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How can I get back the Radeon MPEG-2 decoder?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by FelixC, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. FelixC

    FelixC Guest

    I installed Nero 6, and now Windows Media Player crashes when I try to
    play a DVD. Running the command line "dvdupgrd.exe /detect" is
    supposed to show what MPEG-2 codec WMP is using, and it says "Ahead
    Software NeMPG.ax". Before I installed Nero it was using the ATI
    Radeon codec. I can't find any way to get back to the ATI codec. I've
    tried re-installing the ATI software. Any ideas?
    FelixC, Dec 31, 2003
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  2. FelixC

    Chris Lemon Guest

    I'm having a similar problem: I just installed my AIW 9600, and while the
    ATI DVD player works fine, I have to turn off hardware acceleration to get
    CyberLink PowerDVD to work, and WMP is playing scratchy sound and showing no
    video, no matter where I set performance in that. DVDUPGRD /DETECT reports
    that "CLVsd.ax" from CyberLink, version is the codec of record.
    (I have a newer version of PowerDVD, I should uninstall this and install
    that and see if it helps either situation.)

    So if you hear something, or have an idea for me, I'm listening too! :)
    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Dec 31, 2003
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  3. FelixC

    Chris Lemon Guest

    Postscript: It wasn't a newer version. So I still have codec version installed, and Media Player is still not making a picture. (The
    sound seems to be working, tho...no, some cracklies in the sound.)
    InterActual Player and RealOne Player are doing the same thing, which is no
    surprise, they're gonna use the DirectShow codec as well.

    So how do we get the ATI codec in there as the codec of record so all of our
    players work? Or do we?
    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Dec 31, 2003
  4. FelixC

    Chris Lemon Guest

    MORE Postscript: Installed Version 5 of PowerDVD, my codec is now CLVSD.ax
    version PowerDVD now works with Video Accelleration turned on,
    but WMP, InterActual, and RealOne still show no video and crackle with the

    Previous questions still apply. :)
    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Dec 31, 2003
  5. FelixC

    FelixC Guest

    My ATI DVD player works again (long saga - see below). There's no way
    to tell what codec it's using.

    WMP still crashes at the first title menu on any DVD I try, although I
    can bypass it and go straight into playing the movie. The error report
    shows the WMP crash is in the Nero codec. But Nero Showtime, which I
    presume uses the same codec, works fine. Looks like an incompatibility
    between the Nero MPEG-2 codec and WMP. Too bad there's no way to fix
    WMP to use the ATI codec, but I guess I can just use the ATI player. I
    have PowerDVD too, but I haven't tried installing it - that's one too

    Typical silly ATI saga:

    I was using WMP 8. Microsoft's crash error report update check
    suggested upgrading to WMP 9, so I did. No effect - on the WMP crash,
    at least. But now my ATI player stopped responding to any controls
    once it started to play, forcing an End Task to kill it every time.

    I tried Repairing and then re-installing ATI's software from CD. No

    So I went to ATI's site, downloaded new versions of *everything*, and
    re-installed. That fixed the unresponsive player problem. But the TV
    functions on my All-In-Wonder card disappeared.

    So I removed *everything* from ATI, and re-installed it all from
    scratch. That brought back the TV functions. Of course I had to redo
    all my custom display settings. (And the ATI software installation
    steals all the media file extensions without asking - for shame, ATI!)

    So I think I'll leave well enough alone. I can play DVDs with the ATI
    player, whatever codec it's using. WMP is an awful program anyway.

    I see that nothing has improved with ATI's software release QA in the
    last decade. Of course ATI has no interest in bug reports - they'd be
    flooded, and their drivers change too fast to make it meaningful
    anyway. They have time-limited telephone tech support for retail
    products like mine, but I can just imagine the quality! ("Are you sure
    the board is plugged in? Well, why don't you try re-installing
    FelixC, Dec 31, 2003
  6. FelixC

    Chris Lemon Guest

    Started up Video In instead, didn't it?

    I had this same problem today. It's something funky with MMC 8.8. I
    uninstalled that, put in 8.7, and everything was fine.
    Yeah. It's curious, though, and I wanna know how to fix it. :)
    It had better be superior to their email...the response I got from them on
    another problem I had wasn't worth the time I took to write the note. Wasn't
    even RELATED to my issue. Granted, this is the busy time of year for them,
    but I still expect my email to at least be read and considered instead of
    being directed to a FAQ that I specifically told them I'd already consulted.
    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Dec 31, 2003
  7. FelixC

    FelixC Guest

    I've got it working and stable with MMC 8.8 now, although it did lose
    its mind one more time a day later, complaining that the driver wasn't
    installed properly after it had already been rebooted successfully a
    couple of times. I re-installed just the same driver one more time,
    and it's been ok since then.
    FelixC, Jan 2, 2004
  8. FelixC

    Chris Lemon Guest

    Crazy. What did you do, reinstall the Catalyst drivers again?

    Chris Lemon

    EFNet: FredSmyth
    Chris Lemon, Jan 2, 2004
  9. FelixC

    FelixC Guest

    Exactly. Catalyst driver one more time after MMC 8.8.
    FelixC, Jan 3, 2004
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