that Windows only reports missing files one at a time. So,
    once you get this one back, it might report the next, and next, and next.

    It's a corrupted installation or, worse, a bad hard drive. As suggested,
    borrow a Windows 98 CD and reinstall Windows on top of itself. That should
    fix the problem if the drive is not bad.

    Dell does offer tech support, but on the hardware. Your problem is a
    corrupt software installation and that is not supported. In addition, the
    machine is so old that Microsoft has dropped support for Windows 98.

    Tom Scales, Oct 6, 2005
  17. Leesa_Tay

    PeterD Guest

    I'm not ragging on you, but you said it was 6 or 7 years old. That is
    the life of the computer, and then some. I realize that you want to
    continue using it but I think you may be better off upgrading your
    computer to something more current (and much faster, too!)
    PeterD, Oct 6, 2005
  18. Leesa_Tay

    Steve W. Guest

    Not if you have a copy of 98/SE floating around. Since you don't your
    going to have to find a copy. Then figure out if the floppy itself is
    bad or if the drive is bad.

    Where are you located? Maybe one of us is close by and could send you a
    good boot disk. Or even help you with a copy of 98 ?
    Steve W., Oct 6, 2005
  19. Leesa_Tay

    Steve W. Guest

    Bad MBR? Or a bad BIOS setting? Just got a machine here that was running
    REAL slow. Turned out to be bad memory and corrupt driver for the HD
    overlay software.
    Steve W., Oct 6, 2005
  20. Leesa_Tay

    Colin Wilson Guest

    Bad MBR? Or a bad BIOS setting? Just got a machine here that was running
    The machine partially boots (like Leesas'), but halts badly after
    reaching the desktop. It was throwing its toys out of the pram at an
    earlier stage for a while, but I went through the lot quite carefully.

    The BIOS settings have essentially remained unaltered for the last 3
    years or so, the battery isn`t shot so it isn`t losing its config, the
    MBR and overlay drivers seem OK (it boots, and I can access the "data"
    drive which requires the overlay under 98se for a few fleeting seconds
    before the GUI spits its dummy out)

    The usual ruck of system utils have been thrown at it, from Knoppix to
    Memtest86, memory settings are "normal" and its Crucial branded. No
    problems found. The CPU is also set at stock speed. The only specific
    problem I know I have with the system is the fan on the gfx card (tiny
    thing, removed), which usually only craps out when playing Half-Life for
    a couple of hours at a setting of more than 30fps (I have an 80mm fan
    mounted below the gfx card keep some airflow over it until I can be
    bothered to get another card).

    There *may* be a chipset heat problem as I do get "rare" BSOD crashes
    under win2k, which commonly name the audio chipset driver, which is the
    latest version from the mobo manufacturers' website. One point of
    interest is the audio chipset - the mobo manufacturer names one chipset
    in their specs for my version of the board, but only the drivers for an
    earlier (different) chipset work on it. Half-Life hangs on occasions,
    but its not definitive whether its the card overheating, or an audio
    problem (I usually hear a "squeak" as it hangs). The machine acted
    similarly under 98se and win2k as far as the crashes were concerned.

    Back to my boot-up problem :-}

    I`ve manually removed / uninstalled the bulk of the startup items via
    safe mode, but it still bombs within several seconds of completing a
    full boot-to-GUI - this is once all startup tasks have completed
    loading, and the machine is sitting "idle".

    Reinstalling over the top cures almost anything that can go wrong, and I
    know for sure it wasn`t a virus / trojan problem (I have my own amateur
    website to help people get shut of anything malicious), but in this
    case, it gets to the same place and keels over.

    Knoppix runs without a hitch though (and with sound), so although there
    "may" be a hardware issue, it seems more likely to be a windows problem.
    Colin Wilson, Oct 6, 2005
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